Author Topic: THE EU truths withheld for younger citizens.  (Read 773 times)

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THE EU truths withheld for younger citizens.
« on: November 22, 2020, 08:55:04 PM »
Is it ignorance  or dodgy selective stats that we are told the 'young' want to say in the EU.

I was drawn into a conversation  about the EU being formed from the Common market when I learned about that vile racist, as he was labelled back in the day, Enoch Powel. wow  what a man, what a orator,an intellectual debating with the real vile racists. What an eye opener.

This man gave ALL the reasons for not wanting to part of the German/French Rulers with evidence ,glaring , evidence, and it fell on deaf ears. It was a cross party  debate as Tony Benn another, big hitter, on the central left of Labour saw this was hurting the UK.

Can we now go back to the 'educationalists  and let our younger people know what the UK was like BEFORE the invasions of tens of thousands of  immigrants, AND our sovereignty was ripped out. AND not ave to apologise for it.

This just threw me I never knew about this:

and they call brexiteers the great unwashed and illiterate...

This man in this speech was brave enough to declare 'the emperor has no clothes on'! (for those who know the story about that)
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