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Another log of all sorts of information
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news reports, official documents, maps, interviews, videos, press conferences, pretty much anything and a good search engine
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Re: Another log of all sorts of information
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Leonor Cipriano condemned to seven more months in jail for false accusations
Extract translated by Joana Morais from Lusa news agency/TVI, April 2 2013

The Court of Faro condemned today Leonor Cipriano to seven more months in jail for making false accusations in the process which incriminated five Judiciary Police officers of the crimes of aggression and torture.

This jail sentence is added to the 16 years that the arguida is serving for the murder of her daughter Joana - who disappeared from the village of Figueira, in Portimão, on September 12 2004 - and of which she has served about half.

According to the court, it was proved that Leonor Cipriano lied about the way in which the officers had beaten her, having presented in trial different versions of the facts that took place during the questionings to which she was subjected to, in 2004, after the crime.

According to the judge who delivered the judgement today, despite not having taken oath, the arguida in the quality of assistant to the process, was warned that she could not misrepresent the truth, at the risk of being punished and if she had done it, she did it "because she wanted" and in a conscient manner.

The court considered the illegality of the act committed takes on a "grave aspect" and is "above average", given the long sentence the arguida is serving, the seriousness of the facts, the quality of the arguidos [the five PJ officers accused by Leonor Cipriano] and the media coverage of the case.

"It is crystal clear the arguida misrepresented the truth [lied]", states the ruling, which highlights the several contradictions relative to the manner in which she alleges she was beaten and to the agents that were present in the interrogation room where she alleged to have been attacked.

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