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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
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Countdown to Murder

(1) * Joanna Yeates was a Landscape Architect from Hampshire

(2) * I can't understand how people can forgive people who have killed

(3) * He was interested in extreme pornography that showed violence towards women

(4) * When he overheard that his neighbours boyfriend was going to be away the weekend before Christmas, he
        saw his opportunity

(5) * He was rejected, and that was his trigger for Murder

(6) * When her frozen partially buried body was discovered on Christmas day.

(7) * At the same time Jo was leaving school Vincent Tabak was travelling from the country of his birth The

(8) * My memory of her was scatty, I realised that she had changed from being a girl to a young professional

(9) * Vincent Tabak very polite

(10) *  Top Floor lived Christopher Jefferies

(11) * He owned the 2 ground floor flats

(12) * The flats were adjacent to each other they were not connected by a hallway each had seperate front doors

(13)*  When they moved in to the Flat in October Tabak was away on a business trip

(14) * Vincent  Tabak was born in February 1978 a Dutch Engineer who had lived and worked in the United Kingdom
          since 2007

(15) * He was tall and lanky he was 6'4" he was the youngest of 5 syblins

(16) * At the time he was working for a company in Bath

(17) * Whilst living in Bath he developed a relationship with a woman he met on an online dating website.. At 33
          she was  his first serious girlfriend

(18) * They moved to Flat 2 44.Canygne Road in June 2009

(19) * He was a fitness fanatic he would cycle from his Flat to Temple Mede Station and get the train from there to

(20) * But when at hoe alone Tabak took part in darker activities

(21) * We examined his laptop Computers and his hard drive, erm more intensely and what we identified from that
          he viewed adult pornography

(22) * Joanne and her boyfriend moved into a Flat next door to Tabak in October 2010 he was working over seas

(23) * Joanne and her boyfriend moved into Clifton in October 2010, he was away in The United States of America
          working and he didn't return until the Monday prior to her death, so the contact he would have had with
          Joanna would have been minimal.

(24) * Whilst in America he would search out escorts whilst he was in California

(25) *We also know whilst in Newcastle he contacted an escort agency from a business telephone.

(26) *  I remember she would have friends round from time to time I remember her having barbeques on the patio
           in front of there sitting room window, erm very pleasant couple obviously, very much in love with each other

(27) * Ordinary young lady nothing remarkable, which made it one of the key aspects of the case, she was such a
          normal girl living a normal life

(28) * On the 12th December 2010 Vincent Tabak returned home from his business trip from the USA, Joannas Cat
          was particularly interested to meet his new neighbour

(29) * Many of the people in this building are quite fond of Cats, so it was quite nice to have a cat around

(30) * I'm told although i didn't know this at the time, that the cat would get into other flats.

(31) * Vincent Tabak was never formally introduced to Joanna Yeates he became acquainted thanks to Bernard the

(32) * Her Cat had got into Vincents Flat and they meet because f that incident

(33) * Although Tabak fantasied about Joanna he had limited opportunity to meet her on her own.

(34) * But when he heard that Joannas boyfriend was going away for the weekend he started to plot

(35) * And when his own girlfriend revealed that she was going away for that weekend, it was the begining of his
          countdown to Murder

(36) * Throughout that week Tabak would listen and watch Joanna studying her movements

(37) * Tabaks use of pornography had increased in the days since his return from the USA

(38) * In Tabaks case we have someone who socially awkward some whos started to use sex workers and most
          important of all we have someone who is using violent pornography

(39) * 13 hours to Murder Flashes on screen ( Image from high up shows Canygne Road.. looks summery)

(40) * Vincent Tabak left on his bike, Joanna left for work about 8:30am on the Friday morning she left for work
          with her boyfriend, her boyfriend and Joanna worked in different parts of the building although they worked
          for the same firm

(41) * 8 Hours to Murder Flashes on screen.. Joanna and Greg stat in pub, she has a glass of water in front of her,
          she has a flower patterned top on

(42) * Tabak''s work mates reported him as being somewhat distracted, they could attribute that to any reason at
          the time

(43) * 5 hours to Murder flashes up

(44) * At 4:00pm that day Greg left the Office, he'd seen his girlfriend Joanna Yeates for the last time

(45) * Her boyfriend returns to the Flat to fill up car to make his journey to the north

(46)* 3 hours to Murder flashes on the screen

 (47) * 6:00pm tabak left for work to board a train for 20 min journey back to Bristol

(48) * Jo left work at 6:00 0clock.. It was a Friday so it was the end of the week and it was close to christmas it was
          the 17th December

(49) * she didn't drink very much because she had joined a rowing club down there and erm.. I think she wanted to
          get as fit and strong as she could so that she could be a candidate for some Regatta.. I think was being held
          in Guernsey...

(50) * 2 Hours to Murder Flashes up

(51) * She had told friend in the pub that she wasn't looking forward to that because it was the first time she had
          been on her own

(52) * Image of Joanna with large white watch on her left wrist and pink flower patterned top , shes sat in the  pub
          with her friend with a coke in front of her..

(53) * She was planing a quiet weekend baking cakes and bread

(54) * She's taken the opportunity to tidy things up... For starters she had organised the washing, you know Clothes
          washing and erm... washing up the stuff in the kitchen, things were nice and tidy..

(55)  * 30 minutes to Murder Flashes up on the screen

(56)  * At 8:10pm Joanna left her friends at the pub to wander home

(57) * What we know is Joanna left the Bristol Ram Pub at 10 past 8 she took a route up park street, she walked
          into Clifton (shows a shot outside shop with CCTV outside to the left of the door)

(58)  * She went into the Bargain Booze off license where she purchased 2 bottles of cider

(59)  * 15 minutes to Murder Flashes on Screen

(60) * Back in Canygne Road Vincent Tabak was stroking Bernard the Cat whom he'd grabbed from the hallway

(61) * Joanna continued the walk home then at 8:25 used her mobile phone to ring her best friend to arrange to
          meet on Christmas eve

(62) * 6 mins later ( flashes an image of her in waitrose)(Then straight to Tesco's) CCTV  shows her in Tesco'a
          buying dinner

(63) * She bought a Pizza for £4.50 Tesco's finest Mozzerella and basil Pizza

(64) * 10 minutes to Murder Flashes upon the screen

(65) *  A witness was walking his dog when he saw Joanna return home.

(66)* A priest came forward probably half past eight twenty to nine that evening he spoke to a female that matched
         Joanna's description as she was entering Canygne Road ,spoke about the cold weather, it was icy and she
         briefly glanced at him.

(67) * That would have been the last sighting of Joanna and we believe that she made it straight back to her flat

(68) * Joanna Yeates let herself into her flat made her way to the kitchen put the Pizza on the work top and turned
           on the oven.

(69) * (You see Joanna Yeates open the bottle of cider takes a swig)

(70) * She goes into the bedroom and then kicked off her shoes and put on a pair of her boyfriends ski socks.. (clip
          shows hot water bottle on side of bedside cabinet)

(71)  * At 8:40 pm there was a knock at the door

(72) * (Mr Yeates) The thing is about Jo she was quiet predictable, she didn't do walk abouts. (shakes head) Go of
          and tell nobody where she was going..

(73)  *Joanna yeates lived in fashionable Clifton she moved in with her boyfriend in October 2010

(74) * Their neighbour was Vincent Tabak who had a girlfriend but also viewed pornography on the internet Joanna
          hardly knew him.

(75) * (CJ) As far as I was aware they didn't know each other except in the most casual way.

(76) * On Friday the 17th December Tbak learned that Joanna's boyfriend was to be away for the weekend.. (shows
          tabak listening through the wall...)

(77) * Tabak decided to introduce himself he grabbed Bernard and used it as an excuse to knock on Joanna's door...

(78) * 5 Minutes to Murder Flashes on the screen..

(79) * Shows tabak entering the flat when Joanna Yeates opens door ( Flat Number says Number 20)

(80) * Joanna took Bernard from Tabak... Bernard ran off ... Tabak lunged at Joanna and tried to Kiss her

(81) * Outside the Flat a couple were walking past on they're way to a Christmas party in another house on
          Canygne Road

(82)  * As they were walking into Canygne Road and stood outside the Flat, the lady noticed the security light was
           on which would have been outside Joannas Flat.. (shows main entrance..not Flat 1)

(83)  * They heard what they believed to be a a scream.. We know that they were specific about the time because
           they were stood outside there friends address and they sent a text message telling their friend to let them
           in.. That was around twenty to Nine (8:40pm)

(84) * Joanna's screaming forced Tabak to act.

(85) * She screamed he panicked he put his hand over her mouth and erm.. around her throat

(86) * Tabak slipped his free hand around Joanna neck and started to squeeze

(87) * There an instrumental reason he puts his hand to silence her and a psychological reason as well, because
           that the type of pornography he's been using.

(88) * You see tabak dragging Joanna into the bedroom ( tabak has a tattoo on his left bicep)?

(89) * The fight ran into the bedroom where tabak finally drew the energy from Joanna as they landed on the bed
          one of her earrings was ripped off..

(90) * Joanna was strong and she fought with every last breath in her body

(91) * Joanna's brain was starved of oxygen , she became unconcious and was dead in minutes.

(92) * Joanna had 30 to 40 minor injuries on her body (DCI Phil Jones)

(93) * (You can see her wrist have restraint marks on them and blood from her left nostril scratches on her face.)

(94) * The cause of death was strangulation , but the pathologist couldn't rule out that a soft ligiture hadn't been

(95)  * Also what was significant, was that there had been a slight discharge from her nose and the likely cause of
           that was the asphxcial process, that became relevant later on in the investigation.

(96) * Tabak was calm throughout he left Joanna's body in the bed, and went back to his Flat to consider his next

(97)  * (JohnColes) Tabak is thought to have gone and got a large bicycle  cover which he carried into Jo's Flat

(98) * Tabak went straight for the kitchen, where he switched of the oven and took the untouched Pizza.

(99) * He then dragged Joanna's body into the lounge where he crammed her into the bicycle cover.

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
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(100) * Before zipping it up Tabak removed one of Joanna's ski socks

(101)* Tabak took Joanna back to his Flat  with the fresh Pizza, he sat with the body and picked up his mobile
           phone.(shows a Blackberry)

(102) * What we know is that at 9:25 pm on the Friday evening he text his girlfriend.And in his text he said..
            Missing you loads I'm bored V XXX

(103) * Then Tabak carried Joanna's Grey Renault car where he bundled the body into his boot. 25 minutes later
            Joannas boyfriend Greg Reardon sent her a text.

(104)  * Jo's boyfriend had gone to Sheffield in the afternoon , he text her to say he had arrived there safely as
             she'd asked him to do because the weather wasn't particularly good at the time of year.He got no response
             to that text .

(105) * Tabak drove to an ASDA supermarket 4 miles from his flat and bought some rock salt beer and crisps.

(106)  * He was on CCTV at that supermarket at 10:30pm on that Friday evening. And whilst he was at the
             supermarket he sent another text message. Stating again that he was bored" I am at the supermarket
             buying a packet of Crisis.. Missing you loads Vxxx

(107) * Whether Crisis was genuinley Crisis or predictive text we dont know.

(108) * Tabak was due to pick up his girlfriend at 1:00am, but he had Joanna Yeates in the boot of his car.. he had
            to get  rid of it. ( Show s the park street CCTV clip)

(109) * So he drove out of the city to Longwood Lane

(110) * Longwood Lane is a cut through it's a commuter area, and its on the other side of Clifton suspension bridge.

(111) * On eitherside of Longwood Lane is a quarry ( aeril view)

(112) * Tabak parked by a walk dividing the road from the quarry opened the boot of his car and grabbed Joanna

(114) * The Police and The forensics had noticed he made a couple of failed attempts to lift her body over a stone
            wall by the side of the country lane. Behind the stone wall is a quarry, so he left it by the roadside of the
             grass verge. And made an attempt to cover it with some dead leaves and left it there.

(115) * The bike cover used to carry Joanna body has never been found, Tabak then drove back to Canygne Road

(116) * (CJ) As I was on my way out to the gym I met Vincent Tabak and we had a very brief conversation and he
            seemed to be in quite an elated mood , he said what a beautiful evening it was there was a light dusting of

(117)  * 5 Hours after he had killed Joanna, Tabak collected his girlfriend and drove home, that night it snowed.

(118) * We know from local CCTV at sports clubs that it started to snow at 2:30am on the Saturday morning and it
            was heavy snow fall then up until around 8'O'clock.

(119) * By the following morning Joanna's body was covered in snow and was hidden from view

(120) * The snow had also covered the drive of 44, Canygne Road.

(121) * (CJ) Vincent Tabak helped me move the car that morning because there was snow on the drive and I
            needed some help. When I thanked Vincent his reply was.. well what are neighbours for.

(122) * That Saturday he went to another party and was drinking champagne.acting normally to all intense.

(123) * At 10:30am on that Sunday after the murder Vincent Tabak was in his flat and back surfing the net

(124) * He was searching maps and pacifically looking at Longwood Lane. In addition to that he started looking at
            searches on Google looking at body decomposition. He put other searches in such as extradition, CPS,
             comparison between Murder and manslaughter and what you get if you go to prison.

(125) * While Tabak was on his computer Joanna's boyfriend returned to the Flat.

(126) * The thing about Jo was that she was predictable, she didn't do walk abouts..  Go off and tell anyone where
            she going. (Mr yeates) Greg was going away for the weekend and we knew that Jo would be there, um..
            er.... to be there when he got back. Her not being there when he got back set all sorts of alarm bells.and
            erm... he knew something was seriously wrong. We didn't know what.

(127) * Jo hadn't responded to any texts or phone calls that he'd left.and he found the flat with Jo absent with no
           apparent reason for it... her purse all her personal bits and pieces was still there.

(128) *(Mrs Yeates) Greg  phoned us and said is Jo Wizz you and I thought well thats a funny question. And then it
         all evolved and I knew when (shakes head) I knew immediately she was dead.There was No how or why or
         whatever.It was just a feeling.

(129): * The Police considered her disappearance so unusual that they swept the place with CSI teams.

(130) * Forensics of the Flat have continued all morning but now said to have been completed.

(131) * searches are going on elsewhere some 30 detectives have been assigned for this case and another 40 staff
            have  been deployed with what remains still a Missing Persons inquiry.

(132) * After 8 days of searching all that changed... On christmas day morning there were 2 dog walkers around
            about 9:00 o'clock walking their dog and they identified a mound. On the side of the road on a verge.

(133) *On closer inspection they could see underneath snow a body of a person.. Forensic experts were called to the
           scene, it was identified it was a body and it was believed early on that it was the body of Joanna yeates.

(134)  * Her body was so cold, it had frozen to the ground beneath

(135)  * (David Yeates) We were woken up by erm.. Police liaison Officer phoning us saying a body's been found, we
             believe it to be Jo... I was overjoyed.. we had talked things over and fairly certain in our minds whatever
             happened to her she was now dead.

(136) * It was now a murder inquiry and Detectives sealed of Joannas Flat and Interviewed everyone who knew her,
            but vincent tabak was not at home. He'd spent Christmas day in Cambridge with his girlfriends parents. and
            travelled to Holland ready to spend New Year with his...

(137) *(Ann Redrrop) When he got there he made a telling phone call.. whilst he was out of the country there was
          telephone contact  with The Police and Ballack (Who's Ballack??) 33:54 in which he with hindsight quite
          cleverly sowed the seeds of possibly his landlord Chris Jefferies being more involved in the disappearance of J
          Jo.. Than was actually the case.

(138) * Mr Tabak came onto the phone and wanted to provide what was important information to the
             Investigation.And that was that on the Saturday morning that was the 18th December He saw.. when he
            came out in the morning he saw. Christopher Jefferies car was parked in a different position

(139) * So I was arrested on the 30th December only a few days after Jo's body had been discovered. erm it was
            7:00 o'clock in the morning

(140) * Jefferies was taken in for questioning had tabak seemingly diverted Police attention away from himself.

(141) * I sent two of my Officers across to The Netherlands because, Vincent tabak was now in the netherlands with
            his girlfriend, for the new year.

(142)*  A detective meet with tabak in a hotel, near Amsterdams skripol  Airport

(143) *  Tabak is an educated very well educated man, when they spoke to him in the Netherlands. He came across
            as very nervous. very concerned asking unusual questions. Around Forensics, leaving forensic traces and
            DNA, he'd also mentioned he'd been in the Flat when Christopher Jefferies was cleaning it or decorating it...

(144) *  The suspicious detective asked tabak to give a sample of his DNA and he reluctantly agreed.It was his
             downfall. But he would deny murder claiming he killed Joanna by accident.

(145) * He knew what he was doing ... The correct charge is Murder... And that is why we proceeded to the trial.

(146) * Joanna Yeates frozen body was discovered on Christmas day 2010 by a road south of Bristol . On News
            years day her landlord Chris Jefferies was released on Police Bail.

(147) * well they um.. released me after 3 days in custody, because it was pretty obvious to everyone, that they
            had no evidence .. None of the Forensic test which they had conducted were in anyway positive.

(148): * Tabak came back to the UK after his break in Holland on the 2nd of January to a stalling Police
             Investigation .

(149): detectives called a Police Conference, to reveal that Miss yeates body was Missing a sock, when it was found
          near Bristol

(150) * But behind the scenes the Forensics teams were making gradual progress..

(151) * The fact that Jo's body was effectively deep frozen , meant the Police couldn't run no form of examination of
            her body..So it took quite alot of time... Meaningful time to get any forensic results.'From Her"... ( when
            Ann Redrrop says 'From Her".. she emphasises .. The .. "From Her as two deliberate words .. whilst her chin
            moves out to emphasise the fact.)

(153) * But eventually clues began to emerge they found tiny amounts of DNA on Jo's body, and it wasn't her's

(154)* The area's where these profiles were on the back of her knees, which her knees were folded, which is were
          she would have been carried... and it was also on the chest area... So there is a likelyhood that they could
          have been left there by the offender carrying Joannas body..

(155) * But... The positioning was such that it was... could only have been the person either who murdered her or
            moved her body . That would have their DNA there and that was Tabak's..

(156)* Having seen the plan to frame Chris Jefferies backfire , Tabak had been expecting to be arrested when he
           returned from Holland, but the knock on the door hadn't come.. And he had passed the time
           uncharacteristically popping pills. He said he even considered suicide, but the Police caught up with him
           before he could try.

(157)* When Tabak was arrested he wasn't staying at Flat 2.. his norma address with his girlfriend , but they were
           staying at another address in Bristol.In The Redland area of Bristol which is a couple of miles away from
           Bristol. We arrived there around 6 O'clock in the morning.. erm and er , he was in a state of shock as was
           his girlfriend.

(158) * Tabak was questioned for 96 hours.

(159):* At no stage did he admit Murdering Joanna Yeates. What is of significance is that when he was in custody,
            we seized his.. The Renault Megane car.. We knew hed been driving on the Friday evening , that was his
            girlfriends car.. When we examined the car we found specks of blood on the rubber seal just inside the

(160) * Vincent Tabak was charged with the Murder of Joanna Yeates,and his trial date was set.. But.. he was taken
            to london To The Old Bailey for a preliminary hearing where he entered a plea..

(161) * he actually pleaded guilty to her manslaughter...... That day... Now that was the first time that Vincent
           Tabak had taken any responsibility at all for the death of Jo.. And (shaking her headand noding at the same
           time) he admitted that he was the person that killed her....

(162) * But all concerned wanted a murder conviction

(163) * our case was... he knew what he was doing ... (head nodding) The correct charge is Murder and thats why
            we proceeded to the trial then took place in Bristol in October

(164) * Each and every step in this murder investigation has been followed, showed little sign of letting up as the
            man accused of killing Jo Yeates arrived in court..Inside the queue to see Vincent Tabak appear was so long
            court staff struggled to accomodate the visitors..

(165) *  During the trial Tabak showed little emotion... most of the time he spent in the dock with his hhead in his
             hands or with his head bowed below the level of the doc... Er.. But... when he came to give evidence in his
             defence..  He broke down... and cried and apologised across the court room to Jo's parents.. and family
             who were sat just feet from him.. Moments earlier he'd explained and showed with his hands how he had
             gripped her neck and throttled her .. And begged for their forgiveness.

(166)* I can't understand why people forgive people who have killed... chosen to kill somebody.. I mean it's not a
           car accident which is pretty dreadful.. He chose to kill Jo he could have walked away...  he chose to kill her

(167) * he had the power of life or death.. to act as god towards my daughter. He took away Jo's primary Human
            right... How can you forgive somebody for that...  I do not understand..

(168) * And the jury were in No mood for Clemency... They took 2 days to reach their verdict.. On the 28th of
            October 2011 Tabak was found guilty of Joanna Yeates Murder.. He was jailed for life , with a minimum
            term of 20 years.. 

(169) * We knew he'd killed Jo.. he sort of admitted killing Jo.. and erm... No.. I really wasn't... My feeling towards
            him was cold. Whether he exists or doesn't exist.... .  I don't care ( Mr Yeates speaking)

(170) * If I though that he cared ,i'd have a feeling towards him, but I don't think he does so...

(171) * ( DCI Phil Jones) I think it was David Yeates said to me , that Vincent Tabak's trial for us coming to Bristol is
            like walking into a soap opera.. it was a particular difficult time for them and it always will be...

(172) * The media circus had been intense.. after the trial both the Police and the press faced critisisim..

(173) * well during the time that I was in Police custody.. all sorts of extraordinary articles and erm.. Alligations
            appeared in the press.. At the time I certainly (CJ has a wry smile on his face) wasn't aware that the press
            was the least bit interested ( almost laughing) in the fact that I had been arrested . The libels were so
            extreme in many cases that no of the papers that were sued contested.

(174)* Following the release of her body.. Joanna Yeates family held her funeral at St marks Church of Ampfield
           Hampshire.. And had her buried in the church yard..

(175) * It now pans to a shot of a small cross in the ground with the inscription " Joanna Claire  Yeates, died 25th
            December 2010 aged 25 years"

(176) * Life does go on for people who didn't know Jo.. our family I feel sure that all my family think about Jo over
            Christmas because that was when she was found.... There's not a case of the world stopping , just

Then it shows a flash card that says...

"On The 2nd march 2015  Vincent Tabak was convicted of possessing indecent images of children that were on his computer at the time of his arrest for Murder.  He was sentenced to 10 months to run concurrently with his life sentence..

The odd thing then is that they run the credits , and it finishes with... Crackit productions for channel 5... crackit Production LTD 2014... ( how does that work???)

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
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Two things that immediately struck me... `one an observation and the other what Ann redrrop say:

(88)* The man depicting Dr Vincent Tabak has a tattoo
(88) * You see tabak dragging Joanna into the bedroom ( tabak has a tattoo on his left bicep)?

And this came out of left field for me... I had to get my hubby to check I heard it correctly

(137) * Who on earth is 'ballack"... I don't know if i have spelt it correctly... But ann shouldn't be making errors and if she had it should have been edited out... Is it an error??

(137) *(Ann Redrrop) When he got there he made a telling phone call.. whilst he was out of the country there was
          telephone contact  with The Police and Ballack (Who's Ballack??) 33:54 in which he with hindsight quite
          cleverly sowed the seeds of possibly his landlord Chris Jefferies being more involved in the disappearance of J
          Jo.. Than was actually the case.

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
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(175) * It now pans to a shot of a small cross in the ground with the inscription " Joanna Clare  Yeates, died 25th
            December 2010 aged 25 years"

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
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I cannot explain that.... But.... Initially when Dr Vincent Tabak was in court he was charged between the 16th December and the 26th December 2010

He replied: “That’s correct” and was then asked to give his home address. He replied: “Flat 2, 44 Canynge Road, Bristol.”

Asked: “Were you born on February 10, 1978?” he replied: “That’s correct.” The clerk went on: “It is alleged that between December 16 and 26 last year that you did murder Joanna Yeates.”

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
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(102) * What we know is that at 9:25 pm on the Friday evening he text his girlfriend.And in his text he said..
            Missing you loads I'm bored V XXX

25:08 of video we get this image..

I had to modify this post because I wanted the image there so you can see what I am referring too.....

Look at the Blackberry screen..... The information tells us quite a lot....

I believe that is Blackberry messenger that is being used...  You can see the amount of Characters left for the first message. (127) I think it says that..

On the top left you cannot make out the image of the contact... But the contact/contacts name is O

Another interesting point of the Messenger being used is I noted was the camera/video app is open... I think this is an important piece of information.... I am aware it's from a apparent reconstruction, but whom is that chat supposed to be with....??

It is not a reply to an on going chat history.. there is only Dr Vincent Tabak apparently sending the message for what could be the first time... unless chat history has been deleted...

So why is the contact named O?? Is it a group chat??

This program shows us many things that we never see images of but they have been reported in the papers....

Tabak is believed to have used his company BlackBerry and computer to engage in live chat with strippers  and to surf hardcore porn sites.

Was the image of the blackberry screen with camera/video app open, him apparently "live" messaging with strippers/or hard core porn sights??  Was it a stripper with the initial "O"?

Doesn't Tanja's name start with "T" and not "O"??

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
« Reply #96 on: April 16, 2018, 02:56:53 PM »
'I didn't immediately think that anything serious was wrong. I was starting to feel quite worried. I was quite annoyed that I had not been told what her plans were.
'I noticed an open bottle of cider on the right by the microwave.

That is the only time I have found anything about a Mcrowave... But the Program shows us, a Microwave and a bottle opener to the right hand side of the microwave.. also The rucksack is in the kitchen....

This program is supposed to be made after Vincent tabak's trial... surely they should have got some details correct... most seem incorrect..

The time on the oven clock also says 12:00 O'Clock?? 
You can see this when apparently Dr Vincent Tabak switches of the oven.... You can find that at: (12:11 of the video.)

I would love to see when this program was originally filmed and all of the bits they didn't use when they edited it....

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
« Reply #97 on: June 08, 2018, 08:31:53 AM »

Joanna Yeates Landlord Christopher Jefferies's Living Hell after Being Wrongly Accused Of Murder




Bren Ryan
Published on Oct 28, 2011
People & Blogs
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This little clip published on the 28th October 2011, shows CJ being interviewed, not only that it shows in the right hand corner of the clip the title of where the interview was from..... And would you Adam and Eve it.....

'Murder at Christmas'.... Crime and Investigation Network...

So come on everyone... The Crime and Investigation Network cannot have made the MURDER AT CHRISTMAS program before Dr Vincent Tabak was convicted....

When were these interviews originally made ??? It's complete poppy-cock...

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
« Reply #98 on: June 09, 2018, 10:08:07 AM »
"Judge Rinder program" From 6:36 of video.

Mr Yeates
We had somebody round on the 18th, which was the Saturday. And it was just.. It was a normal weekend.

Mrs Yeates

I'd actually texted her on the Saturday afternoon, usually when I'm cooking and preparing for things I like to send her a little message. And the fact she didn't reply was not unusual to me.

Mr yeates
Well Greg sent texts as well over the weekend and and , message on the answer phone and so forth.And there was still... No answer at all.

Where was the answer phone??
Why have we not seen or heard of this Answer Phone with the important message on it...??

There were No images of this answer phone in the Flat, and it didn't appear at trial, which you would have thought so.... Other texts and messages were heard about... But NOT this one!

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
« Reply #99 on: June 09, 2018, 10:36:13 AM »
From 9:20 of the Judge Rinder program...

Mr Yeates says...

Jo's keys, phone and money was in the Flat. All of Jo's external clothes and shoes were still in the flat. She'd gone out, it was freezing cold that night with nothing on her feet no warm clothes, no phone , no keys , no money

How could Mr Yeates possibly know what footwear Joanna Yeates may or may not have had on that night??

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
« Reply #100 on: June 10, 2018, 01:54:06 PM »
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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
« Reply #101 on: July 30, 2018, 01:23:36 PM »
Just noticed this from the Judge Rinder program about the case.... at 11:02 0f the video

The door they show is a glass panelled door, which should be Flat 2... But you can see that this door is at the side of the building... which is Joanna Yeates Flat..

Still visible is the hanging Plant... and houses and windows at the bottom of the path.. Also a plant can be seen at the front of the building on the ground..

When did the doors get switched about??  The Intercom panel is also there.... You can see the kitchen window and no other windows ,which if you look at the back of the building there are 2 windows visible.... Which door did Joanna Yeates originally have ??

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Re: TV Programmes made after Vincent Tabak's conviction for murder.
« Reply #102 on: August 10, 2018, 06:19:44 PM »

Why's CJ still courting the media??

BBC Newsnight

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You have to remember that "one is kept in limbo for a considerable time still in the public eye while waiting to know whether one is going to be charged," says Chris Jefferies, who was villified by the press over his wrongful arrest for the murder of Joanna Yeates #newsnight
BBC Newsnight
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10:45 PM - 18 Jul 2018