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Operation Braid
« on: November 27, 2017, 09:23:16 AM »
I have been trying to understand why a 'Missing Persons Inquiry" was given an Operational name within day or so of Joanna Yeates being reported Missing...

I believe in part it was to do with CJ's second witness statement..

The media were aware of information long before they even published that information... and it is from The Leveson that we come to understand this...

Only part of what CJ says is available to view....
But I believe it is an important part.. because he tells us the date he actually informed the Police of his Second Witness Statement

My second statement to the police on Wednesday 22 December 2010
On Tuesday 21st December 2010 I provided a statement to the police who were at that
thue searching the entire house and all the flats in it and taking statements from all the
residents. I was not being treated as a suspect. At the time the police said to all of us
that if we subsequently remembered anything that could be material we should get
back in touch, That evening I remembered something else that I had not mentioned to
the police that I thought could possibly be material. This was that one evening, which
might have been Friday 17 December 2010, as I was coming back from the gym at
about 9pm, I had parked my car on the road and was just walking through the gates of
the main driveway, when I became aware of what sounded like two or perhaps three
people leaving by the side gate on the other side of the house which I could not see as
there is a hedge in between and it was dark, I duly telephoned the police and relayed
The next day, Wednesday 22 December 2010, the same officer who had taken my
first statement came back to my flat and took a second statement about this. The
officer asked me if one of the voices could have been a woman’s voice. I responded
that it could have been but that I could not say either way. The police have since
confirmed to me that the fact flint I gave a supplementary statement raised their
suspicions in relation to me. On the basis of what ensued, I believe it is likely that the
police passed these suspicions on to themedia.

It was on the 22nd December 2010 that CJ gave this second witness statement...  On this day we have the Launch of The new 'Missing Poster" with "Operation Braid" at the bottom.... This is 2 days into a "Missing Persons Inquiry"..

That cannot be coincidental... (imo) Whom had CJ seen ??? It was important enough for The Leveson Inquiry to seal the second witness statement of CJ for 84 years....

Exhibit CJ2 to w/s of Christopher Jeffries
This record is closed

Opening date: 02 November 2097

Submit FOI request

More information about the Freedom of Information review process
Reference:   LEV 2/CCLF/Z
Description:   Exhibit CJ2 to w/s of Christopher Jeffries
Held by:   The National Archives
Legal status:   Public Record
Closure status:   Closed Or Retained Document, Open Description
Access conditions:   Closed For 84 years
Record opening date:   02 November 2097

I believe we need to question what Operation Braid was really about.... Because it was never about a "Placid Dutchman" who happened to be a neighbour of Joanna Yeates.

It was obviously about so much more... So Much so The Head of The Complex Crime Unit was involved and I believe Ann Reddrop, DCI Phil Jones have been trying to relay to everyone all this time that Dr Vincent Tabak didn't kill Joanna Yeates....  And for some reason they cannot actually say who it was or why....

But it must be of great importance if we have to seal records from this Simple Murder Case for 84 years!! (imo)

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2017, 05:21:59 PM »
Good distraction tactic though, locking something or nothing up for 84 years, bound to focus a certain amount of attention away from the very thing you are trying to hide.

Thing is it’s a public road and footpath in the middle of Clifton, hearing people is not that unusual. Could have been anything or anyone. The fact that the focus of the police turned to CJ after advising the witnesses to call if they remembered anything else just serves to show how their simple drilled minds follow simple drilled procedures and just how two faced it is possible to get. If you end up against one of the idiots after he finked he finked about sumfink anything more than the simplest explanation is likely to earn your arrest simply because his brain isn’t going to sort this one out in a hurry.

Odd how heavyweight it got in minimum time, some big players in there right at the beginning, big players indeed.

A veil drawn?

There is none so noble or in receipt of his fellows unbridled adulation as that police officer who willingly deceives to protect one of his own kind and, by virtue of birthright, extends that privilege to his family.

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2017, 05:25:12 PM »
Sorry Nine,

Have you already mentioned that Braid is a simple anagram of “A Bird”?

A simplicity rather in keeping I would suggest.

There is none so noble or in receipt of his fellows unbridled adulation as that police officer who willingly deceives to protect one of his own kind and, by virtue of birthright, extends that privilege to his family.

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2017, 07:35:04 PM »
I am familiar with the National Archives, as I am a (very amateur) genealogist, and I have been there on numerous occasions.

I know it is usual to close records for a number of years----often 100. This is even true of censuses---this is why the last one to which we currently have access is the 1911 one. We won't have access to the 1921 census until 2021. It is something to do with protecting  the confidentiality of people who might still be alive.

BUT, is it usual to close records that are connected with murder enquiries?  That I do not know, and I cannot see why they would need to close somebody's witness statement.

Can anyone enlighten us?  is this usual? 

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #4 on: November 28, 2017, 11:10:49 PM »
Well done Nine...Again!

I never had ANY sources for 20th December 2010 - the day when the public first became aware of Joanna's disappearance. I only ever had three links to news reports on the case dated 21st December 2010, and now I find that each of these three has now been obliterated. The earliest reports still still available say Joanna was last seen on the evening of Friday 17th December 2010. I never spotted that claim that she had been missing for five days. I probably would have dismissed it as a mistake. But now that it has been redacted, you may be on to something. Maybe the police and the family quickly changed their story. It is scarcely credible. Maybe she really WAS in the Bristol Ram on 17th December 2010, but they wanted to signal the opposite to the perpetrator?

Would someone with access to a public library with an archive please ask for a paper copy or microfilm of the Bristol Evening Post or equivalent for 21st December 2010 and check the story in print?

Parents of missing 25-year-old Bristol woman launch plea for help
By - December 21, 2010

The devastated parents of a pretty young architect who mysteriously vanished five days ago today launched a desperate plea for help.

Here's the reference to 5 days on the 21st December 2010

We have the reference to the headaches also....  Also we have NO plans for the weekend... which also changed...

He added that Jo had been suffering from headaches in the week before her disappearance, but had not checked into any hospital for treatment.

Joanna, who recently cut her hair into a short blond crop, had no plans for the weekend when she vanished.

She failed to show up at the Bristol architect’s firm where she works on Monday morning, which is ”very out of character” for her, according to police.

Officers have found CCTV of Jo leaving The Ram pub – where she was last spotted – at 8pm on Friday night and were looking for any other leads.

Anyone with information is urged to contact police on 0845456 7000 quoting Operation Braid or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Operation Braid.. happened as early as the 21st December 2010 Which for a person only being reported Missing the day before, makes you wonder what reason they had to give an Operational name to a Missing Persons Inquiry??

I have attached images... one is of a comment by someone named Vic... who says that Greg is hers/his brother-in law.. they posted on December 21, 2010 at 7:18 pm another image I have posted is from SWNS, which shows the archive for that date of 21st December 2010 do not know the time of the article...

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #5 on: November 29, 2017, 09:16:50 AM »
This is one of the earliest Posters of Joanna Yeates and I am not sure of the date....  But the other posters are from the 21st/22nd December 2010, as they mention "Operation Braid"...So I assume this must be from around the 20th/21st December 2010 .....

Why are the CID involved in a "Missing Persons Inquiry"??? They deal with serious crime.... What was apparent to the Police from the moment that they were contacted in relation to Joanna Yeates disappearance??

Another thought I had... Is "Operation Braid", still in Operation??

From Avon and Somersets website..

Missing People
There is no time limit on when you can report a missing person. You don't have to wait 24 hours.

Before reporting someone missing
Search their home or the place the person was last seen, in case they are hiding or may have fallen and been injured. Remember that children can hide in very small spaces
Look out for any notes or clues that may suggest where they may be
Check to see if they have left you a message on your phone, voicemail or online
Contact family members, friends and the person’s place of work to verify that they are actually missing and not simply somewhere unexpected
Report it
To report a missing person call 101 or visit your local police station. If it is an emergency and you feel that the missing person may be at risk of immediate harm, dial 999. 

Provide detailed information
We will take a detailed report and it will be helpful if you can provide as much of the following information as possible:

full name and date of birth for the missing person

physical description of the missing person, including what clothes and jewellery they were wearing

recent photograph of the missing person

when they were last seen and by whom

where they had planned to go on the day they went missing

contact mobile number for the person

name, address and contact numbers of family members and their close friends.

details of any medication they take and whether they have this medication with them.

information of any online sites that they might be a member of

any other relevant circumstances that may increase the risk to the missing person such as problems at work, school

or at home, recent changes in behaviour that is out of character.

What the police do to find missing people

We use the information that you give to assess the level of risk that the missing person may be at.

We then consider all lines of enquiry which are appropriate and necessary in the circumstances and begin an investigation to find them.

If the missing person is not found following the initial lines of enquiry, then the investigation will be passed to a nominated officer.

Were all these details given in the phone call to the Police when Greg Reardon called?? How long was the phone call to the Police on the 20th December 2010?? Was this entire phone call played in court??

There had to be something about the actions of The Yeates family that made The CID be involved in this Missing Persons Inquiry, and for them to act so swiftly... And I do not believe that it had anything to do with the Placid Dutchman....(imo)

I think someone needs to question Avon and Somerset Police, and ask them why a Missing Persons Inquiry was headed by the CID and what made them give it an Operational Name by 21st December 2010... When as we know Gaia Popes disappearance of over 1 week didn't have an Operational name and 3 people in that Inquiry were arrested on suspicion of Murder!

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #6 on: December 07, 2017, 08:29:55 AM »
This carries on from the post I have just done... link at the bottom.....

We would like to thank the police liaison officers, Emma and Russ, for their consideration towards us and as far as they could keeping us informed of developments.

We would also like to express our appreciation to the members of Operation Braid for giving up their time, especially over the festive period, and their efforts in apprehending Jo's killer.

This quote is lacking (imo)... firstly it doesn't describe Emma and Russ as "Family Liaison Officers" and misses out the lack of support you would expect from such a role...  It states about their consideration...
 Police Liaison Officers roles are different from "Family Liaison Officers" roles.... They tend to be used for Information gathering, in protests etc... But they could have been used in this case for information gathering also...

When questioned in court, Chief Inspector Sonia Davies (pictured above), stated that “obviously, we want to gather information, but that’s different to intelligence.” “Intelligence”, according to Davis, was narrowly defined as “information that has come from police sources and is acted upon”.

The other part of the quote which initially gained my interest was..

We would also like to express our appreciation to the members of Operation Braid for giving up their time, especially over the festive period, and their efforts in apprehending Jo's killer.

That statement suggest to me that Operation Braid is in fact an ongoing Operation, and not the Operational name of the Joanna Yeates Murder Investigation....

Because why would they be giving up their time ?????
They wouldn't !!

What connection could there have been between Joanna Yeates and an Operation called "Operation Braid"???

Operation Braid team members assisted The Joanna Yeates Inquiry and were not "The Joanna Yeates Inquiry"..(imo)

So what is Operation Braid ?? Is it the name of an Operation looking into Cold Cases like Glenis Carruthers or Melanie Hall for instance ????

Because if it is a completely different "Operation" other than The Inquiry Into Joanna Yeates Murder... (which I believe is the case)...
Where would Dr Vincent Tabak fit into this Operation???

Question... Is Operation Braid still in Operation?? Or was it still in Operation after the conviction of Dr Vincent Tabak??

Edit.... I have mentioned 'A twin Track Investigation before.... Was the Twin track Investigation...

(A): Operation Braid


(B): The Joanna Yeates Murder Inquiry ????

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #7 on: December 07, 2017, 08:41:16 PM »
This idea of Operation Braid being an ongoing inquiry into a wider investigation lends itself very well into our inquiry. The simple association of another murder may well have triggered an immediate response from a dedicated team hence the reason you have an immediate input from higher up the food chain..

There is none so noble or in receipt of his fellows unbridled adulation as that police officer who willingly deceives to protect one of his own kind and, by virtue of birthright, extends that privilege to his family.

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #8 on: December 11, 2017, 09:20:08 AM »
This is from CJ's second witness statement.. We only have part of this statement available to read, the rest is locked away...

Leaking of my name on arrest by the police to the press

15, I have recently received a letter from the Chief Constable of ASC confirming that my
name was leaked to the press when I was arrested. See page 13 of CJ2. I have been
informed that an internal inquiry has led to the arrest of two people although no one
has been charged. The letter refers to an "inadvertent" disclosure by the police but
provides no details, which prevents the explanation being investigated or verified;

(page 13 isn't available to view...)

There are many things that strike me with CJ....  And within his Leveson statements , he seems privy to information that he doesn't need to know....

Why would a Senior Police Officer Inform CJ, that they had been 2 arrests after an internal Inquiry???

I believe that the Chief Constable is Colin Port... As Colin Port did not step down until November 2012.. The date of this PDF I have linked is February 2012... So it has to be Colin Port..(imo)

Why did Colin Port inform CJ of what was taking place in an Internal Inquiry???  There was no need for Colin Port to give this information to CJ..(imo).... Did CJ know Colin Port??

"Operation Braid".... leaked so much Information to the press, yet it was denied at The Leveson that it had happened.. But does CJ's statement to The Leveson support that the leaking of Information was known about??? And does that mean that the information that was leaked was correct??

The real problem I face, is trying to understand what possible act these two individuals committed as to have been arrested within the Inquiry???? And was it "just" in conjunction with CJ?? Or was it wider reaching within "Operation Braid"??

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #9 on: December 11, 2017, 01:58:07 PM »
I want to go back to the idea that Russ and Emma are chaperones and are collecting evidence whilst they are around the people closest to this Investigation...

If they are indeed the Chaperones I believe that they are, then I may have stumbled upon something.....

As we know in any inquiry the boyfriend is always the main person of Interest.... And we can see from the video clips that Emma and Russ are always in attendance when anything of importance is taking place...

Clip one That I have linked shows The Yeates Family the Detective in charge, Russ and Emma and frank and Greg Reardon on Longwood lane...

I'm begining to wonder if Emma was collecting evidence covertly... I say this because it appears that she could be holding a hand held recorder in her hand as she walks up the lane...

At 2:10 she appears to do something with this device... To me she could be switching it on.... She brings it from the left side of her body to the front of her body and her right hand does an action... Her left arm goes down and the device is still in her left hand....

Once she reaches the Police tape.. she again brings it in front of her body and does something.. then swops the device to her right hand and places it inside her right pocket... (This devices is too narrow and deep to be a mobile phone..)(imo)

At 3:39 Emma and Russ are not concentrating on The Yeates, they are talking to Greg.....

On the second Clip of Longwood Lane at 1:32... Emma follows Greg and Frank Reardon to the side of the van....  Now I can see no purpose for this unless she is covertly recording what is being said at Longwood Lane....9imo)..

Frank.... Frank Reardon the Annomaly of this case.... I say that because of the communication between Frank and The Police....

At various points on this walkabout of Longwood Lane the Police talk directly to Frank Reardon... The Investigating Officer and Emma and Greg also... I find it strange for them to do this... They do not talk to Alla Yeates for instance, and she is part of the Yeates family... But talk to a person who's only connection to the case was that he was Greg Reardons alibi... But as Family liaison officers, they really should be concentrating on The Yeates (imo)

Now my next question is why is it that frank Reardon is driving Greg Reardon to and from this Crime Scene ???

They are not going to allow any member of the public bring a vehicle of theirs to a Crime Scene when the Police were still Investigating that Crime Scene...

At 3:18 (image 2:) We see Frank Reardon getting into the drivers side of the second vehicle....   Russ and the Officer in charge are both talking to Frank Reardon , before Greg Reardon climbs into this vehicle... Now this is my issue.... What Role did Frank Reardon play in this Investigation???

Why are the Police talking to Frank as he leaves? The Investigating Officer and Russ are both deep in conversation with him.....

Is....Or was Frank Reardon an under Cover Police Man ???  I say this because he is the driver of the second vehicle and no member of the public would be allowed to drive their own vehicle onto a crime scene...(imo)... or else the press would have been all parked on Longwood lane....

Does the fact that Frank is chaperoning Greg to and from this scene suggest he has to be involved with the police in some capacity for them to let him drive his vehicle onto Longwood Lane and be the main driver???

There is an odd comment at the begining of this video clip from one of the reporters.... At about 22 seconds in...

Which ones the boyfriend?? Is the boyfriend the one on the far left?

Seeing as Greg had already done his TV Interview the media should know who the boyfriend is..... The person on the far left is actually Frank Reardon..... (make of it what you will)

What role has Frank Reardon got in this Investigation ?? Is it possible that he was an under cover detective?? Is it possible that he actually worked for the Police ??

It is something worth considering.. especially as he was allowed to drive a vehicle to and from a "Crime Scene".... !!

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #10 on: December 11, 2017, 02:33:17 PM »
Continuing from the above post of mine....

Again i will question why Frank Reardon is allowed on Longwood Lane at all.... 

If Frank Reardon is Greg Reardons alibi witness... why would you allow an alibi witness so close to a "Crime Scene"????

Shouldn't he have been kept away from this part of the Investigation and not dropped right in on Longwood Lane.... If they were still Investigating the Longwood lane area at this time and we know that they were... why would you have anyone contaminating that area????

Has no-one even thought about this??

Frank Reardon should not have been allowed anywhere near Longwood Lane (imo) They hadn't finished Investigating Greg Reardons alibi as far as I can tell... and things in relation to what has been said at anyone time can change and do change.... So why bring Frank Reardon to Longwood Lane before confirmation has been given to the cause of death of Joanna yeates ???

The post Mortem results were not expected until the 28th December 2010 and the visit from Frank ,Greg and the Yeates family is on the 27th December 2010....

Giving even more reason to question why anyone was allowed on a "Crime Scene" when the cause of death hadn't yet Offically been established....

And Greg at this Point in time was still Offically a suspect... because it is not until the 28th December that the Police say that Greg is a witnness and Not a suspect.... which if you think of the time they had to decide this,it is not very long at all...

They only apparently discover on the 28th December 2010 that Joanna Yeates had been Murdered.... So how can they possibly rule Greg out on the same day when they had only just discovered that Joanna Yeates shad been Murdered???

Wouldn't they look again at his alibi and make sure that everything he said was accurate??? Which still beggars the question as to why Frank Reardon Greg's alibi witness was allowed to attend Longwood Lane the day before we are informed of how she died??

Was Joanna Yeates really found on Longwood lane ???  Because they seem to allow too many people onto that Crime Scene when it wasn't Offically a Crime Scene until the day after... Therefore you would have imagined that NO-one.... not even the Yeates family should have been walking about it....(imo)

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #11 on: December 11, 2017, 03:06:38 PM »
How can DCI Jones say as early as the 28th December 2010 that Greg Reardon is a witness in this Investigation ... we have the Police conference on the 28th December 2010, where they tell the media how Joanna Yeates died....

From ITV News correspondant...
ITV News.. Is Greg Reardon a suspect?

DCI Phil Jones...

No he's a witness in this Investigation.

Now it didn't become a Murder Investigation until the 28th December 2010 when they received the results from the Post Mortem... So how can they rule Greg Reardon out so quickly... You would have imagined that they would have gone over ever inch of Greg Reardons statement and also Interviewed Frank Reardon and Helen Reardon to ask what Greg was up to over that weekend and did he at anytime leave Sheffield... etc etc ...

They really had no apparent reason to interview Helen and Frank before the 28th December 2010, because for all intense and purposes Joanna Yeates was just a "Missing Person"...

And it is not until after the 28th Decemeber 2010.. that a full blown Investigation into Joanna yeates murder can begin.....

Yet they seem to have everything battened down by the time they reveal that she has been Murdered.... Should the 28th December 2010 be the start of the Murder Inquiry??

And not a day to rule anyone in or out of This Murder Inquiry so soon.... Especially as they had only just received the information that she had been Murdered!!

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #12 on: December 11, 2017, 03:47:51 PM »
Looking at this clip again from when the trial is over and Greg Reardon emerges from the court ahead of Frank Reardon...

He walks quickly to the waiting car... Frank leaves with Russ and Emma is behind them....

Greg climbs into the back of the car and Frank closes the car door and doesn't say anything to Greg and he himsefl and Emma drive away with Greg.....

Now.... Franks actions to me after thinking about his possible role in this Investigation... are that of a Police Officer....

If It was Russ or Emma closing the car door to make sure that their chaperoning task was followed through I could understand... But...... Frank takes on that role (imo)....

In fact Frank almost slams the door... he doesn't appear to be a caring brother at this point... (imo).. he doesn't even have any recognition of him... He shuts the door and then gets into the front passenger seat...   

I do not know if Russ gets into this car.... But what Russ does do is moves forward to the front passenger side where Frank is sat...
Does he speak to Frank again???.... I don't know because the clip cuts to them driving off...

What is the man we know as Frank Reardon's role into The Investigation of the Murder of Joanna Yeates ??? Is he a Police Officer or Police Staff??

What and Who is Frank Reardon????

I keep watching that clip at the point where Frank slams the door of the car... He just looks mega pee-ed off to me.... And never communicates with his brother at all in this short clip... Not even eye contact!!

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #13 on: December 23, 2017, 12:50:16 PM »
Look at the image??

When I have clicked on the link it takes me to Getty images of this image with the information below stating that...

Police stop vehicles on Longwood Lane in North Somerset - near to the spot where the body of Joanna Yeates was found, during an appeal for information regarding the murder of the architect.

January 07, 2011 Licence

I have also attached the image....

Now it isn't on Longwood Lane.....  I couldn't see anywhere that looks like that on Longwood Lane... I remeber similar images of cars on Longwood lane and the Police interviewing driver, and I just assumed that it was in the entrance to the quarry.... But this isn't....

I have enhanced the image so I can see what is hiding in the dark and the careful setting of the lighting to take said image.....

image 1:  Same as posted with information available to see.

Image 2: is enhanced to see what is hiding.....

Image 3: Is circled....

Now on image 3 we can see to the left of the tree that there is a door... we can just about make out through the tree branches windows on different levels of a building....

I am starting to wonder if that is the car park behind Joanna Yeates house??? And the building you can just about make out is in fact the modern building that is opposite what we know as Flat 2???
"Percival Road" you would need to access to get there.... Now if that doesn't ring bells I don't know what does !!

Image 4: Aerial view of Canygne Road and houses behind.....

If it is not the houses behind it... where can it be on Longwood Lane???? Because I don't know of a building like that, and a carpark with yellow painted parking bays, anywhere on Longwood lane.....

I think it is the modern build you access from Percival Road.....

Edit.. Image 5: is more enhancement of image 3....  clearly seeing windows...

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Re: Operation Braid
« Reply #14 on: December 23, 2017, 09:54:11 PM »
It looks a bit like the entrance to the woods on the other side of the road to the quarry, but I'm not sure. There is a car park of sorts there, although I don't recall whether it has marked bays.

Not sure about the door----is it definitely a door?