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I think it was Nina who suggested that I start from the begining.... I remember thinking she was taking the Mickey.... So I just ignored doing that... But as I have gone in so many directions, i believe that she is correct.... I should start at the begining,...I should look again at everything that has happened with fresh eyes....

I keep bashing my head agains a brick wall... getting nowhere.... I know what I have discovered doesn't add up....  There is evidence that is key and probably not for the reasons that we think....  We need to look at what was stated at the start of the Investigation.... We need to know why evidence appears to have disappeared....  Why times and time stamps do not add up.....  With The Yeates suggesting early on about armchair detectives... I thought I would take them up on that proposition.... So I will being with a list and look through it as the topic develops.....

* Pizza and why it's important

* No forced entry

* Pink top

* No Inquiry... opened then closed

* Missing Sock

* 17th December 2010

* Repeated and rehashed stories

* No-one being able to speak about this case

* It being a Cold Case

* Joanna Yeates Diary

* Mince Pies

* Protocols appearing not to be followed

* Confusion over which Flat was hers

* Coldplay

* The trainers

* Cafe Nero

* CJ

* Greg

* Empty bins

* No signs of sexual assault

* Her body being frozen

* Her pictures being shown in court

* The TV appeals

* The time she was reported Missing

* timings that don''t make sense

* Being close to the investigation

* Who saw who

* The dates that Dr Vincent Tabak is charged between

* Greg Reardon being a witness

* Rebecca Scott being a witness

* Darragh Bellew being a witness

* 2nd witness statement

* The Fire services attendance

* Where Joanna Yeates was really found

* Who knew about The Pizza

* Was there a secret deal?

* The language used

* Why The Investigation never left Canygne Road

* Why the Police treated this as a Murder Inquiry from The outset....

* Why information is leaked to The Press...

* Why this was a complex case inquiry

* This is a simple Murder Inquiry

* Where cars should be parked

* Crimewatch and why it didn't air

* CCTV of Clifton Suspension Bridge

* CCTV of Canygne Road

* Statement of Individuals concerned

* The Earrings that are found

* The knickers by the door

* The apron that is found

* Why Joanna Yeates didn't go to Sheffield

* The Sobbing Girl

* The Review

* Why the change of command to DCI Phil Jones

* The ever changing Information

* The same thread that goes through out

* The Ikea bedding

* The disinterested Police Officers

* The witnesses who spoke to The papers early on..

* The Attorney General not wanting information divulged to the public that may cause a trial to collapse.

* Scapegoats

* One step ahead of the Investigation (Ann Redrrops statement after trial)

* Contempt that Dr Vincent Tabak was supposed to show

* The imagery of search bins pointlessly

* Photoshopped pictures

* Joanna Yeates being ill and off work

The list again is endless, but I wanted a place to start and two topics have got many many pages to them, so this seemed as good a place as any to allow anyone to add to.... But I am sure you won't as I believe that this case is somehow live still.... Or  there is some kind of order on it.... And there has to be a reason for that...(imo) And Dr Vincent Tabak is not the reason...... 

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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The Pizza.........

The key component in the Investigation, it was mentioned in the begining as to what Joanna Yeates had or hadn't done, her stomach contents apprantley proving she hadn't eaten the Pizza... Tons of rubbish searched all in the vain hope that the Pizza would be located, which even if they did find it wouldn't prove anything anyway (imo)

I do not even remember the type of Pizza Joanna Yeates purchased being mentioned at trial, we only ever get the word Pizza mentioned.  But I believe it is the type of Pizza that was purchased, that is important here, because only the Police and The killer should know this Information..

Would Dr Vincent Tabak really take any notice of the type of Pizza that Joanna Yeates had purchased?? I cannot really see why he would.... But the emphasise has been on That Pizza... The reason has to be important, and not just because it was removed..  There was No evidence of this Pizza in the flat.. And no real reason to remove it (imo)as the program(Countdown to Murder) depicts a fight in the hallway and bedroom, there should have been plenty of evidence left behind, so the Pizza really shouldn't have that much evidential value.. But it has, as we all know....

(DCI Bevan)
Erm Ok.... I believe Joanna reached her home address on Friday evening and this would have been at sometime shortly after 8:30pm in the evening. This is because erm.. We've found within the flat her coat her mobile phone and keys. Erm.. I know that from CCTV she went to Tesco's in Clifton Village and she purchased a pizza.. Erm.. I have here a Pizza which is similar in all respects to the I believe she purchased, which is a Tesco's finest erm, Tomatoe Mozzerella, basil ,pesto pizza.

Within the Flat we can find NO evidence of this Pizza or any of the wrappings,and so I would like to make an appeal, firstly for anyone who has any information about where Joanna now or any information thats can indicate whats happened to her. I would also like to make an appeal to anyone who knows where this Pizza is or were there any of the wrapping are or where the box is..

I revisited the Pizza, the quote is from the transcript of DCI Bevan.... The link below is from a post I did on what he may have meant by similar in all respects..  But we do not know in what respect this Pizza is similar ,that is described by DCI Bevan...

Is it the fact it's similar to a margherita Pizza ??
But what other Pizza is similar??

The last day or so I have been viewing "The Countdown to Murder" (Joanna Yeates) program... and that program considering it should have been made after the trial of Dr Vincent Tabak, throws up quite a few surprises.. It depicts Dr Vincent Tabak going back into the kitchen to retrieve the Pizza..

Now that should be easy enough for us to see on the counter "Tomatoe Mozzerella, basil ,pesto pizza"  But it doesn't show that or a Margherita Pizza....  I found the following..

"Wood Fired"
Italian Mozzerella
& Basil Pesto
12" Pizza

Similar in all respects, But why would the program use that Pizza?? It was never found, It is the type of information The Police would keep to themselves... So (imo) under no circumstances should the program have depicted that particular Pizza... It should for all tense and purposes have depicted the Pizza that The Police had described in the appeal that was made..

What type of Pizza did Joanna Yeates actually purchase??

Was it
(A): "Tomatoe Mozzerella, basil ,pesto pizza"

(B): Margherita Pizza

(C): "Wood Fired" Sunblush,Tomatoes Italian Mozzerella & Basil Pesto 12" Pizza

Well if it's similar in all respects I will go with "C"...

The killer removed the Pizza because he was evidentially connected to that Pizza.. Dr Vincent Tabak would have no need to remove the Pizza..

I'm still flummoxed as to how the program used that particular pizza....  Only the killer or someone close to the Investigation apparently knew what type of Pizza was purchased...  Why would the program depict that Pizza??  Did someone give them information??

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Part 1.....

The Case that doesn't make sense.....

steven morris

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Joanna Yeates' mother, Teresa, is not in court this morning.

3:35 AM - 21 Oct 2011

How comes Mrs Yeates didn't attend court?

You would imagine that Mrs yeates would be in court everyday.. i remember that they didn't attend court when the verdict came.. But Greg and Mr Yeates attended the day that Mrs Yeates didn't attend... There was a day that Clegg didn't attend also . but I can't remember off hand.. And do not know if this is connected... Anyway...

Jo yeates murder. Mother, Teresa Yeates - 'I am sat in the kitchen just wanting her to come through the door. 'It is so quiet  without her.'

5:54 AM - 4 Jan 2011

Could be just me... but why would it be so quiet without her if she had already left home?

That made me think about the Countdown to Murder program, where it says:
(7) * At the same time Jo was leaving school Vincent Tabak was travelling from the country of his birth The

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Headlines at and around the time I cannot remember then all, but what I do remember is that The Attorney General had stated that no stories should appear that would hamper a trial...

"The Countdown to Murder Program" again gives us an insight into what apparently happened at the time..

I have attached 3 images... The one that you can see the date of 31st January 2011 the headlines are telling us something different from what we are aware took place....

Jo Murder Suspect... then it shows us an image of what we have been told id Dr Vincent Tabak..
Next door neighbour Vincent Tabak seized as he returns from holiday... Detectives probe work links to Jo and quiz his look-a-like girlfriend

The other two front pages do not have a date...  And I cannot find any images of these headlines other than from the program..

Wouldn't the headlines be prejudicial?? Did these articles ever get published?? Can anyone verify that??

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Part 3...

Jo Yeates murder suspect Vincent Tabak appears in court
20 September 2011

Vincent Tabak, 33, spoke only to confirm his name at the 27-minute pre-trial hearing at Bristol Crown Court.

Miss Yeates's parents David and Teresa attended the hearing, arriving at the court accompanied by two police officers.

Dutch architect Tabak has admitted the manslaughter of 25-year-old Miss Yeates, but denies murdering her.

That was not the first time that The Yeates appeared at court in regards to this case.... we remember them walking down the road with the FLO Emma outside The Old Bailey when they attended that Hearing also....

From The Getty footage

Joanna Yeates murder: Vincent Tabak faces murder trial
Joanna Yeates murder: Vincent Tabak faces murder trial; ENGLAND: London: Old Bailey: EXT David and Teresa Yeates (parents of murdered landscape architect Joanna Yeates) along to court

also to the side of the video we get this info..

Restrictions:   No use by regional TV or radio in UK and Ireland until 3 days after date of creation. Prior approval required if clip features ITN newsreader or reporter, please contact your local Getty Images representative.
Credit:   ITN
Clip #:   656029440   SD
Collection:   ITN
Date created:   05 May, 2011
Licence type:   Rights-ready
Release info:   Not released. More information
Clip length:   00:00:13:07
Location:   United Kingdom
Mastered to:   QuickTime 8-bit Photo-JPEG SD 720x576 25i More information
Originally shot on:   576 25i
Source:   ITN
Object name:

I am like AH.... I do not believe in coincidences...  I keep asking why?? There has to be a why?

The conclusion may explain, I have said many times before that The Yeates should never have appeared at any hearing in relation to Dr Vincent Tabak... They witnessed as much as Greg Reardon did... Why were they not called as witness's at trial??

I also have to be mindful and wonder what reporting restrictions were made around that time...  And that could play a role in this case...

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Part 4...

From Cleggs opening speech....

Defence Counsel, Mr William Clegg, QC’s opening speech:
 ‘If Jo Yeates had stayed for just one more drink she would be alive today. If Vincent
Tabak had gone to Asda as he had planned that same time, he would not be in the dock
She turned on the oven to bake.
She phoned several male friends and told how she was bored.
She texted Samuel Ashcroft:
“Where are you this fine eve?”
His reply was “Home- sorry”.
She then texted Peter: “Where are you?”
Peter replied “On my way to a wedding. Where are you?”
She replied: “At home- on my todd”.
She texted a third male friend. She has said she was bored and she was looking for company.
It was the Christmas period and many people were at parties.
In the next flat was Vincent Tabak.
They never really knew each other, save for a nod.
Vincent Tabak was also alone- and bored.
He decided to go to Asda – not for anything special but to fill in time.
He left his flat; was walking towards his car and went past her kitchen window.
The kitchen blind was broken and so stayed up all the time, as Greg Reardon had
Vincent was walking towards his car when he passed Joanna’s kitchen window. She saw
him, there was a nod of acknowledgement and she beckoned him to come in. She had
opened the door and invited him in.
 He took off his coat.
 He hung it on her coat rack.
She offered him a drink and he declined as he was driving.
 She said her boyfriend was away and she was alone and he said that his girlfriend was
away and he was alone.
 Vincent Tabak misread her friendliness toward him and made a move towards her as if he
was about to kiss him on her lips.
He put one hand in the middle of her back as if he was about to kiss her, and she screamed
 He put his hand over her mouth and said sorry and when he moved his hand away she
screamed again.
 He put his hand to her mouth and throat and she went limp. She was dead.
He had never touched her before other than to shake hands as he went into her flat.
That moment was all it took and she was dead.
 Nothing was timed.
He thinks that maybe he was in the flat for 10 minutes before she screamed.
The incident when he put her hand on his throat was far less than a minute.
Defence expert Dr Carey will give evidence on Friday 21 December 2010 on this matter.
Prosecution pathologist expert witness, Dr Delaney, said on 18 October that it may well
have been 10 seconds.
Those arriving at the party at Number 53 said they heard screams.
 It is for the jury to decide whether a scream from inside Flat 1 could be heard from
outside 53 Canynge Road.
The jury will have to decide whether anybody could have heard.
But one thing is that three witnesses heard screams spread out over some ten minutes.
This cannot be.
The couple arriving outside number 53, a short time after they were filmed on CCTV at
number 83.
But the weather conditions were icy. How long did it take them to get there?
Warren Sweet said he did not arrive at Number 53’s party until 8.50pm on Friday 17
December 2010.
 When he arrived at No. 53, Warren Sweet said he heard a scream. That cannot be the
same scream that the couple heard.
 The reaction of all four people who heard screams was initially put down to students out
celebrating as term had finished that day.
You may think that the whole of those screams is totally unconnected.
You just couldn’t hear anybody from that distance.  This does mean that one really hasn’t got a real clue as to when Tabak went into
Joanna’s flat except that it was between the time he went to Asda and the time he texted
his girlfriend, say, between 9.00 pm and 11.00 pm.
 Were you to conclude that the couple heard Joanna’s screams and not the scream that Mr
Sweet heard; if the Laymans and Sweet‘s evidence were to be dismissed, it would tie in
with the scientific evidence.
One thing is certain. Joanna Yeates was killed between 21.00 and 21.30 pm on Friday 17
December 2010.
It was not something he planned.
 It was, in the words of Dr Delaney, expert prosecution pathologist witness, that death had
occurred in less than half a minute; less than 20 seconds, less than 10 seconds even.
 A very important piece of evidence is that what Tabak wrote in his statement is nearly the
same and corroborated the undisputed pathologist expert witnesses.But his conduct
afterwards was frankly disgusting.
He took her body and disposed of it.
He caused anguish to her family.
His defence will not be heard to excuse this behaviour.
He was obviously concerned with the incident, trying to track everything.
 It was only a matter of time before the police came to arrest him.
Again he told lie after lie and you will hear no excuse from me about that. It shows a very
calculating person trying to wriggle out of her death but it does not help in thinking of
what happened at the flat….
He went to his flat and left Joanna’s flat door on the latch.
He returned.
He turned off the oven that she had turned on.
 He took the Tesco pizza that was in the kitchen.
 He carried the body from her flat to his flat.
He then put her body in the bag that he used to cover his bike.
He then went to get his car, placed the body in the boot of his car, went to Asda, a trip he
formerly planned, and drove aimlessly around whilst deciding what to do.
He tried to put the body over the wall.
It was too heavy and so he left it by the roadside.
When he got back home, he put the pizza, the cycle cover and the sock into a corporate
And then, despite the awful secret that he was carrying, he tried to carry on as before:
going to parties, living with his girlfriend, etc, instead of going to the police.
There will be no excuse from me for that. He will be called to give evidence on Thursday
20 October

He hung it on her coat rack.

He turned off the oven that she had turned on.
 He took the Tesco pizza that was in the kitchen.

These are depicted in The Countdown to Murder... 

5th January 2011 from The Guardian:

But Detective Chief Inspector Phil Jones, who is leading the inquiry, revealed that in fact she had not been wearing shoes or a coat and one sock was missing. The light-coloured coat she was wearing on the evening she disappeared was hanging on a hook at her flat and the boots she had on were also there.

The story that Greg tells differs and the coats were on the floor... But "The Countdown to Murder program", sticks with the narrative of what apparently happened and we see depicted in the program , the coat stand with the white coat Joanna Yeates wore on the 17th December 2010 hung upon it.... (images attached)

Every time we look at the old media reports we always see evidence we shouldn't....

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
« Reply #6 on: April 18, 2018, 08:06:04 PM »
Part 5...

The papers at the time......
23rd December 2010
Detectives say they are ‘baffled’ by the disappearance of 25-year-old blonde Miss Yeates, who was last seen in two supermarkets on Friday night after a Christmas drink with colleagues at a pub.
She then returned to the £200,000 rented flat in the affluent Bristol area of Clifton – where her coat, keys, purse and bank cards were found.
Mr Reardon, whose phone and computer have been taken by police, is also an architect in the same practice as his girlfriend.

The day before ..... Rebecca Scott... 22nd December 2010 where she talks of Purse, keys and phone being left behind... I cannot find my post on it at the mo... But I remember commenting on how on earth Rebecca Scott would know this information so early on in the Investigation when this type of Information should be kept to the Police...

( I'm going to move these post over to the other topic.....

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Part 6.....

CJ and the people at the gate....

On the 22nd December 2010 CJ made second statement to the Police.... `of something he remembered of what he may or may not have seen on the night of Friday 17th December 2010....

This statement has been hidden, we do not know the content... We have been lead to believe he could have seen Joanna Yeates... Maybe he saw Greg or Dr Vincent Tabak or a monkey carrying a bunch of bananas...

He made a second witness statement, that is very possible but the content of that statement and what it relates to is more important than anything....

The Attorney General warned the press about printing salacious articles and blackening CJ's reputation...  He gave a warning about how it could affect any future court proceedings..... Below is a post I did on the attorney general and the libel action... Notice it wasn't a contempt of court issue...

I think it was on the 1st Janyuary 2011 that the attorney general issued its warning....

CJ... we have images from I believe the 28th November 2011 of him arriving at The Royal Courts of Justice  we are told it is to do with the Leveson"

Christopher Jefferies (L), who was wrongly accused of Joanna Yeates's murder, arrives with his lawyer David Sherborne (R) to give evidence to The Leveson Inquiry at The Royal Courts of Justice on November 28, 2011 in London, England. The inquiry is being lead by Lord Justice Leveson and is looking into the culture, practice and ethics of the press in the United Kingdom. The inquiry, which will take evidence from interested parties and may take a year or more to complete, comes in the wake of the phone hacking scandal that saw the closure of The News of The World newspaper.

Interesting when I copied and pasted it showed more than just the caption of CJ... He was 1 of 10

Anyway I digress....

`Here we have a video of him winning his action against the press July 2011

All the talk and all of the imagery we see about this case before Dr Vincent Tabak faces trial in October 2011 should really have been prejudcial to his trial....  But it is ignored....

Putting int context what The Attorney general stated.... That Christopher Jefferies was exhonerated from being The person who Murdered Joanna Yeates, because Dr Vincent Tabak had admitted to this crime by pleading guilty to manslaughter in May 2011...

Dr Vincent Tabak admitting guilt shouldn't be and isn't the reason that CJ is Innocent..... CJ is Innocent.... I will carry on and come back to CJ later....

Nothing about Dr Vincent Tabak or circumstances of this case should have been known to anyone but The Police....

I keep saying media circus... Moot Trial... all these things I bare in mind always...

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Part 7...

Plead Guilty to Manslaughter

Everywhere you looked when the (moot (imo))trial was taking place, we never got away from the fact that Dr Vincent Tabak had apparently admitted his guilt and had [pleaded guilty to The Manslaughter of Joanna Yeates... A fact that realistically should have been accepted and by the Judge and Prosecution.. But didn'y happene and we are told every day of the trial that Dr Vincent Tabak pled guilty to this crime......

Honestly that has never sounded right to me ...I am no expert. but you cannot take the stand as a "guilty person only to be found even guiltier....  Everyone has The Presumption of Innocence at trial.... It is a basic right....

For the media to happily tell us this information and report that he had pled guilty on the 5th May 2011 at The Old Bailey Court Room 2 which is for special cases... terrorism etc.... The continue at trial has always surprised and confused me at the same time..... I know it's not right and lawful, but have fought with my own lack of law knowledge....

I posted about the change of venue, which had orginally been posted by Clio from the webslueths site..

Clio said:
05-04-2011 11:17 AM
Courtserve listing for the Old Bailey for tomorrow (5th May) states

Court 2 - sitting at 10:00 am


For Mention (Defendant to Attend)
U20110387 Vincent TABAK

Via PVL - Bristol Crown Court Case - T20117031
Wonder why it says "For Mention" rather than "Plea and Case Management"...

I think what is important here is the Old Bailey Number U20110387 ... That is a key piece of evidence

I remember the tweet I posted from Court News uk who appeared to be joking about How Dr Vincent Tabak looked like a Newsreader when he appeared from Long Lartin..... That too I believe is important....


Following Following @CourtNewsUK
Vincent Tabak looks like newsreader at a desk as he appears on Old Bailey videolink
2:13 AM - 5 May 2011

Everyone tweets these events before they happen also.... Which is another interesting point....

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Part 8.......

Yes that old favourite.....  The tweets ,The posts on Facebook... The media reports... The reports made on BDP's own website... all these I have posted about... Not understanding why they knew the information before, they should have...

‎Jessica Siggers‎ to JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10
27 December 2010 ·
Travelling back to my home in Clifton today which will never feel the same again. Jo, I never knew you but our paths may have crossed many times. You, your family & Greg have not left my thoughts since last weekend when we received a message from BDP. I wanted to go out and search there & then. No-one should be taken the way you were. It's a cruel world but for what it's worth, you will get justice. RIP beautiful girl. X

Police searching for missing architect Jo Yeates discover a woman's body
By Daily Mail Reporter
CREATED: 14:38, 24 December 2010

Discovery made about four miles from the missing architect's flat
No official identification made as pathologist is called to the scene
Grim find made early this morning by a couple walking their dog
Joanna Yeates
Missing: Joanna Yeates. The body of a young woman has been found on a snow-covered verge

Police searching for missing Jo Yeates say they have found a woman's body close to a golf course.

No identification has been made on the body which was discovered about four miles from the flat she shared with her boyfriend.

The discovery was made today by a couple walking their dogs in the Failand area of North Somerset, an Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said.

A force spokesman said: 'At 9am this morning a couple walking their dogs found the body of a young woman in a roadside verge in Longwood Lane in the Failand area of North Somerset.

'The area has been cordoned off and Longwood Lane has been closed at both ends by police, pending an examination of the scene by crime scene investigators.

'A pathologist will be attending the scene to examine the body.

BDP also went with early reports...
Our thoughts are with the family and friends and colleagues of Jo Yeates, landscape architect in our Bristol studio, whose disappearance and tragic death over the Christmas period remain a mystery.

"We are struggling to come to terms with the tragic and untimely death of our colleague Jo Yeates. She was a very popular member of staff and a  talented and committed professional with a rewarding career in front of her. She will be sorely missed and our heartfelt thoughts go out to her parents, Teresa and David,  and to her long-term partner Greg, who is an architect with BDP, also in Bristol. We are currently considering the most appropriate way of remembering Jo and will issue a further statement in due course."

There are many more examples of Information being stated before it should... And of course we have the infamous statement read out by Emma the FLO at the waterside 6 hours before the release of CJ..... and the Yeates talking of a killer being caught....

Too many coincidences that don't make sense to The Murder of Joanna Yeates.....

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Part 9....

The Missing Sock..... The apparent vital piece of evidence that the Police didn't want leaking to the Media... But we know it was and we see the following results.....

Joanna Yeates detectives focus on missing sock as extra officers drafted in
Police keeping an open mind as to whether the sock has discarded, kept by the killer as a trophy or used in the murder

We have a man we are told is DCI Phil Jones explaining about the Missing sock, which is similar to the one he holds in his hand....

We then go with the other ridiculous newspaper article of a man handing in a grey sock....

There's even a video to go with this apparent vital piece of evidence... we see it been handed over the fence by the Old Man.... he could be any old man.....

We know that this would never be videoed... and certainly not by the media....

But we are the public and apparently stupid..... Gullible and do not see the trick that is happening right in front of our eyes...

From The Leveson.. DCI Phil Jones

I have already referred to speculation by the media. In early January 2011 I
was contacted by CCD concerning an ad hoc enquiry from the Daily Mail
concerning low copy DNA having been found on Joanna’s body. At that time the
nature of the DNA was known to a limited number of Avon and Somerset
personnel and also to other relevant agencies. I recall my feeling of deflation
that such information should be in the public domain. This increased when I was
contacted again on 4 January 2011 concerning a story the Sun had obtained
that some of Joanna’s clothing including one of her socks was missing. I felt
that this was a critical piece of information that should not be made public as it
could cause significant damage to the investigation but it became clear through
Corporate Communications that the Sun would publish regardless of any
protestations that were made. As a result I changed my investigative strategy
and we held a press conference the next day concerning the sock and
proactively sought information about the one which was missing. Vincent Tabak
was to later admit that he had the sock and disposed of it,

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
« Reply #11 on: April 18, 2018, 09:54:45 PM »
Part 10.....

Speculation as to whether or not a serial killer was at large .....

Yes... we had been guessing at that one for ages.... We have images of DCI Goff... DCI Bevan...  DS Mark Saunders

We had speculation that Melaine Hall murder was connected... Glenis Caruthers too was mentioned with the similarities..

By Richard Savill11:20PM GMT 31 Dec 2010
Glenis Carruthers, 20, was found strangled outside Bristol Zoo on Jan 19 1974 after being seen with a young man. She was in the city to attend a party just half a mile from Miss Yeates’s flat.

Miss Carruthers’s killer has never been found despite a cold case review this year, involving the latest DNA techniques. Avon and Somerset Police said yesterday they had no comment to make about possible links between the two killings. But police involved in the cold case are believed to be working with officers investigating the murder of Miss Yeates. A string of beads Miss Carruthers was wearing at the time of her murder is to be sent for testing.

At Longwood Lane we see DCI Goff amongst many important Officers wandering about the scene.... It keeps us guessing as to why they are there and what else might be going on....

They decide that it's a Murder before any formal Identification or examination has taken place... We have a woman in a purple jacket we cannot identify... We have the Polices Press officer there.... All of this media circus before any circumstances have been established....

Then for the full bangs and whistles we throw in 7 fire trucks for good measure.... These were forgotten about at trial... maybe they weren't in the script!!

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Part 10.....

(137) *(Ann Redrrop) When he got there he made a telling phone call.. whilst he was out of the country there was
          telephone contact  with The Police and Ballack (Who's Ballack??) 33:54 in which he with hindsight quite
          cleverly sowed the seeds of possibly his landlord Chris Jefferies being more involved in the disappearance of J
          Jo.. Than was actually the case.

two vital pieces of evidence....  Ann Redrrop talking about Ballack isn't a coincidence..  I believe it is deliberate.... But just not how we may think.....

The plaque of Joanna Yeates date of Death, being the date she was apparently found ... that too is for a reason.....

I can keep going....... &^^&*

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Part 11.... Clegg....

Clegg The Master defender ... The man who made my head spin... I couldn't understand him vilifying his own client..

1:  his conduct after Yeates died when he hid the body was “frankly disgusting” and had caused untold anguish and agony to her family.

2:  “I’m not going to ask you to like Vincent Tabak. There’s probably nothing to like.”

3:   And Miss Morson seems to agree, having failed to make a single  appearance at court.

4:  He had told “lie after lie to the police.

5: “did everything he could to cover his tracks”.

6: He added that he would not try to justify Tabak’s actions after her death, saying his client was “living a lie” by attending dinner parties and attempting to carry on his life as normal.

7:  “I’m not going to ask you to have any sympathy for him. He deserves none.

8: “I’m not going to ask you to excuse his conduct. There can be no excuse.

9: “If I was to set out to win a popularity contest I would lose.

10: He told the court: “Of course, afterwards his behaviour is utterly disgraceful. It’s not going to be justified by me

With comments like these who needs enemies???? (IMO)

Then more recently we get The Fiona Bruce Interview...................

Clegg talks of the Colin Stagg Interview... I have mocked Clegg on many occasions.. And at the minute I am not completely sure on where I stand with him .....

Judge Ognall tells us how after reading the papers he decided to throw the trial out... "The Honey Trap set by the Police"...  was unfair and did not support any evidence that Colin Stagg had killed Rachel Nickell....

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Re: Treating this Case as a Murder Mystery and re-examining Everything!
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Part 12.....

 Gunter Morsons Texts....

his last two twitter posts:

My source is an idiot and wrong!!!
3:04 PM Jan 1st via web

I am 100% certain that Chris Jefferies, under suspicion for the murder of Jo Yeates, will be charged with murder within the next 12 hours.
10:09 AM Dec 31st, 2010 via web

It is not until the 20th January 2011 that anyone mentions these tweets and it is a man called @johnnydav29


Follow Follow @johnnydav29
@Uni_Start are u related to tanja morson from Canynge Road?

11:52 AM - 20 Jan 2011

The story about this particular tweet doesn't appear to be in the papers until the trial ... Yet it is posted about on webslueths on the 21st January 2011

It's like a trial of carrots... one being dangled after the other.....