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A Case built on Social media?
« on: June 29, 2018, 11:02:04 AM »

Part 1....

I think I have stumbled upon the why nothing makes sense.....


Mr Jay
You prepared a log which you called "The inside story". It's under your tab 21 and starts at our page 11320. If I can just understand the genesis of this document, is this something you were preparing at the time or at the end of the 34 days, I think it was, did you come back to your records and prepare this document?

Ms Amanda Hirst
Yes, sir, it was prepared at the end of the investigation. We have a -- like a number of other forces, we have a computer logging system, so every contact with the media is logged, and in this case was obviously logged throughout. That includes questions from the media, it includes our responses, it includes statements, and, as you can see, all of this information was picked up from that log. I prepared it at the end of the process because the Chief Constable and I felt that it would be something that would be very useful for us just to see exactly what the issues had been and, I suppose, see it in black and white.

It was also shared selectively by the chief with one or two other people, other ACPO members.

Is 34 days the end of the Investigation??.... If so that tells us what ever they were Investigating happened between 17th December 2010 till the 20th January 2011..

*  So how did they come upon the Porn on the hard drive of Dr Vincent Tabak.... 
*  When did they question Tanja Morson??
*  When did they get access to Buro Happolds computers??
*  When were the statements about Dr Vincent Tabak's behaviour made.. we have people he went to parties with,
   we have his employer making a statement, how on earth did they get these statements all on the same day
   which appears to be the 20th January 2010??

What were they Investigating?? Surely 34 days cannot be the end of the Investigation?? But that appears to be exactly what it is (imo)

So how on earth did they take Dr Vincent Tabak to court??

Why would  Association of Chief Police Officers members receive a copy??

This is mental.....

* Sarah Maddox (At Dinner  Party Dr Vincent Tabak attended )

* Louise Althrope (Attended Party with Dr Vincent Tabak)

* Elizabeth Chandler ( Office Manager at BDP)

*  Shrikart Sharma ( Dr Vincent Tabak's Boss )

* Glen O'Hare ( Hosted Part Dr Vincent Tabak attended ).

* Andrew Lillie (Attended a Dinner Party with Dr Vincent Tabak )

* Linda Marland (Attended Party Dr Vincent Tabak attended ) (party was in a bar in Bristol)

* Tanja Morson

34 days end of Investigation and I can count 8 people 7 whom have made a statement that was used in the trial...
None of them appeared, but there statements were read out... Tanja Morson neither appeared or had a statement read out..

So on the day of his arrest... they manage to get witness statements form these 7 people??? I don't think so... Unless they had been using surveillance on Dr Vincent Tabak they would have no idea who he spent time with at that early stage...

I don't think i have read that wrong... Mr Jay is clearly intermating (imo) that the end of the Investigation is 34 days.... (imo)


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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2018, 11:04:36 AM »
Part 2...

  34 days being then end of the Investigation telling me that all of the evidence they collected was before the arrest of Dr Vincent Tabak.. so my question is "Who is Dr Vincent Tabak??"

* Elizabeth Chandler ( Office Manager at BDP) Looks like an error on my part, but I do not believe it is...

Elisabeth Chandler, the office manager at BDP, the firm where Miss Yeates and Mr Reardon worked, told Bristol Crown Court in a written statement: “Jo told me that she was dreading the weekend because it was the first time she was going to be left on her own. Her partner Greg, who I know, was going away.”

Followed by
The night after she was killed, Linda Marland said she spoke to Tabak as her daughter Elizabeth celebrated her 24th birthday at a bar in Bristol. Mrs Marland’s daughter had stayed in Tabak’s spare room while he was working in Los Angeles in the autumn, she said.

Is Linda Marlands Daughter Elizabeth .... "Elizabeth Chandler"??

I keep thinking about the Polices Media Strategy... And slowly everything is becoming clearer...

Colin Port Leveson... Exhibt CP5.pdf  ..Media stratergy

  ,Homepage banner and spotlight images
¯ 1440 inbound messages went to the investigation team via the form on the website
¯ Newsroom story with regular updates
¯ Updates automatically pushed out via twitter with #joyeates "hashtags"
¯ Updates automatically appeared on dedicated section (see below)
,  Story e-mailed out to subscribers (currently 15,000+ subscriber base) and media contacts
¯ Briefings filmed / uploaded to YouTube and embedded as well as images
   Dedicated section
¯ Set up special website address-
¯ Interactive Google map showing key locations
¯ Video play list showing most recent video release first
¯ Image gallery of Jo
¯ Facebook and Twitter sharing tools
¯ Secure on-line contact form sending messages direct to the incident room
¯ Twitter widget showing discussion around the case and our updates
¯ IP address logging for investigative purposes
   Local pages
¯ Localised community safety article in the Clifton area
¯ Downloadable advice leaflet (the same as distributed physically in the area

The case is all there within the strategy... There is no way they Interviewed these people... (imo) But What I believe happened is this...

They used social media to track and collate Information, I believe that everything that this case is made up from is from peoples Facebook Posts or tweets....  And the media know this.... That is another possible reason that they tweeted the trial...

Where are they going to get this information from?? I have found a lot of Information by purely searching what people have tweeted or posted on their facebook posts.... 

They didn't take statements from anyone other than the tenants..(imo) And I believe that their entire case is based on what people have said on there facebook.... That is why all of the information relating to that time is missing.... I conclude it is Missing from these peoples timelines because it is "THE EVIDENCE"!!

Greg Reardon
Rebecca Scott
Emma Brookes
Darragh Bewell

 I could go on.. but you get the gist... All of these people in one way or another contributed to the evidence, that we found in the media and that the Police used as statements of fact... (imo) I couldn't  understand why the media knew so much in the begining.... But it is all starting to make sense now... Rebecca Scott talking of keys
 and Joanna Yeates Coat Missing from the house... I have all ready posted that Darragh Bellew had said this in a facebook post before Rebecca Scott had stated this.... 

Darragh Harry Bellew
20 December 2010 ·

Most of you on my friends list will not know Jo Yeates but some of you do. Jo has been missing and the last time she was seen was on Friday night; she made it home but was not there when Greg(her boyfriend) returned home from a weekend away late last night. Her belongings however were there including her house key, mobile phone and purse.

Although there is little we can do apart from help the police we c

Here Darragh bellew tells us it was 'FRIDAY" night that Joanna Yeates was last seen... THAT is where the date comes from!!  It comes from Darragh Bellews post!! (imo) The same with what was Missing from the Flat... Darragh Bellew tells us on the 20th December 2010 that these items were Missing.... We didn't need Rebecca Scott to tell us or the media... The Police have got their information from Darragh Bellew... they told us they were monitoring Facebook and twitter..... That was part of their strategy...

This is why I believe the entire case "IS" and "WAS" built entirely from the posts and tweets on social media by the people whom had a connection to each other...

Joanna Yeates in her life may very well have come into contact with Dr Vincent Tabak in the course of her work... But were they "FACEBOOK" friends... I would say not....  But who else was and was NOT facebook friends??

The ikea guys... now that could be found if someone had posted about the delivery to Canygne Road...

But The fact that Greg Reardon states in court that he and Joanna Yeates had moved into Canygne Road on the 25th October 2010 MUST come from a dated post on facebook on his own page.......  But what they failed to look at (imo) is the post that I have found which clearly states that they moved into Canygne Road Clifton by the 16th December 2010

Greg Beardon
16 October 2010
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But Obviously someone Missed it.... So If Greg is on the stand and they are referring to a post he made on the 25th October 2010 about moving into Canygne Road.. then he wouldn't be telling a lie under oath... as that would be correct..... But his other post on another members site contradicts that... But no-one is looking for it....

The fact that I mentioned about Chris Yeates friend Mathew I think he is called.. who apparently received a text Joanna Yeates....  And we are told her usual channels of communication with him are via facebook...
Well I think Joanna Yeates did contact him via facebook and that was how they knew of this information....

CJ.... did CJ use social media?? Is this why they know what he said may have slightly differed??  Did CJ refuse to go to trial???  Is the reason everyone knows CJ is entirely Innocent because they know that the Information the Police had collected was from Social media??

Is this why there is NO PAPER TRAIL?? because it is all digitally based... That why you have the online form on the Avon and Somerset website...(imo)... Everything else was digital and so no paper trial would be there....

Dr Vincent Tabak..... Did he admit to manslaughter??

Well it depends on what you see as admitting to having a body and how you could twist it......

On 23 December police revisited Tabak and carried out a routine search of the flat he shared with his girlfriend, Tanja Morson, to check Yeates was not there. He joked to friends that they must have thought he had stashed her in a drawer.

So by stating that he had stashed her in the draw... he is stating that he has physically come into contact with her body... hence his admission to "Manslaughter"... using this comment...

We had no-one to trial to support there statements, because quite honestly how can you bring over 20 people to trial to make an admission under oath that it was there posts and tweets that the Police are relying on....

Andrew Civilian Mott.... has been described in many roles... But what did he actually say on his social media.... Did he brag to friends that he was a Forensics officer to make it appear he was far more important than he was ???

DCI Phil Jones..... He didn't use social media at the time... There fore he wasn't needed on the witness stand (imo) infact anyone from The Police Investigation who should have been there wasn't...

The searches that sent me bonkers.... Are they things that were looked at on social media... Clicking the Police links they had provided and the newspaper articles at the time which would be on various peoples social media pages.....

There was so much talk and discussion at the time.. i myself remember joining a group , interested to see what other thought.... And information galore was on these sites.... facebook when the original Discussion group started had an actual forum... But that changed and everyone had to start again... someone imported alot of what was said.... But the points back and forth continued.... Now that got removed from facebook.... And now i understand why..... The discussion within that group chat were used as part of the evidence....  Therefore any evidence relating to The Joanna Yeates Murder /Missing Investigation, had to be removed from public eyes....

I thought it was far more complicated than that.... But it is simple..... An entire Police Investigation built upon social media... The embarassment of this case is beyond belief....

Not surprised that no-one wants to talk about it.... But they should.....

Every little piece of information comes from twitter/ facebook and any other form of social media that the Police used... The Police Strategy tells us so..... But they just didn't realise someone would work it out....

But maybe Dr Vincent Tabak did.... And they wanted to shut him up!!  After all he was a computer genius....

How did Joanna Yeates actually die?? Who actually killed her ?? Because I am still sticking with the fact that Dr Vincent Tabak is Innocent!!

And with me getting to this point we need to know more....

The child porn... i think I had said before that for pseudo porn all you need is the ability to change a picture and you can basically be charged with the ability to make pseudo porn... Well paint a built in program or something similar will do the trick....  So Dr Vincent Tabak has Innocent pictures of his nieces on his facebook page and "Bish Bash Bosh"... they could legally charge him... (imo)

I think I need to start a new topic.... And use this post as the starting point... And where I can show examples of how the Police made up an entire Investigation based on what people had posted on there social media and who they were linked to as friends...

It is all starting to get quite Interesting.....(imo)

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2018, 11:20:53 AM »
Just to STRESS.... Peter Stanley and Christopher Jefferies didn't attend trial because I believe they didn't use social media....

Tanja Morson's father probably put paid to them using anything she said seeing as he was a lawyer....

That is why I believe Leveson was happy to accept Christopher Jefferies as a core participant.... Because this trial evidence was made up completely from social media comments....

Therefore they could not bring any physical evidence that Joanna Yeates had been attacked in her home.... No finger print evidence... NO DNA Evidence... Nothing that would tell us that a violent struggle had taken place....

Except for Dr Delaney... now i cannot say for a fact where they get his information from... But I have seen Dr Delaney on a TV program working with the Police before.. So he could quite easily have emailed the findings....

Is this a case of Murder by Media... Is it social media that they feel like needs hanging??

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2018, 11:49:20 AM »
The Information that Joanna Yeates and Greg went for lunch at The Hope and Anchor pub comes directly from this post by Jack Carrington....

Jack Carrington to JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10
23 December 2010 at 23:04 ·
I work at the Hope And Anchor, remember Greg and Joanna come in quite often and in fact last Friday lunchtime they did, still cannot believe Joanna has gone missing if there is anymore i could do i wou...

That is why that information is in the trial... JacK Carrington doesn't appear in court to support what he stated on social media... But the info is there...

Someone must have reposted this... (imo) Possibly it ended up on a tweet...

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #4 on: June 29, 2018, 11:25:06 PM »
Vicki Prout

Follow Follow @vickipper
Jesus: MT @DRoseTimes What jury not told: Police found on Tabak's PC, web porn feat. men with their hands around the necks of young women.

3:19 PM - 28 Oct 2011

UPDATED: 09:22, 31 October 2011

The prosecuting QC argued that Tabak’s penchant for what has been called ‘strangulation porn’ might shed light on the case.

The police also knew that Joanna’s body had been left in a pose copied from a film found on his computer.

Now if the name Tabak and porn are the connection, as early as May 2011, there is a mention of Tabak and Porn on social media.

hot sex porn

Follow Follow @hot_sex_porn
Hurt Tabak posted a photo: best mature hot porn gallery pics..

2:23 PM - 7 May 2010

Was the porn inadmissible because it didn't name Dr Vincent Tabak... 
The tweet just says Tabak and not Vincent Tabak..... therefore it hasn't identified him as the person who has an interest in porn?

It's a distinct possibility..

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #5 on: June 29, 2018, 11:33:49 PM »
I posted this before.. But..


Follow Follow @ALL_THINGS_PORN
#ADULT #NEWS - Vincent Tabak: Sex with Joanna Yeates was not on my mindVincent Tabak ...  - #porn #sex

11:37 PM - 20 Oct 2011

Now I believe this is the tweet that names Dr Vincent Tabak's interest and connection to Joanna yeates and porn... Therefore allowing The Information about The Porn to be mentioned after trial....

Nothing before trial mentions Dr Vincent Tabak's connection to porn... apart from a loose connection with the name Tabak .(posted above)..

But this Tweet I believe lifts the lid for the media to post about Dr Vincent Tabak's interest in porn...(imo)

If as I believe the trial is based on The media articles, and social media.. I think I have a fair argument here...

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #6 on: June 29, 2018, 11:44:24 PM »
This is the first mention of Child Porn and Dr Vincent Tabak that I can find on social media... Now it has been mentioned it is a possible charge to face....(imo)


Follow Follow @ThisIsSomerset
Western Daily Press published Murderer Vincent Tabak had child porn on his computer: Article

8:07 AM - 1 Nov 2011
0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

The link has nothing to show, but maybe i should look at that a different way....  What came first The tweet or the article??

The article not been available to view may not be a coincidence.... It may never have been available to view, making the tweet the first to name Dr Vincent Tabak's association with Child Porn

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #7 on: June 30, 2018, 12:55:19 AM »
The talk of execution and Hanging came from Facebook as early as:

Jon Ashmore
20 October 2011
Hang him

Tina Shuttleworth

That page has been removed that Tina Shuttleworth Linked.

This next quote is from the page Bring back Execution... on Facebook

Emma Hope
31 December 2010
if it is the landlord cut off his hands before he gets sent down thats what would have happenmed years ago.

Emma Hope i know its not the landlord now i wrote this when he had been arrested whoever it is same applys to what i said

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #8 on: June 30, 2018, 01:10:02 AM »
What came first the chicken or the egg??

This was posted on Monday 7th February 2011 on The Facebook Group Discussion "Missing"

Sonya Tye The funeral is Friday

Friday being the 11th February 2011 now how would this lady know and why hadn't the media reported when the funeral would take place...

On the image she gives a link to a news story...

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #9 on: June 30, 2018, 01:20:53 AM »
Jacquie Yeates shared a link.
23 December 2010…/Distraught-parents-Jo-Yeates-p…

The article is dated 24th December 2010

'My Jo could be out there in the snow. It breaks me up. I just want to hold her': Distraught parents believe their missing architect daughter was abducted
UPDATED: 07:57, 24 December 2010

Jacquie Yeates posts this comment at 23:59 on 23rd December 2010 

If someone isn't connected to the media how would they know to link the article before the article appeared in print..??

Where The Yeates working with the media??

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #10 on: July 03, 2018, 11:55:13 AM »
In The beginning...

I've been looking at facebook the last few days and as I still don't use it, but have an account, which I was trying to remember when and why I set it up... I'd said to mrswah that it was because of the case...Thinking about it, I was mistaken.... 
I did set the account up before the case, thinking about it... I didn't really use it or get into facebook, but had a friend at work who wanted to send me some pictures because data was so expensive then.... I added her and occasionally we would chat about various things on it....  And if work schedules had changed etc..., she would let me know and take an image of the schedule and send it to me via facebook.....  Because I hadn't got a huge list of contacts as i didn't really get into facebook, I had a vague memory of it when I told mrswah....  Then didn't bother to PM her back to explain I had been mistaken... But now I believe it is important..... I also delete accounts, so I could have deleted it and started again... It wouldn't be the first time... I have done that....

Trying to remember when I had my facebook account, is important...
The reason being is... did I really hear about the case in the papers or the TV first.... And I am not quite sure that is the case... I really couldn't say...   there may have been something on my facebook page, I'm not sure of that either now to tell you the truth... 

I'm trying to establish whether it caught my eye because it was on the tv or because of social media??   And to be honest I couldn't tell you that either....

But all i can try to do is remember the people who were on the original forum that I joined at the time.... On leonora's blog he calls the "Joanna Yeates -Discussion of the Case" a forum... But does he mean the very original forum... or does he mean when it got transferred??

I don't know anyone who remembers that facebook years ago had the option when you set up a group to make it a forum like this one... It could have been an add-on  or anything... But i distinctly remember it being a proper forum, and whoever set it up.. transferred the forum over to the group....

The name "Christina Rossetti", was linked to CJ.... Now if memory serves me correctly, there was a facebook poster of a similar name... Elle Millwood was there, but I think she was called Milly Millwood at the time..  It's so long ago and the facebook page is no longer there it is difficult to remember if these people were on the forum or just the discussion group of facebook....  The same with Frank Cant... can't remember whether he was on the forum first or group....

There was a lady who was American i think, maybe Italian.... who always commented when Milly Millwood did, she had dark hair.... And even thinking about it now... I do believe I did delete my facebook account ... Joined the group then left...

And re-re-joined The Joanna Yeates Discussion of the Case group... There were other  groups at the time and the reason I knew I had found the correct discussion was because of the people who's names I recognised... The forum I was originally part of could even have had a different "name" before the forum was transferred and it became Joanna-Yeates-discussion-of-the-case  .... 

This is why I believe I am having trouble pinpointing when I started on facebook and when I joined the forum, which became The Joanna Yeates Discussion of The case I say.. the forum may have had a different name.... anyway when I re-re joined the group... I hadn't been there that long and was removed from the group....

I said that I had been a member before.... But if they looked at my facebook at the time, because I had deleted it and set it up again, I believe they would have thought I was lying... And that may be the reason that i was removed.... This is probably why no-one remembers me on there , not even leonora.... And why it's difficult establishing when the Forum about Joanna Yeates was transferred to being a group discussion.....

I don't believe on the forum that Noel O'gara was originally there, that i think came a bit later, him and leonora, would cause a stir on The Group discussion.... But The Forum i don't remember many stirrings taking place....

I think on the forum there were people from Canygne Road area... Also there was talk about Dr Vincent Tabak's facebook Account, especially when he was arrested... There was a discussion on how many of his friends would still be his friend and they started to do a count as people left his facebook friends list.....  I think at one time he had 43 friends... I really can't remember, but if someone was on the original forum/group remembers... maybe they can tell me what the forum name was originally and if they remember it being transferred....

Also i think the admin changed hands or it wasn't admin who posted the chat from the forum onto the new group....

We're talking years ago... and to remember exactly what happened after something has been removed is difficult, but there are certain things that stick in my mind about it.....

You may think that my ramblings are not of importance... But I think they may be.....

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #11 on: July 03, 2018, 11:55:58 AM »
In The Beginning Continued....

The group that is now on facebook which is called... "JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10" is the reason i have explained why and how I remember my connection to the case....

The group was set up by Jacquie Yeates... I believe the date being 21st December 2010... The importance of this is was it a private group in the begining??  It is public "NOW" but was it in the begining??

Yesterday I was thinking about this and I couldn't understand why it was set up as a group and not a forum....  There were so many topic's that could and should have been a subject to talk about, yet they "had" and have it set up as a group.... going from the date that the admin starts it....

I don't know when facebook users were informed that the forum would not be there, and I can't find any info on that... But on the forum on facebook I used , they said that there was no longer going to be a forum... And that's why it was going to be transferred.... Come to think of it,, that would be a great way to collect information from people.... everything set out in topics...... As I said the forum feature could have been an add- on.... (so who made the add-on?) And now I think I know why I joined the forum... Because it was a forum!! and all the others were groups and I didn't want to have to scroll down to find out what was going on being nosey at the time....

But the JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10 facebook page was set up as a group.... And I question why that was... they didn't need to transfer anything... They set up as a group from the start and not a forum.... And my ramblings may have a point to them..... I don't know who originally set up the forum as I have stated, but... thinking about the media strategy that I have posted about, what better way to collect information than a forum...

I cannot imagine the Police wanting to scroll through oodles of posts either... I certainly didn't and that was why I had joined the forum, because I could then easily follow the case... And what topics people started and whom was saying what.....

I question now if the original forum was something to do with the Police media strategy... On the Missing group of Joanna Yeates, Jess Sigger says this on the 30th December 2010 at 09:56

Jessica Siggers Steve, try sodding off to the Joanna Yeates - Discussion of the Case group then, a vile collaberation of people such as yourselves who can play Cluedo to your hearts content without hurting or upsetting any members of her family, who have been checking this page. Have some bloody respect.

Was she directing people to the Group or the forum?? I have a suspicion it was the group! But I could be mistaken... It is odd that she is directing anyone there to be honest.... But again if my memory serves me correctly... i don't think people on the forum were being disrespectful either.... That may have come later when it was transferred over to the group... Joanna-Yeates-discussion-of-the-case... And looking at how the way each word is seperated with a dash, maybe that was the distinction between the forum and the group.....

So if I now go back to "JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10"... was this group private or public from the very begining?  Who's to know, unless people remember when they joined that group and could confirm that either way......  We need to question was it always public??

But the reason it's a group and not a forum is of more importance I believe... (imo) And someone (imo) would need to know why the  "JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10" chose to be a group on the 21st December 2010 and not a forum!!

The question is.... Was it the media strategy that was the conception of the facebook forum?? As no-one other than me seems to recollect this forum and just to re-iterate ... What better way to collect information that a forum with every topic set out, with every posters remarks easy to copy....

Some of the stories in the media could in fact have come from this forum..... People were speculating... Suggestions had been made.... People were then looking at the facebook pages of those associated with the case..... Any information whatsoever that appeared in the media, could have come from that forum.....

And if we do not know who the original forum users were or whether they worked for the Police, I gives me another thought that has sprung to mind....

The media have always stated that they were informed of the information that they published by the police.... Now if the police were the people who set up this Facebook group/forum as part of their media strategy... where I believe so much information was posted, then the media reading the posts would know, what was information... And maybe the media have could not disclose their source as it was an active case and I believe it is still active....

Therefore, by divulging the existence of the facebook forum, the media would then be giving away how they obtained their information.... Whether that is true or not i don't know.... But I do know that the original group that chatted about the Joanna Yeates Case was a forum and NOT a Group!!!

And there may be the reason that "Christopher Jefferies" was never called as a witness... Because it is possible that the information he gave was published on the facebook forum... he could have even been a member of the original forum.... Now I am questioning my memory and putting things together...

Was it CJ that was the forum member Christina Rossetti

Coming to my conclusion... that this is the reason that CJ's witness statements cannot be used... And why they know for a fact that CJ didn't kill Joanna Yeates....

Also that maybe why Colin Port talks about Nero cafe... and DCI Phil Jones speaks of the trainer under the sink... Because if had come from the facebook forum/group

And no-one will ever be able to see these statements of CJ or Dr Vincent Tabak... because if they were actually members of this Forum/group There statements are with the closed pages.....

And I believe that is the reason that no-one will ever get to see the statements of CJ or Dr Vincent Tabak or anyone else for that matter....  And yes they are locked away.... But only as far as facebook is concerned.... There is someone out there who has the entire forum topics that they downloaded....  before they transferred the forum over to the group....

Note to a moderator... Is it possible to put these posts at the top of this page ??!/pages/Joanna-Yeates-discussion-of-the-case/128719860525280

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
« Reply #12 on: July 03, 2018, 03:43:25 PM »
Now i have posted that, it has got me thinking even more.....

The "JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10" had 9,000 members at one point and there are not that many posts on there considering that.....
So I have just copied the posts onto a document so i can reference it easily for myself and then, I'll find names easier to find.......

Now this is where it gets interesting.....

From The Missing group....

Thanks to everyone who has been in contact for all the condolences, prayers and thoughts for the family.

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Christina Rossiter to JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10
26 December 2010 at 21:56 ·
I hope your spirit soars, Joanna. God Bless. We so all wished it would be different. <3

Alla Amanjot Yeates to JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10
24 December 2010 at 20:46 ·
***PRAYER UPDATE*** If the only thing you can do to help is to pray, then please join in. The more people are join the prayer the more powerful it is. Please affirm silently or aloud: ..." I thank Univ...

Christina Rossiter for sure♥

Christina Rossiter
26 December 2010
God's Lent ChildGod's Lent Child - Unknown
This is just one of the many versions of this popular poem, don't be afraid to edit or alter it in any way if you think it would fit in better with your present circumstances.

"I'll lend you for a little while
A child of mine" God said -
For you to love the while he lives
and mourn for when he's dead.
It may be six or seven years
or forty two or three
but will you, till I call him back,
take care of him for me?

He'll bring his charms to gladden you
and, should his stay be brief,
you'll have his nicest memories
as solace for his grief.
I cannot promise he will stay,
since all from earth return
but, there are lessons taught below,
I want this child to learn.

I've looked the whole world over,
in my search for teachers true,
and from the things that crowd life's lane
I have chosen you.
Now will you give him all your love,
nor think the labour vain,
nor hate me when I come to take
this lent child back again?

I fancied that I heard them say,
"Dear Lord Thy Will Be Done"
for all the joys thy child will bring
the risk of grief we'll run.
We'll shelter him with tenderness,
we'll love him while we may,
and for the happiness we've known
forever grateful stay.
But, should thy Angels call for him
much sooner than we planned,
we'll brave the grief that comes
and try to understand.

Now I copy and paste and I noticed I had more than expected from that post , which may be of value later so I will leave it........

But as you can see there was a person who was called something along the lines of "Christina Rossetti".. But on the Missing group, they used the name "Christina Rossiter"....

This was why I was constantly confused.... So many similar names on both groups...

Now From names I recognise or names that are on the journal I will show you what I mean....


The Forum/Group/ ... that part has been published in The Journal...

* Christina Rossetti

* Milly Millwood (It may have been Emily Milwood at the very start)

* Claire Waters

* Ole Florian

* Johnathon or John Cater

* Pam Treasure

It will take me a long while to cross reference everyone... But that just for starters....

On the Missing 17/12/2010/ Avon and some from Avon and Somerset Police  facebook page we have ....

* Christina Rosstier (Missing)

* Johnathan Carter? (carter) (Missing)

* Elle Millwood ( Avon and Somerset)

* Kaz Stevens (Missing and Avon and Somerset)

* Pam Treasure ( is mentioned on the Missing group) (image attached) (Missing)

* Chrystal Clair Waters..  (Missing)

Lubna Majyd Mukthar Akram well said Pam Treasure

Lets not forget to also add Avon and Somerset Polices own webpage to this, because this is where Elle Millwood wrote her comment...

Elle Milly Millward Nobody with an ounce of decency would take money from the outcome of this case, If Landlords as nice as his friends say he is, he should understand the police are doing their job when they arrest him, furthermore, DID LANDLORD SEE 3 PEOOPLE OR NOT ?

People who were on the original forum/group on facebook then appear on the "Missing Group" 17/12/2010.. Or post on Avon and Somersets own facebook group. This is why I wonder when that group was made a public group and how much of it was names taken from the original forum/group that I have been talking about.......

Andrew Miller Dyldo Carter tou only have to check his profile out to see wot he likes others to know about him!!! Nothing about him and no one allowed to find ou!! Ignore and delete IMO

(This is why names stand out to me)

Crystal Claire Waters that is what we are all trying to do rachel.. unfortunatly on a public social networking site it is open for all comments and the advice from some people who have experience with such situations is helpful to keep such a group as this respectful..

The reason that Joanna Yeates is "Missing from the 17th December 2010" is I believe because they made the group with that date as it's title....  That why I believe we stick with that date...

I'm sure anything on The Avon and Somerset Website to do with Joanna Yeates will get removed....  But I am just proving a point....

I believe they are all connected in some way..... And i do not know which came first...  The Police's website reporting about Joanna Yeates... The Forum/group which I have spoken about or the Missing group 17/12/2010

Oh yes... The reason I put "Ole Florian"... was because when i heard that Florian Lehman gave a statement at trial, it rang a bell with me... Florian is an unusual name... Now I remember why it rang a bell.....

Now I have just spotted something else whilst looking at this......

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
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Alla Yeates..... Riche prior...

Alla Amanjot Yeates Flyers can be downloaded at;
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Now it isn't a link you can click on... But.... start at the http:// and stop at the Q

Click the link and I bet it takes you to your own facebook page.....  And that was where everyone could download the image from.... or use it as their own facebook image....(imo)!!

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Re: A Case built on Social media?
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Say in answer to Baz's question and leonora talking about the second witness statement... I believe that it is held on the original facebook forum/ group...

And if another Police Operation is part of The Joanna Yeates Case/ Operation Braid... That is more likely to be the reason that it will not ever be released....

If Operation Braid has anything to do with Leveson 2... That inquiry was postponed.....  And as of now I do not think they are going to pursue it....

But again I will say... CJ's statements are the key.... Well to be honest it's leonora who keeps pointing this out and he is correct.....

Everything is connected.... As that phrase rings in my ears as I type.....

* Facebook

* Twitter

* CJ

* CJ's witness statements

*Joanna Yeates Missing

* Joanna Yeates murder inquiry

* The Leveson

* The Media

* Dr Vincent Tabak ( he took could have been on the forum/group) or any group at the time...

All the pieces of the puzzle I have been trying to put together will fit.....  But as I have stated in the beginning..... Not everyone knew that there was an actual forum on facebook... That was about the case... which I was a member of at the beginning... I say beginning I cannot remember the exact date I joined the forum.... But it was defo different from the group that leonora and Noel O'gara was a part of and talks about... (But leonora uses the word forum on his blog... so he might mean that)

So my windmill chasing appears to be over leonora.... I am trying to think clearer...  And this i believe goes somewhere to proving what I have been talking about and why this case makes no sense.....

So much info is Missing.... But it's the info from the forum and group, which will support what I have been trying to say.....!!

Maybe there was a direct quote in the media from the forum... And that was why it could have been contempt of court!!