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Adrian Prout - Convicted of murdering wife Kate

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The jury at Bristol Crown Court took 14 hours and 17 minutes to find Adrian Prout guilty of murder by a majority of ten to one. He showed no emotion as he was told by the judge that he will receive a mandatory life sentence when he returned to court for sentencing.

Kate Prout, a retired teacher ten years her husband’s senior, vanished in 2007 in the middle of an acrimonious divorce battle. The couple had continued to live in the same house in Redmarley, despite threats from Mr Prout that he would kill her and knew people who could “get rid of bodies”, until shortly before her disappearance.

In fact, Mr Prout had the means and the opportunity. Among his business interests was a pipe-laying company that used heavy digging equipment. He also owned more than 276 acres of land where he ran pheasant shoots. Police were convinced from the start that Mrs Prout was dead and had not just run away from her bullying husband.

Her credit cards, mobile phone and passport were all left in the house and she had given no hint that she was planning to leave. The trigger that led to her killing was a demand that her husband increase her divorce settlement to £800,000, a sum that meant that he would have to sell his farm, which was valued at £1.2 million, and start again from scratch.

The prosecution contended that Prout killed his wife with his bare hands. Having disposed of her body he then waited five days to report her disappearance to the police.

Throughout the inquiry he showed little or no interest in her whereabouts and stayed cool even when officers returned time and again to search his land. The search lasted five weeks and was the largest in Gloucestershire Police’s history. Lakes were drained and ground-penetrating radar and dogs used to search for a body, but of Mrs Prout there was no sign.

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Adrian and Kate Prout on their wedding day.

I found his attitude to police to be evasive and very hidden in this interview.  Surely any innocent person who was concerned for their wife would be jumping up and down demanding the police do something.  His body language is most revealing.

Mr Justice K:
The bit I didn't understand was how he was able to move from living in a caravan to a farm worth over a £million. I suspect Kate provided a sizeable sum of money to buy it with the remainder being mortgaged?

It is quite clear that Kate brought a substantial sum of money to the partnership and as their marriage drew to an end she desired to have this money back which didn't sit too well with hubby.

Had Kate Prout done a runner she would have shown up by now so there can really only be one conclusion.

She was murdered and her body disposed of.   8(8-))

he seemed to be rather complacent in the police intervew.

i mean if it were my husband or wife i would be worried.

i wonder why he didnt phone the police when she went missing without her belongings.


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