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A TV first...

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... but how long will it last?

Sentencing of Ben Oliver for the manslaughter of his 74 year-old grandfather, David Oliver live at 10:30 am...

Just been reading about the case.

Autistic paedo with lockdown rage, felt suicidal & was angry at his bedridden grandad for being a paedo too, but rather than just topping himself, he brutally slits his grandfathers throat, stabs him in the eyes & face.

Lovely, yeah, he's not a danger to the public or anything. The judge needs to be chucking him in the slammer for life really, I mean, would you ever want to live next door to him?

Bit rubbish that we only get to see the judge sentencing, but it's some progress I suppose.


Here we go......


Life with a minimum of just 9 years for such a brutal murder? Ridiculous .

Our justice system is a joke.


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