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Misuse of Protection from Harassment Act against Justice Campaigners

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--- Quote from: PeterMartin on November 06, 2022, 09:53:18 AM ---You may just possibly be right in some of your explanations regarding these oddities but even so none of these point to Matthew as being the murderer. The PM report also showed that Mrs Edmonds had choked on food as a result of being struck on the head which is inconsistent with the torture theory.  It is consistent with her sharing a meal with someone she knew and being taken unawares by a fatal blow. The PM report doesn't say the wounds were inflicted post mortem. We do have the evidence showing that Mrs Edmonds was wearing the alarm bracelet at the time of her death.

I would be happy to share the evidence we have with you but I would like to know who I'm talking to. My email address is peter_martin_2001@hotmail.com

PS I don't think you have it right about the ATM swallowing Mrs Edmonds bank card. If you check the BBC crimewatch video at about the 5 minute mark you hear DCI Paul Barton say that the killer doesn't hang about. He tried the card just once then he left. This in itself is odd. Having gone to so much trouble to get the card we might have expected that he'd have another try. Maybe put the number in backwards or try a lesser amount. This isn't consistent with someone who was desperate to obtain some cash. It is consistent with someone who was trying to create the impression that robbery was the motive.

Your explanation for the window entry would be more plausible if this had happened earlier. But why wait for half an hour until someone who has keys appears on the scene?

--- End quote ---
1. It depends on which video one watches. Paul Barton states here that he thinks ATM man used the card a couple of times before being swallowed up...



2. I don't know what the exact time gap was between Harry Edmond's arrival at the scene and Ian Wrightson (with friend whose car had blown a tyre) showing up at around 4:50pm.

I'll have a think about your offer of more info... Thanks.

Paul Barton's memory is probably at fault in the much later Killer in my Village episode  because we do know that we had a report of someone putting something in a bin which was thought to be the bank card but as far as we know this was never recovered.  It wasn't what he said at the time. It will be worth checking on this point to see if it was ever recovered and tested for DNA evidence.

The timeline is that Ian Wrightson arrived at the estate about 4.50 pm and took out Mrs Edmonds' two dogs for a walk with his colleague Bob Dole. Harry arrived back at shortly after 5pm, so just missing Ian Wrightson,  and claimed that he was worried because the cottage was in total darkness and he had feeling that something wasn't right. Harry thought that it was unusual. Ian Wrightson didn't because Mrs Edmonds would often take an afternoon nap and his assumption was that she was still asleep so didn't want to disturb her. Harry then went back to his own house, Kingfisher Lodge, and according to his statement switched on the central heating, changed his shoes, and tried to contact his mother by phone. It was some half an hour later that he met up with Ian Wrightson at Fig Tree Cottage when he returned with the dogs from his walk.

If he was worried why didn't he go in through the window right away?

Paul Barton says in the Crimewatch video that it was "bizarre" that the killer locked the door behind him when he left Fig Tree Cottage. I've never understood his thinking. Why would it be? The killer obviously didn't want the crime scene to be discovered too quickly.

PS. I've just had another look at the video clip on the KIMV program on the link you supplied and we can see that ATM man did have the bank card in his hand as he walked away. See around the 19.30 mark.

PPS. Please do get in touch. Especially if your motivation is to get to the bottom of what went on that day in 2008. Both Matthew's family and myself take the view that whoever killed Mrs Edmonds does deserve a lengthy prison sentence. If this turns out to be Matthew so be it. But the evidence is that it wasn't him.


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