Disappeared and Abducted Children and Young Adults > The removal of blonde blue-eyed children from Roma camps.

These 2 cases were neither abducted nor disappeared.

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Just sayin'

They were abducted by the authorities that showed no respect for their well being.



Sadly I know this is not the maddy thread, but the McCanns have caused a lot of xenaphobia against the gypsy race.

They were persecuted in the war and approximately 250,000 were gassed and killed by the cleanse by Himmler after it was decreed they were to be sent to Auschwitz.

The reason why they were targeted was:

Like the Jews, Roma were singled out by the Nazis for racial persecution and annihilation. They were 'nonpersons,' of 'foreign blood,' 'labor-shy,' and as such were termed asocials. To a degree, they shared the fate of the Jews in their ghettos, in the extermination camps, before firing squads, as medical guinea pigs, and being injected with lethal substances.


Now in 2013 we are to believe they are blonde child traffickers, take children from apartments, snatch from the garden etc and sell them for slavery.

The McCanns have succeeded in dragging the Roma race back into the dark history making them out to be s..m of the earth and not to be trusted etc.


Racisim by Media.

I said from the get go with the girl in the Roma camp that it will be simply a case of the child been given to them which it appears to be the case.

I mean come on why would you hide a blonde girl in amongst dark skinned children?

It makes no sense, is not logical and therefore I give it 2 seconds of thought.

I know a Bulgarian women has come forward and says the child is hers, i hope she does give DNA, and it is proven, and then there will be a lot of people with egg on their face, and I hope the Roma family in greece and Ireland take the OFFICIAL ABDUCTORS and the police for every penny.

I haope davel comes here and reads colombosstogey's post.

Why is that hun?  Should I be scared...... 8(8-))

Did you see that Marias mother has been found, she gave her away to the couple in greece because she couldnt afford to keep her.

DNA proves this.

So where does that leave the couple in Greece then as they were telling the truth all along.


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