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Mikaeel Kular: Mother Rosdeep Kular appears in court on murder charge.

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Mr Moderator:
Rosdeep Kular (known locally as Rosie) the mother of three-year-old Mikaeel Kular is due to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court later today to face charges in connection with his death.  She was detained by police investigating her son's disappearance on Friday night before being formally charged on Saturday afternoon.

Mikaeel had been reported missing from his Edinburgh home early on Thursday morning, prompting a major search throughout the area and extending as far as the Firth of Forth at Cramond.

Just before midnight on Friday night however, Mikaeel's body was found in a small wood at Dunvegan Avenue, Kirkcaldy.   It was subsequently revealed that one of the properties at Dunvegan Avenue belongs to the missing boys aunt and had been visited by Rosdeep a few days earlier. 

The boys body was later removed from the wood and taken by ambulance to Edinburgh for an autopsy.

Mr Moderator:

Map showing where the body of Mikaeel Kular was found by Fife Police and where he had lived since last summer with his mother and siblings in Edinburgh.

A neighbour of the Kular family at Dunvegan Avenue reported seeing the boys mother arrive at the bungalow alone by car shortly before the boy was reported missing.

It is expected that Rosdeep will have a short hearing before a Sheriff in a 'closed court' in which the charge(s) or Indictment will be put to her.  What happens next will depend entirely on her response to that Indictment.

A Sheriff has several options available to him or her.  The case can be continued to another date to be heard by a Sheriff or can be referred up to the High Court which has greater sentencing powers.   If a defendant pleads guilty to the charges they will be remanded in custody pending a sentencing hearing.

It has also now emerged that social workers from Fife Council were monitoring the family up until they left Kirkcaldy and moved to Edinburgh last summer.  It has been claimed that colleagues at City of Edinburgh Council were not advised of the move.


MM.  I observe you say the proceedings will be in a closed court today.  I assume the police are worried about disruptions?


--- Quote from: Angelo222 on January 20, 2014, 07:23:15 AM ---MM.  I observe you say the proceedings will be in a closed court today.  I assume the police are worried about disruptions?

--- End quote ---

Closed court, just one of the many benefits that can be found in any good dictatorship.

Closed is not the same as secret. Accredited journalists will be allowed to report proceedings .


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