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New Theory accounting for the death of Jonbenet.

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I have spent a year or so looking into the circumstances around the death of Jonbenet.
Through the thread which has developed over that year I will look at what I feel were discrepancies and the results of my research in order an attempt at resolving these discrepancies

The first discrepancy I found was that having extensively studied familial DNA the DNA profile of Melinda Ramsey did not support that she was John Ramsey's biological daughter. 
The results of her DNA profile indicated that it was possible that her father may have been a close relative of John.

From the photos of Melinda and her deceased sister Elizabeth, because they looked so alike it is possible to question Elizabeth's paternity as well but I have not seen any DNA results confirming or denying this.

The youngest of the three children in the previous marriage was John Andrew and from his profile all the results showed he was consistent with being the biological son of John Ramsey.

[Many posts in this thread have been amended as I get a better understanding of the case, therefore for you to get a full understanding of the "New theory" try reading the thread from the beginning again sometime.
Revising the posts on this thread is what I do regularly, checking that what I have written can be backed with at least one cite.]

The second inconsistency I noted was that a neighbour saw a person thought to be John Andrew Ramsey at the Ramsey house  around 5:30 PM or so on the evening before the murder took place.

Later the neighbour changes his eyewitness account and says  he "wouldn't be able to pick John Andrew (JAR) out of a crowd".   John Andrew's alibi was quite extensive and the Boulder Police Dept (BPD) accepted his alibi.

What I think is this still implies there was some other man (not JAR) seen at the house that evening.  To me it seems as if the sighting is discounted in total once it is discovered that it could not be JAR.  Surely he didn't mean there was no one there!
When the neighbour says "a crowd" is he implying whoever was  around the Ramsey house was within a group of people?

Third point I noted was that the cellar door appeared to one of the initial officers to have been "painted shut".  This was obviously a missed reading (misunderstanding) of the situation by the officer and IMO could only have indicated there was someone inside that room applying a "pulling" force to keep the door from opening.
IMO and in my theory at least one of the killers was still in the room when the police had arrived.

Fourth point:
The ransom note said not to call the police.  What occurred to me was it was possible if the kidnappers had remained at the house they could have simply listened in to the landline phone call to the police at 5:52 AM.   This was evidenced by Patsy suddenly hanging up the call leaving the 911 operator and the kidnappers keeping the phone line active for the next 6 seconds.
So it is very possible the killing of JB occurred after 5:52 AM as per the warning in the ransom note.

Words to the effect, "if you ring the police she will be beheaded ...".

The fifth inconsistency:

John Ramsey  says in most interviews he found Jonbenet (JB) at 1:00 PM and thought that she could possibly be still alive so he moved her from the basement.

In a telephone conversation with John Ramsey Stewart Long (Melinda's boyfriend) said that John found JB at 11:00 AM.
I discovered John Ramsey also says it was "late morning" in a live interview with Larry King in a CNN interview.

I believe  John Ramsey found JB in the basement  in the morning and knew full well she was deceased when he lifted her out of the basement at 1:03 PM.
Why would he delay in announcing that JB had been found?
If he knew about the body being in the basement he would not have needed to find it earlier.  Would it not have been best to say nothing?  [This suggests to me John Ramsey did not commit or know about the murder before the phone call.]


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