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New Theory accounting for the death of Jonbenet.

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Can anyone confirm whether the following statement is true or false please?

"The killer said he would call the home and give instructions, John said that there was a call that came in around 10:00 am and the caller did not say anything. Was this the killer making the call?"

Was there really a silent call at 10:00 AM?  If there was wouldn't the FBI know who made the call? 
[I have a feeling the phone taps had not been setup by 10:00 AM that morning.]

"70 Points Burke Ramsey says prove his innocence"

One point that I object to is point #7:

7. "After waking up on Dec. 26, Patsy went down two flights of stairs from her room to the main floor, locating near the bottom of the stairs a two-and-a-half-page, handwritten ransom note stating that JonBenet had been kidnapped."

The ransom note does not state that JonBenet had been kidnapped!"

The ransom note was addressed to Mr Ramsey and says they have his daughter. Mr Ramsey actually had two daughters and it does not specify which daughter was being held for ransom. Jonbenet's name is not on the note.

If John Ramsey did not consider for a moment that the kidnappers could have had Melinda - he is showing favouritism amongst his daughters.
Simply that JB was not in her bed didn't actually equate to proof JB had been kidnapped.
She might have been playing in the basement.

Melinda Ramsey's alibi.
I have read that when Melinda, John Andrew and Stewart Long turned up at the scene they were whisked away in separate cars.
From memory this was around 1:30 PM. So where had she been prior to that?

I was told: ".... she just flew in with JAR. They left early from Atlanta to meet John and Patsy in Minneapolis that morning only they were rerouted when they landed to Denver. Then they got a taxi to Boulder."  [That is the official story.]

There were supposedly 3 of them travelling together, Melinda and her fiance Stewart Long and John Andrew.

So I question:  "They all flew together did they? Were they all on the same flight from Minneapolis?
"How did you figure that out. Did you see flight details to confirm this?"

Then I found an account and the whole account seems strange to me. "Quoted in Paula Woodward book:
"When we got to the house in Boulder, I remember seeing police setting up yellow tape around the yard. Dad and Patsy were outside with friends, and Dad was crying. Patsy looked awful. Dad said, 'JonBenet is with Beth.' That's my sister who was killed in a car crash. My mind played tricks on me. I was already in shock. My first reaction was that JonBenet had not died. It was that Beth was taking care of JonBenet while she was still kidnapped.
We all almost immediately got into cars and went to a family friend's home. When we got there, Patsy couldn't even sit up, so I went to comfort her."
Melinda told Patsy, 'We're going to get her back. It's going to be OK."
And Patsy told Melinda, "No, Melinda, you don't understand. Your Dad found her in the basement. She's dead."
"I remember thinking this would kill them. After my older sister, Beth, was killed in a car wreck, it was just so awful. I didn't think they could take another loss like this. I thought they'll be dead in a year from sheer grief. Patsy already seemed dead inside. Her whole body was pale and grey. She just wasn't there. Dad was sobbing continuously. His way of dealing was to pace and cry."

From another interview presented on Webbsleuths also:
"Melinda Ramsey speaking about her step mother, Patsy Ramsey in "JonBenet's Mother, The Tragedy and the Truth by Linda McLean.

"I've never called her mother, because I already have a wonderful mother; I call her Patsy. But I think of her as my "special mom". I first met Patsy when I was 7 or 8 years old, after my parents had been divorced for a couple of years. For some reasons, one of my first impressions was that she seemed so full of energy. As we got to know each other, we grew very close and still are. We are not related by blood but we are related by love.
"Patsy was always so much fun to be around! I vividly remember the family playing Bingo and Charades together. When it was our birthday, she always made a fuss. This was our "special day' and the birthday child was the center of attention. Patsy was always interested in whatever I was doing at school. I remember when I ran for student council in junior high, she helped me make posters and buttons and practice my speech. Patsy always thinks of others. She always puts other people's feelings, wants and needs above her own. It makes her happy to make other people happy. And that's what makes her so special.

I know it's hard to be a step-parent. You are somewhere in the middle - like a "fill-in". But Patsy was always genuinely glad to see us; she treated us like her own children. It meant a lot to me as a child when she introduced me to people as "my daughter, Melinda". She didn't make the distinction of step-child. But she also didn't cross the line and try to become our mother. She didn't discipline us. For my upcoming wedding, she and my mother are working as a team. Patsy helped Mom select the invitations and organize my engagement party. I know I am fortunate to have a family like this
One day as we were driving in the car, Dad asked, "What would you think about having another brother or sister?" It really caught me off-guard and I was shocked; I guess I just never thought about it. But I was really happy and when Burke and Jonbenet were born, it was so exciting! They were both so much fun to be around. Burke liked to play with John Andrew, always looking for him to play matchbook cars, etc. Jonbenet and I liked to paint together or play dress up. Each year we coloured Easter eggs and we had a Christmas tradition of baking cookies together.
Since I grew up in Georgia, I wasn't used to snow. One day in Boulder, there were little patches of snow on the ground and JonBenet went out to "build a snowman". I soon realized it would be almost impossible to do this with the little bit of snow that was left. But JonBenet was determined. "I know we can do it!" And so, of course, we worked and worked until we had a two-foot-high snowman. I'd do anything to make her happy.
One of my strongest memories is how she always ran to greet me. Her pig tails were flying, her hands were outstretched and she screamed, "Be-winda, Be-winda." It is this memory that I cherish the most.
It breaks my heart to see these horrible accusations being made about Dad and Patsy. They are wonderful parents! Patsy helped raise Beth and John Andrew and me. I watched them with Burke and JonBenet. I know! And yet people who don't know them who have never even met them, are saying absolutely horrible things! They have no right to!!
I'm their daughter. I've lived under the same roof as them. I've had the same parents as JonBenet. I have such a hard time understanding why the public refuses to believe me -- why my word just isn't enough.
I'm glad Dad and Patsy are strong people. They have withstood a lot and they can withstand this too. But it isn't fair. It just isn't fair.
(Melinda was crying as the interview ended)"

My comments:
"I'm their daughter. I've lived under the same roof as them. I've had the same parents as JonBenet." Seems a bit of a stretch when obviously they (Melinda and Jonbenet) had different biological mothers and if my source is correct different biological fathers.

So where were the kids when John Ramsey spoke to them that morning?  What time did he talk to them on the phone?
Linda Arndt (Boulder Police Dept, detective) says the kids rang him that day. Where do you think they were at that time Minneapolis or Denver?
The only time they could have spoken to each other was while they were at the Minneapolis airport, and they had to catch the flight at 10:38 according to the current schedule.
10:38 AM is 9:38 AM Mountain time.  So those phone calls  with the kids had to be before 9:38 Boulder time.
They arrive in Denver 12:03 PM and it takes from what I've heard 1.5 hours from landing in Denver to get by taxi to Boulder.


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