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René Hasée (6) - The boy who has never been found after 17 years.

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As the world marked another anniversary of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a couple in Germany will be remembering their six-year-old son who went missing in the Algarve almost 17 years ago.

René Hasée, who was six, disappeared from the Amoreira beach near Aljezur on 19 June1996.  His mother, Anita, a 37-year-old postal worker who was on holiday with her partner Peter and René, told a German newspaper at the time, “We had just eaten something and gone down to the beach.”  It was around 6pm and she said Renè was around 30 metres in front of her when “suddenly our son disappeared as if he had been swallowed by the earth. She immediately notified the local police, who, she claimed at the time, were not very interested and did not bother to search for René, telling her he had probably drowned.  However, this recollection of events is not shared by a GNR agent who is still working at the Aljezur GNR branch.  He told The Resident that he remembers officers spending “day after day searching the beach for the child”. 

As with any other missing children cases, the file on René was sent to the Polícia Judiciária, said a GNR spokesman.  But the Lisbon headquarters of the criminal police have no record of René Hasée.  The missing people’s database in
digital format goes back to 1996, said the spokesman. “The name is not registered on the computer database and we have not found it in the paper entries.”  However, the spokesman said this does not mean the case is closed. “Sometimes, a case has to wait years until new information is found in connection with it and it is possible this is one of those cases,” said the spokesman.

The disappearance received no publicity in the Algarve and only limited media coverage at home in Germany.  But, as the world focuses on Madeleine McCann, we should also spare a thought for one German couple who even now, 17 years on, have not given up hope of finding their son.

German Missing Children
Telephone number: 0800 - 116 000

Artists impression of what René may look like today.

René Hasée - MISSING

Almost 17 years ago a young family from Sindelsdorf, Germany, went on holiday to the Portuguese Algarve in their motor home.  One day after having eaten they walked down to the beach, René was about 20 feet ahead and suddenly he was gone!  They searched for him but in vain. The local police were immediately informed but no trace of René was ever found. 

Neither Interpol nor the German police were able to help the desperate parents. To date, Anita and Peter go once a year to the Algarve, to search for her son. René would be 23 years old now. René's grandmother Irmgard: "My daughter still dreams of René."

Good luck René

wherever you are

A thought indeed for this missing boy (now an adult if he's still out there somewhere).

Did he have an accident whilst his parents turned their backs or did someone snatch him?

His family needs to know.

The spelling of his name is odd... I doubt that it's correct.

I've never heard of shifting sands there.
I only know a beach called "Olhos de agua" (water eyes) with very small wells of freshwater that appear and disappear.


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