Disappeared and Abducted Children and Young Adults > Chloe Campbell (3) disappears from the family home at Childers, Queensland.

Man appears in court over the abduction of Chloe Campbell.


The little girl described in the media as the “Australian Maddie” fortunately was recovered safely and apparently unharmed. 
Whatever the reasons behind her abduction, I think the parallels to Madeleine’s case are striking, although the perpetrator does seem to have left clues such as the bare footprint on the vehicle under the open window. 

I saw a lot of speculation directed particularly at the child's mother and think this would have escalated as time went on had the little girl not been returned as quickly as she was.

Court: Accused abductor 'felt sorry' for how girl was living
15th Apr 2014 11:17 PM |
Updated: 16th Apr 2014 1:52 PM
 Eden James Kane.
UPDATE 10.45AM WEDNESDAY: The man accused of abducting a three-year-old Childers toddler says he took the sleeping child because he felt sorry for the way she was living, a court has heard.
Eden James Kane, 45, of Rainbows Rd in South Isis, appeared in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court this morning charged with one count each of burglary, abduction of a child under 16 and deprivation of liberty.
Kane sat slumped in the prison dock, buried his face in his hands, turned his back and avoided the gaze of the public gallery - which included a media pack and the alleged victim's parents - for the duration of his court appearance.
"Police are objecting to you getting bail," Magistrate Deb Vasta told the defendant.
Bundaberg Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Donna Sperling said it was alleged Kane - who did not know the family - entered the little girl's home through an open window in the early hours of April 10.
The child's seven-year-old sibling allegedly awoke to find her sister missing from the bed they were sharing in the lounge room and, between 6.30am-7am that day, alerted her parents.
"The father observed the lounge room window was open," Snr Const Sperling said.
"He observed toe marks indicating a person with a bare foot had been on top of his vehicle."
Snr Const Sperling said shortly before 12.30am Saturday, the little girl was located by police at the Childers Showgrounds.
"The child had been showered and her hair had been washed," she said.
When these details were revealed in court, the child's mother became visibly upset and began shaking uncontrollably.
Snr Const Sperling said fingerprints found at the scene of the alleged abduction matched prints taken from Kane in Maryborough, where he has been accused of committing a break-in at a tennis club at 1.30am yesterday.
When interviewed, Snr Const Sperling said Kane stated "I had to get out of Childers because of the heat".
"The defendant's vehicle was full of his property," she said.
The prosecutor said Kane allegedly went on to make further admissions, including "I took (the child) and brought her back" and that he "felt sorry for the conditions she was living in".
"During investigations at the defendant's address, police have located remains of a fire with remnants of some items in it," she said.
"There is a concern if the defendant is released he will attempt to destroy that evidence."
Snr Const Sperling said the alleged abduction had been committed at random.
"If released, the defendant will fail to appear and would commit another offence, endangering the safety and welfare of the public," she said.
"The defendant should (also) remain in custody for his own protection."
Snr Const Sperling said police had concerns Kane may attempt to take his own life if he was released.
Kane hardly spoke during the proceedings, except to make remarks including "that's a lie", "it's not true" and that he was "tricked" into coming back to the Bundaberg Police Station for questioning.
"I've got no legal representation here which I've asked for," he said to Mrs Vasta.
Mrs Vasta adjourned the matter until tomorrow so Kane could seek legal aid.
UPDATE 8.30AM WEDNESDAY: Police investigating the abduction of a three-year-old girl from her Childers home have said the man alleged to have carried it out had no links to the family. 
Speaking at a press conference in Childers today, Detective Inspector Bruce McNab said at this stage, all indications were that the man acted alone.
"I think it's safe to say that he has no links to the family," he said.
"Everything at this stage is indicating he acted alone."
Det Insp McNab said investigations were still under way to determine whether the family from being specifically targeted by the alleged offender.
"He was not known to the family and there was obviously a reason he selected the family but I don't want to go into much more than that."
Det Insp McNab said police investigations revealed the alleged abductor was a person of interest.
"Basically as a result of this investigation this person was identified as a person of interest and detectives went and spoke to the person and certain admissions were made by the offender that was corroborated by some of the material we were developing as they day went by," he said.
"I said yesterday the investigation was moving at a rapid pace and it certainly did that yesterday afternoon.
"We had one piece of information that came to us and then that was enlarged into the arrest last night."
Det Insp McNab said a South Isis home and a car located in Maryborough had been seized in the process of the investigation. 
"We've seized a house and a motor vehicle we located at Maryborough and we're declaring both of them as crime scenes and we're conducting forensic examinations of both that house and the motor vehicle," he said.
Det Insp McNab said the alleged abductor was also not one of the 20 people who gave DNA and finger and foot prints to police, but said the man was being monitored.
Intel staff had been tracking this man's movements.
"Intel staff had been tracking this man's movements," he said.
Det Insp McNab praised the work of police who had worked tirelessly in the investigation. 
"This is the culmination of an exhaustive investigation that's been going since last Thursday," hesaid.
The inspector said the family had been notified of the arrest last night.
"They're obviously relieved that this person's been located and is appearing in court today."
TUESDAY 11.30PM: A 45-year-old Childers man has been charged with the alleged abduction of a Childers three-year-old.
It will be alleged the man took girl, who cannot be named under Queensland law,   from inside her Ridgway St home in the early hours of last Thursday, before returning her to the Childers Showgrounds 42 hours later.
The motive for the alleged kidnapping is not yet known.
It is understood he was located Tuesday afternoon by detectives from the Bundaberg Criminal Investigation Branch.
He was arrested and charged with the abduction shortly after 11pm on Tuesday.
The man, who is a father himself, is facing one count each of burglary, child stealing and deprivation of liberty.                                                                                                                                                                             He will appear in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning.                                   

I do concede that not everything parallels Madeleine's abduction. 
For example the immediate reaction of the Australian police does not appear to parallel the immediate aftermath of the Portuguese where Judicial Secrecy was invoked despite being unnecessary in the case of missing people and where CCTV footage did not seem to rate a very high priority.

Australian police sent out "child abduction alert" at around 9am on Thursday, shortly after parents of the toddler reported the crime. 

Dozens of police and emergency volunteers scoured farmland and dams surrounding the town, which has a population of just 1,500.
Air and sea ports were told to be on the lookout and a child abduction alert was broadcast on radio stations every 15 minutes.
Police are reported to be examining CCTV footage showing two people leading a young child through the streets of Childers at 6.20am on Thursday.


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