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Jill's 'Jealous Ex's and Alan Farthing's Former Partners
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The police investigation included Jill's former partners.  This included long-term partner Bob Wheaton, a BBC exec, and a brief relationship with Simon Basil, a game warden in S. Africa, who Jill met through the Holiday prog.  Both were eliminated from police inquiries.  I think police thinking was that Jill's recent engagement may have sparked some jealousy. 

According to various press reports Alan Farthing married Maria nee Sweeney during 1990.  By all accounts the marriage lasted 7 years until the couple separated.  Alan was then introduced to Jill late 1997 by mutual friend Jenny Higham who featured in the recent BBC docu. 

At trial AF told the court the marriage had been good but they could not go on living together due to his wife's "personal problems" and that the relationship deteriorated to the degree they separated and were divorced in 1998.

I have not seen any evidence that the police investigation covered the former Mrs Farthing, nee Sweeney, whom I believe is a Catholic of Irish descent.

Very unlikely the former Mrs Farthing was the perp since all witness testimony refers to a male.     
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Just my opinion of course but Jeremy Bamber is innocent and a couple from UK, unknown to T9, abducted Madeleine McCann - motive unknown.  Was J J murdered as a result of identifying as a goth?

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Re: Jill's 'Jealous Ex's and Alan Farthing's Former Partners
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FACTS Holly! NOT conspiracy theories or CLAIMS made by ITV!

“Chief inspector Campbell added: 'The Dando investigation is clear on what evidence it has at a forensic level, and what the witnesses said they saw or heard or knew in 1999. They remain unchanged.'
TV investigator Mark Williams-Thomas last year claimed he had been given the name of the killer.
But Mr Campbell said all 'new leads' that crop up as years go by should be questioned.
'Especially when persons state the theories through the media or TV, and not the police,' he said
‘I legitimately think that the word “innocence” is enough for people - that’s their due diligence’ (Devon Tracey)