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Quick Who's Who of the Cosy McCann, Control Risks and Halligen Circle

The Symington Family: David Symington's brother, Ian Douglas Symington is an old friend of British Prime Minister, John Major. David's nephew Johnny Symington is Britain's Honorary Consul in Oporto, Portugal.

Howell James (Chief of Communications for Blair) - Man responsible for seconding Clarence Mitchell to Foreign and Commonwealth Office on May 26th 2007. A political advisor to Conservative Prime Minister, John Major. Hired by Blair in 2004. Left position in 2008 under Gordon Brown.

Baroness Justice Mary Hogg - Conservative Peer responsible for making Madeleine McCann a Ward of Court in May 2007.

Sarah Hogg (sister) - Chairman of British Private Equity company, 3i Plc. Major investor's in Brian Kennedy's double-glazing companies and Control Risks Group. Former BBC Governor responsible for sacking Greg Dyke over the David Kelly/WMD affair. Hogg was John Major's Policy Advisor.

Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones: Former foreign affairs advisor to John Major and close friend of Sarah Hogg. Chairman of British Defense Research Company,Qinetiq, privatised under Tony Blair between 2003-2005.She was also Chairman of the British Joint Intelligence Committee. Ex–Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet served as an independent non-executive director. Carlyle Group were the company's first major investors. Hogg's company are also investors. As BBC Governor she combined forces with Sarah Hogg in the dismissal of Greg Dyke over his handling of the David Kelly/WMD affair.

John Major: Former Conservative Prime Minister and former Head of Carlyle Europe.

Sir Christopher Meyer: Press secretary to Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs under Prime Minister John Major. British Ambassador to the United States from 1997 until his retirement in 2003 (under Tony Blair). Chairman of Press Complaint Commission who negotiated out of court libel settlement (or services fee) for Gerry and Kate McCann. Married to Lady Catherine Meyer who campaign with the McCanns in Europe for EU-Wide Amber Alert.

Michael Caplan QC: Conservative lawyer who advised the McCanns and General Pinochet. Also represented Conservative MP Damian Green in Immigration row.

Michael Shrimpton QC: Barrister who advised on National Security issues during the extradition of General Pinochet. Came up with ridiculous (but useful) intelligence theories for the death of David Kelly and Madeleine McCann. Advisor to Intelligence Summit in Washington DC along with Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones - who heads up Britain private and shadow intelligence services.

Richard Parton: Partnered Kevin Halligen's Oakley International in the Madeleine McCann Investigation. Advisor with Shrimpton and Baroness Neville-Jones to Washington's Intelligence Summit.

Intelligence Summit (Washington DC) Forum made up of past and present members of and advisors to the intelligences services including Mossad, the CIA, mi5 and Mi6. Founded by Robert Katz and John Loftus. Loftus is President of the Florida Holocaust Museum. Former Intelligence Officer for President Reagan's Justice Department and Nazi War Criminals Prosecutor. Author of 'The Belarus Secret'. The forum is sponsored by Michael Cherney.

Bell Pottinger: PR Firm founded by Conservative peer Lord Timothy Bell. Represented the Ocean Club, Mark Warner and the McCanns. Also handled PR for UK Government for their 'Promoting Democracy in the new Iraq' project. Clients include General Pinochet and Michael Cherney, sponsor the Intelligence Summit and the President of Belarus.

Patton Boggs - Law firm and specialist lobby shop in Washington. Kevin Halligen uses their address for registering Oakley International and for donations to US Senator John R Unger II. Halligen describes his position as 'attorney'. Specialises in lobbying Congress on behalf of Private Defense Contractors and those involved in winning contracts for infrastructure reconstruction in Afghanistan and Iraq. Major donators to John R Unger's congress campaign. Lobby on behalf of the Order of Malta (who the Shadow Intelligences in the US and UK have been determined to implicate since the very beginning). Friendly with China and Saudi Arabia (making them vulnerable to black ops plots inside the US).

John R Unger II: Former charity worker with Mother Theresa. Democrat representing the 16th District in the West Virginia Senate. Homeland security and economic development advisor for EG&G (Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier, Incorporated/United Research Services) a US Defense Contractor. Unger has become an integral part in the reconstruction effort underway in Iraq.

Colonel Steve Garrett - Halligen's best man at his wedding and defence lobbyist for Patton Boggs (as well frequent Fox News commentator). Met Halligen at a Special Forces Club in Knightsbridge, Central London. Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Hollis was the senior Department official responsible for efforts to train and equip security forces in Colombia and Afghanistan. Regular Defense commentator for Fox News.

Sir Michael Rose - Former SAS Commander and retired British Army Colonel who was President of the Special Forces Club when Halligen was admitted in 2002. Now Non-Executive chairman at Control Risks Group. Veteran of Northern Ireland and the Gulf States.

Control Risks Group: Private Security and Intelligence company founded by Timothy Royle as a subsidiary of Hogg Robinson. Employed by Brian Kennedy and the McCanns in May 2007. Won Risk Assessment contract from the UK Government under Tony Blair to ascertain risks to business development in Iraq.

Sir Donald Palmer: Former SAS Officer and pal of Sir Michael Rose of Control Risks Group. Put the name of Kevin Halligen forward for entry into the Special Forces Club in Knightsbridge London. Made chairman of Special Forces Club in 1998. Rose was appointed at the same time as President.

Andre Hollis - Chief-Executive at Halligen's Oakley International. In 2007-2008 was Vice President of Van Scoyoc Associates, a powerful lobbying firm that performs services on behalf of the British Embassy's Defense Procurement programme. Hollis - a former Marine - was the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. Hollis was the senior Department official responsible for efforts to train and equip security forces in Colombia and Afghanistan. Regular Defense commentator n Fox News.

Van Scoyoc: Powerful lobbying company in the US. Is registered as a foreign agent of the United Kingdom's Defense Research projects. Employ's Halligen's partner Andre Hollis. Van Scoyoc also won a Pentagon/Boeing deal for Vulture, an unmanned endurance vehicle developed by the British-based Qinetiq in a deal with American Aerospace. Performed lobbying to 3i/QINETEG project Ricardo UK and the Forensic Science Services based in Birmingham.

Forensic Science Services: Based in Birmingham and responsible for handling all the major DNA testing for the Portuguese Police during the McCann Investigations. Due to be privatised under Brown and looking for investors. Headed by Simon Bennet - former Managing Director of Qinetiq - the former Government Defence Company run by Baroness Neville-Jones.

Senator Richard Shelby: Democrat turned Republican. One of Several Defense figures Gerry McCann met in Washington during his visit in June and July 2007. Served on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence from 1995 to 2003 under Clinton and Bush respectively. Leaked classified (but dubious) information to Fox News that intimated that the Services had prior warning of the 9/11 attack. Congress and senate campaigns supported by donations from Patton Boggs and Van Scoyoc.

Antonio Gonzalez: Another of the Senior Defense figures Gerry McCann met in Washington DC during his 'fact finding mission'. At this time Gonzalez was Attorney General of the United States under George W Bush Government (it's not been satisfactorily explained why Gerry sought advice from Defense and Intelligence Figures when it was the Ministry of Justice and Transportation handling Amber Alert System (and all issues and systems relating to missing children). Familiar with Colonel Garrett - Halligen's best-man.

Noel Koch: Attended Kevin Halligen's wedding along with Colonel Steve Garrett and Oakley International's Andre Hollis. Former United States Assistant Secretary of Defense and now advisor to Barack Obama. Koch was a leading voice in calls for regime change in Iraq ahead of the first gulf war.

Sir Alec Jefferys: Father of DNA finger printing who offered to assist in the analysis of the blood samples being tested at the Forensic Sciences Services in Birmingham. In 1992, Jeffreys spearheaded a project to confirm the identity for German prosecutors of the Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele, who had died in 1979, by comparing DNA obtained from a femur bone of his exhumed skeleton. Not unlike Madeleine, Mengele and Albert Heim seemed to be everywhere at once; Bolivia, Morocco, Egypt and Chile, and in the jungles of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. John Loftus of the Intelligence Summit was originally said to have clashed with the sponsor of the project and the findings. Albert Heim - Dr. Death is purported to have converted to Islam before his death in Cairo.
The German DVD formed the basis of several prosperous claims made by Michael Shrimpton - an advisor to Loftus and Cherney's Intelligence Summit.
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