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Re: Anni Dewani - Introduction to the case
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Didn't notice the gayness. I must not have a very attuned gaydar. Was perhaps preoccupied with making sure the little ones didn't wander off.   

Did not visit a township, although next time I think I might. Will hopefully be sans children. Cape Town's tourism website certainly makes a visit to Gugulethu sound like a good experience.

Will likely do a safe guided tour. Don't think we'll be trusting a taxi driver to be our guide!

So you went to Cape Town and didn't do anything on my long list of famous things to do in Cape Town nor did you set off for the unbeaten track:  what the heck did you do that makes you so confident you know so much about the place you have a more authoritative idea than me of what's 'normal' for a tourist to do?

I note that on your link it only got 2 reviews - a 1star saying:

"I think Mzoli sucks, its dirty and not conducive for foreigners, the area needs to be cleaned up, you need a 5 star hotel in the area but you have a white government, that will not happened"

And a 4-star for a specific bar from someone with a popular South African first name.

Meanwhile at Wikipedia:

"Though much more tranquil than it was under apartheid, Gugulethu is still a troubled area."

"According to data collected by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) over 700 people were murdered in Gugulethu between 2005 and 2010. 'This amounts to one murder every two-and-a-half days for five consecutive years.' "

"On June 10, 2014, 62-year-old Mbuyiselo Manona was murdered in Gugulethu, in a cannibalistic event. Andrew Chimboza stabbed Manona, and removed his heart while he was still alive. Chimboza then gouged out Mr Manona's heart and ate it as he lay bleeding to death 'to show him that I am not a moffie [gay]'. " - this doesn't even stand out particularly, it's the kind of thing that's in the news every week along with Muti Killings, Mass Murders, Family Anihilators, Witchcraft etc

But I hasten to add in case I'm putting-off anyone else who is reading from visiting:  I drove literally all over the place for nearly a decade with no trouble because I used my common sense.  There is absolutely no reason why even most respectable black South Africans would want to go to this place:  the area is famously trouble.

A vignette from the Guardian:

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Re: Anni Dewani - Introduction to the case
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Approaching ten years since Anni Hindocha was lured to South Africa and killed in a murder for hire that was staged to look like a random hijacking. 

Of the five people implicated in the murder conspiracy her husband, Shrien Dewani, was the only one who had so much as met her prior to the week-end of her assassination.  On the night of her murder he had made a secret payment to her killers, and then lied to police to help the killers cover their tracks.