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It seems the Mitchells had a predisposition to mental illness, particularly from the maternal side of the family (CM, LM & RG all had very short tempers, admittedly) What about the paternal side of LM's family? Any info?

Ruby Guetta adopted Corinne Mitchell

Was this mentioned during killer Luke Mitchell’s trial?

Corinne Mitchell's own background is not straightforward. She is adopted; her adoptive parents were said to be from a travelling family who had settled south of Edinburgh and started a caravan business. She reportedly has a reputation for being confrontational and anti-authoritarian;

did she carry emotional scars from her own childhood into parenthood?

Donna Easton
There were 3 main planks that the prosecution focused on, number 1 was that Luke found the body, number 2 was a witness sighting placing him on the path around the time of the murder and number 3 was that his brother had amended his statement to say that Luke was home when he hadn’t seen him in the house at all

You then stated;

“ the trial it was said that Luke had just walked straight to the wall, as if he’d known that Jodi’s body lay behind it

Killer Luke Mitchell “had just walked straight to the wall

This is what happened

This is what Janine J, Alice Walker and Steven Kelly witnessed

Alan Turnbull: Did you say whether or not you were able to see him after that. Before he said something?

Alice Walker: Yes, because I came back with the dog, back from.. I actually took the dog back from the wall and I stood in front of the V. And that’s when I was standing holding the dog and it was pulling. And that’s when Luke said there is something here, and he was standing to the right of the V when he said this

How chilling

Corinne Mitchell made a comment somewhere (probably James English) about Janine [Name removed]’s seeing killer Luke Mitchell on the other side of the wall

Corinne claimed Janine J was too “short” but in reality Janine J’s obviously saw the killer through the V - where he does not appear to have moved since he first climbed over that wall
There’s a photo showing Shane’s Mitchell’s hands here 👇 - killer Luke Mitchell’s look equally strange

Is it because they are big or something else? 

They look like the hands on a toy

Killers' hands, no doubt. What about Shane's alleged animal torture? My buddy from Corstorphine says someone told him years ago (around 10 years ago) that SM was disturbed and prone to animal torture (ie, something about dog torture; sounds implausible to me, but you just never know . . . ).... who knows. It seems the Mitchells had a predisposition to mental illness, particularly from the maternal side of the family (CM, LM & RG all had very short tempers, admittedly) What about the paternal side of LM's family? Any info?

There's Dogs in this one.
Odd that the dogs’ handler is only 85% convinced their dog alerted to something significant… obviously not enhanced VRDs like the magnifcent Eddie who as we all know was 100% correct 100% of the time and solved hundreds of murders single-pawed.
Nicola Brennan Aka Nicky Brendan
Hi Sandra, I ordered it on Amazon. I'm onto chapter 5.
My heart breaks for Luke!
I only discovered all the confusion around the case last week when  I stumbled across your interview with James English.
You are doing amazing work to bring this case to light xx
6:25 PM · Nov 23, 2019

Nicola Brennan will come to learn the “confusion” has been manufactured by scammer Sandra Lean
Here you go. Ruled out as of 2021.

Thomas Kramer, a spokesperson for the prosecutor's office in Stendal, told the newspaper:

'The investigation of Christian B regarding Inga's disappearance is currently closed.

'Police investigations have been conducted but they have not produced any facts to suggest that Christian B. could have abducted, abused or killed Inga.

'Therefore, even after this additional research, there was no initial suspicion against Chrisitan B., so that the preliminary proceedings were discontinued.'
Well I tried very hard to get y’all talking about the dog alerts again but no one’s heart was in it apparently (not so much a woof as a whimper).  Time to accept reality at long last - it’s all over - Madeleine was abducted and the McCanns had nothing to do with it.  Now all that remains to be seen is whether or not CB was her abductor.  I think it’s highly likely but not a certainty.

He wasn't. Because she wasn't abducted in my opinion.
The only thing I've ever seen of him is that footage of him with his hood covering his face and head, entering Edinburgh high court. Do the Mitchell brothers like the 'hooded monk' look? Did LM copy his older brother? Try and emulate his image and hobbies (ie, a huge.knife collection)?

Did the police seize Shane Mitchell’s knife collection?

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