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John Lamberton - Introduction to John's case
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This new website explains the lead up to John's arrest in Spain on 5 August 2003.

Devoted - Mrs Paul and John in Tenerife in 1977 with Leo the lion.

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Re: John Lamberton - Introduction to John's case
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My True Story...

This is a true story exposing abuse of power and malfeasance within the Scottish Justice System.  It is a story of lies, of collusion and ultimately of a conspiracy by Crown officials in Edinburgh to pervert the course of justice.  A story of how an ordinary respectable law-abiding individual could be deprived of his liberty and arrested abroad on what can only be considered as fabricated, malicious and trumped-up allegations against him.
John is a former civil servant and civil engineer with many years experience in the construction and road traffic management industry in both N Ireland and Scotland. He is also a former police officer who has been decorated for his dedication and service to his country.  As an accomplished and extremely well respected International Estate Agent, John has many satisfied clients whom he has helped relocate to a new home and life in Spain.

Although born and brought up in N Ireland, John still had a close relationship with his maternal uncles (Robert and William Braes) and aunt (Annie Paul) who were all involved in farming near Linlithgow in Scotland.  His aunt in particular was like a second mother to John as he spent many summer holidays with her on the family farm near Bo'ness and accompanied her abroad on many occasions from about the age of 16.  John married in 1981 and was later encouraged by his aunt to relocate to Scotland to be closer to her since she had no children of her own.  John relented and purchased a new house in Bo'ness in the summer of 1987 and duly set up home there with his wife and two children in late August of that year.

John initially took up a post with Lothian Regional Council in Edinburgh but transferred to Fife Regional Council a year later. He eventually had to move the family to Fife so as to be nearer to Roads HQ in Glenrothes. In 1991 John purchased some land in the nearby village of Luthrie and had a house constructed on it.  Mrs Paul would visit often and enjoyed staying with John and his family. The family all went abroad together often including three trips to The Gambia, West Africa and a safari to Kenya in March 1995.
Mrs Paul was widowed in 1991 and having no children of her own she considered John and his three sons as her closest and dearest kin.  She decided that John should inherit from her before she passed on so that she could enjoy the benefits alongside John and his children. This was her way of paying John back for the many years that he had attended her and latterly seen to all her affairs. She encouraged John to take up the option of early retirement following the reorganisation of Fife Regional Council in 1996 which allowed him to set up as a stock market sole trader operating from his home at Luthrie. 
Mrs Paul instructed the Bank of Scotland, who up until that point had managed her investment portfolio, to return her investments to her in the form of share certificates.  On receiving them she gave them over to John to do with as he so pleased.  John sold them on the open market and Mrs Paul signed the 30-odd contract documents releasing the funds to John's account.  John continued to trade successfully from home for the next few  years.

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A malicious prosecution for a crime which never existed. An exposť of egregious malfeasance by public officials.
Indeed, the truth never changes with the passage of time.

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Re: John Lamberton - Introduction to John's case
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When a substantial property came on the market near Bo'ness in 1997, a property which Mrs Paul's late husband previously owned and which was located a mere half mile from her own home along a private road, Mrs Paul asked John to consider purchasing it using the funds which she had already gifted to him.  Mrs Paul accompanied John to view the property but he and his wife decided not to proceed to offer stage.  Mrs Paul was very disappointed but accepted that it was John and his wife's decision to make and that they alone should make it.

Mrs Paul was extremely fit for her 77 years and walked to Bo'ness most days.  It was all the more shocking when John and his wife found her dead in bed one Sunday evening when they called to visit.  Scotland did not feel the same for John and his family after that so it was decided that they would move abroad, to Spain, for a new start which would also benefit the children in the family.  It took a year to sell the family home at Luthrie but on the 31 March 2000 they said farewell to Scotland and travelled to N Ireland for what was to be a short stay prior to moving to Spain.  Two weeks later, John's mother went into hospital for a routine scan but died three days later.  The consequences of this was to be far reaching.  On the one hand the sudden death threw the family plans into total disarray with much debate as to whether they should then move to Spain. Secondly, the death of John's mother was to deprive him of a crucial witness in what was to later envelop him and his family.

In late August 2000, John together with his wife and children travelled to Spain.  Little did they know then of the nightmare to come just three years later when John would be arrested in Spain on manufactured charges alleging he had embezzled his late aunts estate.   John was to spend the next 6 months in prison in Alicante and Madrid even though he had agreed to return to Scotland voluntarily to answer the spurious and malicious allegations against him.

More soon...
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A malicious prosecution for a crime which never existed. An exposť of egregious malfeasance by public officials.
Indeed, the truth never changes with the passage of time.