Disappeared and Abducted Children and Young Adults > Madeleine McCann (3) disappeared from her parent's holiday apartment at Ocean Club, Praia da Luz, Portugal on 3 May 2007. No trace of her has ever been found.

Poll - The Divergence of Views on this subject

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I'm a bit like Cariad, the only thing that's certain is that Madeleine is missing and has been since the 3rd of May 2007.

I actually don't know what I "think" happened. I can believe it was an abductor(s) and I can also believe in the involvement of her parents.

Even if the parents aren't responsible for whatever happened to Madeleine, I feel they've been a bit too into their media image and have interfered in the proceedings to the detriment of the investigations. Their general arrogance and egoism, and what we know about how they "looked after" their kids, do make me feel that it's not impossible that one of them could have struck out at Madeleine because she was "annoying" them, or that condtions in the room were not safe and Madeleine had some accident. But, if they are the ones who "did" it, then there has to be a really plausible scenario as to exactly what happened and what they did with her body, and that hasn't really been presented yet.

Similarly, if an abductor or abductors are inovlved then, to be honest, there's also something "far fetched" about that too. How exactly would that have been achieved, and by whom? I've tried initiating a discussion on child stranger abductions and alleged pedophile rings, how common they are and how they operate, but that effort didn't get very far.

I'm intrigued by the new investigations. I'm not sure if they will come to any satisfactory conclusion, as this is such a complicated case and so many years have passed now. But, to be opening up the inquiry again, they must have some kind of plausible theory or evidence, and that must be more than an old efit of Smithman.

Whatever the conclusion is, I could accept it if it was really conclusive and there weren't too many legitimate questions still lingering. Of course, perhaps the only conclusion that would put all questions to rest is if Madeleine were found, dead or alive.

Needless to say, I voted 1 (I am willing to accept any eventual outcome despite my current beliefs).


--- Quote from: Aegean on October 29, 2013, 02:54:04 PM ---Needless to say, I voted 1 (I am willing to accept any eventual outcome despite my current beliefs).

--- End quote ---

So did I.  That is what I call open minded.


--- Quote from: pathfinder73 on October 29, 2013, 02:49:50 PM ---Yes I voted 3 to be fair and open minded. Notice pro McCann's aren't open minded. Innocent no matter what blazing to the top!

--- End quote ---

The figures don't seem to back you up- maybe the Pros just voted earlier.

5 would be the pro vote


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