Author Topic: Ch 7 obtains video showing Pistorius enacting the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp.  (Read 3367 times)

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Chilling footage of Oscar Pistorius on his stumps was 'obtained illegally' by Channel Seven and a 'staggering breach of trust', say lawyers for the athlete.

  • Family lawyers believe the footage was taken without permission
  • One expert claims the screening could a breach of sub-judice laws
  • Seen running awkwardly through a living room without prosthetic legs
  • His right arm is held out in front of him, as if clutching a gun
  • Another shot shows him dragging a woman's body from a bathroom
  • The state accuses him of deliberately murdering Miss Steenkamp
  • Pistorius maintains that he shot his girlfriend thinking she was an intruder

Secret footage has emerged of Oscar Pistorius, currently on trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day last year, re-enacting exactly how he shot and killed her.

In the footage from Australia's Channel Seven, Pistorius is seen running awkwardly through a living room without his prosthetic legs. His right arm is stretched out in front of him, as if he was clutching a gun.

The footage, aired on the Seven Network's Sunday Night, shows the Olympian describing in graphic detail the events leading up to the moment he shot his girlfriend.

It shows Pistorius moving through a house on his stumps, without his prosthetic legs, demonstrating his claim that he mistook Reeva for an intruder, and killed her accidentally.

The footage has convinced top US forensic investigator Scott Roder that his story is true. Roder was hired by Pistorius' uncle in October 2013 to analyse his version of events.

The digital re-enactment was made by The Evidence Room, which specialises in forensic animation.

But the expose also reveals Reeva's parents and close friends concerns that her relationship was turbulent — even violent.

In the exclusive interview, Roder says he is convinced Pistorius did not mean to kill his girlfriend on the morning of February 14, after weeks of interviewing and analysing the evidence.

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More detailed info on "The Evidence Room" video...

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It's one of them cases, in'it... one of them f*ckin' cases.

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'The footage has convinced top US forensic investigator Scott Roder that his story is true'

Jeeeeesus Wept,  is that guy stupid or what.

I just heard that he's paid by the defence, that explains it then.

Shameless bas*ard would happily let Oscar get away with murder, provided theres a decent pay packet involved. Asshole.
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I stand with Putin. Glory to Mother Putin.

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That video evidence is damning for Pistorius. Their latest story is OP was so unbalanced on his stumps he could not run away. He also supposedly wobbled up the passage to the bathroom with one hand holding the gun and the other on the wall for balance.

This is totally contradicted by this video showing him balanced and walking quite fast with no aid.
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 Nel must be rubbing his hands with glee, he will be desperate to get that video in front of the judge as it wipes out the defence arguments.