Alleged Miscarriages of Justice > Mark Alexander was in September 2010 convicted of the murder of his elderly reclusive father Samuel (70), an Egyptian-born former University lecturer.

Mark Alexander

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Please could I draw your attention to this case and I welcome your comments.

Murder victim Samuel Alexander (left) with son Mark who was convicted of his murder.



--- Quote from: Daisy on October 19, 2016, 09:21:31 AM ---Please could I draw your attention to this case and I welcome your comments.

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The actions of the son were indicative of guilt.


This conviction sounds a bit dodgy.  Let's hear more of it.


--- Quote from: Eleanor on October 26, 2016, 04:39:17 PM ---This conviction sounds a bit dodgy.  Let's hear more of it.

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Dodgy?  Have you not read about what the son did AFTER the father died?  The poor old guy was dead and the son was living off his care allowances.  Son sent out Christmas cards in father's name to hide the fact he was dead.

Thanks to John and Eleanor for your comments regarding this case.  There are lots of unanswered questions and I hope to learn a lot more about the murder of Samuel.  I have been writing to Mark for around a year and my gut feeling is that he is innocent.  I appreciate the links you posted John but don’t jump to conclusions before hearing all the facts.  You above all must appreciate that the papers sensationalise things and as the saying goes “never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

I would like to point out some of the inaccuracies in this matter.  First of all Mark’s parents were not married as has been reported.

The serious case review I think it pointing more at the incompetence of Buckinghamshire Council than the guilt of Mark Alexander.  This account was set up as a joint account for Mark and his father and Mark had Power of Attorney.  At the time Mark was running his own IT business and was paying a considerable amount into the account which his father was free to dip into.  Mark also had every right to draw money from the account.  There were indeed carers employed but on many occasions Samuel ignored the door or had violent arguments with them and they refused to go back to the house.  He certainly had some serious anger issues.

One has to appreciate that Samuel was a very complex character with various aliases.  He regularly posted on sex chat websites posing as a man in his 20s, and had several mobile phones.  This information was only given to Mark by the police after his father had died which horrified Mark as he had no idea of what his father was up to.  Mark last saw his father on 15th October 2009 but the police plucked a date out of the air to fit in with what they believed.  There has been no formal date of death confirmed.

It is known that Samuel had many enemies.  In fact the neighbours were frightened of him and once he went after one of them waving a knife.  He employed casual labour and then argued with workers and threw them out of his property.

The neighbours kept a dossier on Mark with the encouragement of two former police officers who lived in the village.  It is concerning to hear that Samuel’s car was used after his death by an unknown person while Mark was at University but the neighbours saw nothing.  They also have no knowledge of who laid the first two layers of mortar, carried out by a professional.

I am keen to get to the bottom of this mystery and if anyone has connections to Drayton Parslow I would be interested to hear.

Please help me with this and ask more questions which I can then put to Mark.


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