Author Topic: Jeremy Bamber forum - full stop idle or return?  (Read 198496 times)

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Re: Jeremy Bamber forum - full stop idle or return?
« Reply #795 on: October 17, 2018, 09:44:07 PM »

I'll fight on here, don't worry.  @)(++(*

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Re: Jeremy Bamber forum - full stop idle or return?
« Reply #796 on: October 18, 2018, 07:58:27 AM »
What I'd really like to know is who is telling porkies about this Paul Harrison threatening letter fiasco?  *%87
"Why should I look for somebody else?  Who?  Harrumph!!!...
It wasn't Sheila!... we've proved it wasn't Sheila!!  It was Jeremy Bamber". - (Mike Ainsley)

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Re: Jeremy Bamber forum - full stop idle or return?
« Reply #797 on: November 19, 2020, 02:39:58 AM »
Blue is a complete and utter embarrassment.  As at typing this a total of 20 posts have been made today on the 'To whom it may concern' thread.  In reality the only person concerned is 'Caroline'.

'Caroline' if you are that concerned about authenticating your id may I suggest you seek the services of a notary public. 

One day you want a truce and the next you deliver an unprovoked torrent of insults:

"Shite intuition"
"Paranoid fools"
"Need to grow up"
"Chips on their shoulder"
"Hide behind keyboards spitting venom at strangers simply because they feel inadequate"

You state "A simple admission of being WRONG would suffice!!  I can't speak for other posters but none will be forthcoming from myself as I don't believe I am WRONG!! 

I will tell you why I believe Keira and Caroline are one of the same.  The maximum number ever on Blue was 390.  This includes guests and members.  The population of the UK is circa 60 million. (I accept an odd guest/member may be from outside UK).  From this we can see the number of UK based individuals interested in The Jeremy Bamber forum is quite literally a drop in the ocean. 

Keria/Caroline were both mods, with an authoritarian style especially with regard to bans etc., and blow me down with a feather both regularly post in the early hours of the morning.  Statistical chances of Keira/Caroline not being one of the same is imo small enough to dismiss it.,1746.msg54678.html#msg54678

I honestly don't care who anyone is.  I am not the one who went about researching posters and their families you were.  And that is why you are disliked along with the fact that you treat posters unfairly and shabbily in your capacity of mod.

Ha, ha! Someone sent me a message after reading this and other posts on this thread (they couldn't believe it). Quite hilarious reading it back now but you must admit, you (and others) really did have 'shite intuition' on the Keira front @)(++(* @)(++(* @)(++(*