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Kate McCann - Ambassador for Missing People Charity
« on: April 09, 2013, 04:08:14 AM »
Last year on July 10th, Kate McCann was announced as Ambassador for the Missing People Charity.

Since then she has been working with the charity to help publicise the plight of missing people.

She will be running in the London Marathon on their behalf this year for example.

Literally, just a few hours after the announcement, Hideho had jumped on the bandwagon and had released a video about the appointment. Little research went into it, indeed little effort went into it. It is a 10 and a half  minute video of which 8 and a half minutes are copyright material from ITV.

I wonder does Hideho have permission from ITV to use their copyright material to denigrate Kate McCann with lies as she has done? I think it highly unlikely. I cannot imagine that ITV would approve.

The video and review are in the following post.

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Re: Kate McCann - Ambassador for Missing People Charity
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Should Kate McCann be 'Ambassador' for Missing Children?

00:11 The video begins with a statement that Kate McCann was made Arguido in September 2007. The following 1 minute of the video reinforces the claim by using video footage of the McCanns and by using images which indicate that there was evidence against the McCanns.

Hideho does not explain to the viewer that this evidence was found later not to give any indication of any crime committed by Kate McCann. By placing this evidence in front of the viewers without such an explanation she is deliberately deceiving those viewers.

1:11 New information but still no explanation that the evidence mentioned previously did not constitute indications of a crime by the McCanns.

We are informed the case was shelved in 2008 and the McCanns “’Arguido’ (suspect) status was lifted…

1:17 “…but, if the case is re-opened Kate’s Arguido (suspect) status MAY(WILL) be reinstated….”

You will notice the correction from WILL to MAY be reinstated. This was after the error was pointed out to Hideho by Paul Reis. But the correction does not reflect what Paulo Reis told Hideho.

Reis stated that they go back to the legal status of witnesses and that’s all.

It is completely disingenuous of Hideho to state that Kate may become an arguido if the case is re-opened any more than any other person may become arguido. The status of arguido will only be given to anyone whose status demands that, ie someone who needs to protect themselves or someone who is a clear suspect in the case based on NEW INFORMATION. The PJ have frequently made it clear that this is the only basis on which the case will be re-opened.

Hideho should also be aware that the word arguido (no matter what UK journalists in 2007 may have thought) does not equal the status of suspect as she claims in this video. That is a false claim based on a misunderstanding of the nature of Portuguese Law. There is no directly equivalent term in English. Hideho should remove this direct link between the words.

1:23 The next screen continues the false message of Kate being automatically made arguido if the case is re-opened.

“…so, if the case is re-opened, should a suspect in the disappearance of her own daughter be ‘Ambassador’ for missing children?”

Though she has changed one single word on the last screen (very badly by deliberately leaving the old word WILL visible under the correction MAY) she has continued the message here, that this will happen and has therefore not in fact corrected the fundamental mistake within the video. The message to the viewer is that Kate will be made arguido and this is false. If, for example, new evidence is found which pinpoints an, as yet, unknown person, and the case is re-opened then neither Kate, nor Gerry nor Robert Murat will be suspects and as a separate issue none of the three would become arguido. They would be witnesses and that’s all.

The screen at 1:23 simply perpetuates the falsity which Hideho pretended to correct on the earlier screen.

It should also be noted that, though Hideho, was told by Portuguese Journalist Paulo Reis that this claim was wrong and she partially changed it on one screen of the video, the blurb attached to the video by Hideho has never been changed.

It still reads: “If the case is re-opened Kate will have her 'Arguido' (suspect) status re-instated if she participated in a reconstruction.

Is that why they have not officially asked the Portuguese Public Prosecutor to re-open the case?”

Why has she not changed this blurb which contains such untruths?

1:30 We are informed that Kate and Gerry have not officially asked the Public Prosecutor for the case to be re-opened.

But this is utterly misleading for two vital reasons.


The claim is absolutely untrue. Just a single example to keep the review short (though there are many). Only a couple of months before this video was made and uploaded to Youtube Kate and Gerry were adamant that they wanted the case reopened.

“If people want to find Madeleine, and want to find the person who took her, then we need the case to be reopened.” - Kate McCann

Such a casual disregard for truth is reprehensible in videos made in such a situation where false information can damage the search for missing Madeleine and in the case of this video all the missing children and adults the charity Missing People and Kate McCann are supporting..


The video does not point out that the option for Kate and Gerry to ask for the reopening is only (and always has been only) if they could offer new evidence to justify such a reopening.

1:38 Kate McCann on This Morning, July 10 2012

The remainder of this video is the complete interview from This Morning between Philip Schofield, Holly Willoughby and Kate McCann.

Schofield and Willoughby do a good job of eliciting information and Kate McCann gives a clear and well-explained outline of the work of the Missing People Charity. This section of the video is as broadcast by ITV.

Though the title given to this video is open-ended and appears fair the reality is very different.

I can see no other purpose for the 2 minutes of introduction which Hideho has added to the beginning of this video other than to persuade viewers that Kate McCann is not a fitting candidate to be an Ambassador for missing children.

Unfortunately the only reasons on which Hideho can base this propaganda  are simply untrue. She has posted completely false information to further her attempt to damage the contribution of Kate McCann to this charity.

Kate McCann was released from Arguido status in July 2008 and it was stated at the time that there was no indication of her having committed any crime at all. She is a mother seeking to find her own child and is an obvious candidate to be Ambassador for Missing Children. Her understanding of the situation will be invaluable in that role.

Thankfully Hideho’s propaganda has failed. Her video has been unsuccessful in its aim to damage the position of Kate McCann and her effectiveness in the role to help missing people and Kate McCann remains as a very useful worker for the charity Missing People.

Besides gaining the charity significant publicity she has also put herself out and done runs to help with the funds. Last year £3,000+  and this year she has exceeded her original target of £10,000

That Hideho could ever make such a disgusting video as this with the intention of preventing the missing people who and their families who benefit from getting the extra publicity and funding which Kate McCann can bring to the charity frankly disgusts me.
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Re: Kate McCann - Ambassador for Missing People Charity
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2013, 06:53:47 AM »
Thank you, Gilet, for yet another excellent review of one of Hideho's misleading, inaccurate and frankly libellous videos. 

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Re: Kate McCann - Ambassador for Missing People Charity
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So Kate has raised almost double her £10,000 target with her total at £17,956.12 and Jane Tanner has raised £2,350.00, well above her own target. These two women are going to be doing more for society over a period of three hours tomorrow than some of their cowardly online attackers have done in their entire lives.

And don't forget that Jane has run the London Marathon before for charity and both her and Kate have raised many, many thousands of pounds through these efforts (not just Missing People but cancer charities and others) in the past.

Well done to both of them and lets hope they both have good runs tomorrow.

As for anyone who does not understand how publicising Missing People is related to the case, then they surely have not understood what happened in PDL six years ago. Just to remind them, a little girl called Madeleine went missing.

Other people go missing every day and both Kate and Jane (and others, incidentally) are giving up their time and efforts tomorrow to raise funds which will help this Charity find these people, will enable them to help the relatives of the missing to cope with the agonies of not knowing what has happened to their loved ones and will mean that they can help to make others more aware of what agony a missing relative can cause to families. It is interesting and revealing that some apparently cannot (or will not) empathise with those in that situation.