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ITV interviews Mr Amaral 15 Oct 2013
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My own transcript until and if the video becomes available

ITVs interview of Mr Amaral I transcripted off Sky, I may have got a word wrong or missed one here and there

Intro:The first Portuguese detective who first lead the investigation into Madeleine Mccanns  disappearance says that the Scotland Yard review made no more progress than he did. Goncalo Amaral told itv news this evening the sightngs that the newly public efits were based onwhere a key part of his investigation too

Blurb  tv clips about mccanns and crimewatch

Reporter:Chief Investigator Goncalo Amaral was in charge of the investigation at the time. He was taken off the case after he accused the mccanns of involvement in Madeleines disappearance and he is now being sued by the them for libel . However he told me the sighting was one of the best leads and was missed, he says the child may well have been Madeleine

GA:Everyone of us on the investigation found that lead important as we see now that it is

Reporter:But if everyone thought it was so important  why was that sighting not properly pursued?

GA:When i left the investigation there was a gap and the man who came to replace me discarded that hypothesis he did not want to follow that lead
Reporter:What do you feel about the brit inquiry?
They are in the same place that we were back in 2007, that is they have a man who was seen carrying a child in his arms, we gotthere in six months, they took two years
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