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Introduction to the Billy Middleton case

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Kevin Craigie:
 ?>)()<   I was there when he gave his so called speech. It was like listening to someone reading their depositions. He went on and on and on. I had to keep going outside to make sure my Dog was ok. Something bothered me though and then it dawned on me when I sat back down to listen to him. I concluded that he was lying.

I met him briefly, he was chilling.


I don't know if you are aware but his ex wife and the mother of the child who died in the fire has raised a civil case against him which is currently sitting with Lerwick Sheriff Court.  I can reveal that Billy has been refused legal aid to contest this action so he could very well be left in the situation of having to defend himself in court this time...probably with the support of his former partner, para-legal and co director of the Wrongly Accused Person Org., Miss Sandra Lean.

A successful civil action could very well see him back in the High Court on reinstated murder and sexual assault charges.

In Scotland, the Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Act was passed unanimously by MSPs in March 2011. The Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, has said,

"This is a victory for common sense. In this day and age, people shouldn't be able to walk free from court and subsequently boast with impunity about their guilt.

"If new evidence emerges which shows the original ruling was fundamentally flawed, it should be possible to have a second trial. And trials which are tainted by threats or corruption should be re-run.

"Prosecutors should not have their hands tied, and these legislative changes will ensure that in such cases there will be no escape from justice."

The new legislation came into force on Monday 28 November 2011.


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Ray hasn't disappeared - just not posting on the forums; like myself and a few others....

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so whos posting this stephanie?

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I think Stephanie intended to say that she isn't posting often rather than not at all.  Anyway I am sure she has more important things to be spending her time on now since this will be Simon's last opportunity to clear his name.

Kevin Craigie:

Yes John, I have followed the progress regarding the civil action and I am aware of the possible conclusions. I am informed that he is not very popular in Scotland.


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Yes John, I have followed the progress regarding the civil action and I am aware of the possible conclusions. I am informed that he is not very popular in Scotland.

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Popular?  I don't think anyone outside of Lerwick knows who he is anyway.  An anonymous admin on a website and a forum, he never posts using his real name any more and hasn't done so for years.  I have heard of low profiles before but if his was any lower he would be a snake.   @)(++(*

Undoubtedly the imminent civil case in which he is the respondent will enhance his reputation somewhat.  From what I hear though he is trying like hell to get out of that one.  So much for his boast after the first criminal trial that he would pursue every opportunity to clear his name.


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