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The victims
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Wilma McCann   Aged 28
Murdered 30 October 1975
Wilma McCann, aged 28, was attacked by Peter Sutcliffe in the early morning hours of October 30 1975. The night of October 29th saw Wilma McCann in a familiar pattern. At around 7:30 pm, she said goodnight to her four children, leaving the oldest, at aged 9, in charge, and headed out of her council house on Scott Hall Avenue, in the Chapeltown area of Leeds, walked past the nearby Prince Phillip Playing Fields, and headed for the pubs and clubs.

Emily Jackson   Aged 42
Murdered    20 January 1976   
Emily Jackson, aged forty-two, was a part-time prostitute, whose description as such after her murder was a source of astonishment to her friends and neighbours in Churwell, where she lived. Her husband, Sydney, was a local roofing contractor, and she helped with the paperwork and drove the old Commer van for him from job to job, since he did not drive.
Around Christmas, due to financial pressures, Emily had decided to start taking money from the men she might pick up on their almost nightly excursions to the pubs. It was her habit to cruise the streets of Chapeltown looking for business, or she would sometimes leave the van in the car park and go off with clients in their vehicles.

Marcella Claxton Aged 20
Attacked 9th May 1976-survived
Marcella Claxton, aged 20, and a prostitute, was attacked in Leeds in the early hours of Sunday, May 9 1976. The police did not link the attack to the Yorkshire Ripper series, though they did re-examine the file after the next murder in February 1977.

Irene Richardson Aged 28 
Murdered February 5 1977
Irene Richardson, aged 28, was murdered by Peter Sutcliffe nine months later, and at almost the same exact spot, as the previous known attack on Marcella Claxton in May 1976. The murder was also the one where his actions could be seen as deliberate, calculated, and controlled. Instead of quickly leaving the scene, as in previous attacks, he took the time to re-arrange her clothes and boots, and cover her body with her coat.

Patricia Atkinson Aged 32
Murdered April 23rd 1977
Patricia "Tina" Atkinson, who lived in a small flat, Flat 3, at 9 Oak Avenue, was at the Perseverance, in Lumb Lane, Bradford, on the night of April 23rd, dressed in a familiar outfit of blue jeans, short leather jacket, and a largely unbuttoned blue shirt. She was becoming more and more drunk, and had left the Perseverance and headed up Lumb Lane to stop at another of her regular haunts, the Carlisle, which was only a short walk back to her flat. The manager of the Carlisle had decided she had had enough to drink, and between 10:15 and 10:30 the staff remembered her announcing that she was leaving and watched her stagger towards the exit. She set off in what appeared to be her next destination, the International, and up to around 11:00 pm a number of the ladies of the street remembered seeing her unsteadily walking around.

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Re: The victims
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Jayne Macdonald Aged 16
Murdered June 26th 1977

Jayne MacDonald, a shop assistant who had recently left school, was the first non-prostitute, or an "innocent victim" as it was proclaimed, to die by the hand of Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper.

Maureen Long Aged 42
Attacked July 1977- survived

Maureen Long, was attacked by Peter Sutcliffe only two weeks after he had murdered Jayne MacDonald. It was his fourth attack of 1977, she had extensive surgery and has no recollection of the attack.

Jean Jordan Aged 20
Murdered October 1 1977

Jean Jordan, also known as Jean Royle, and a prostitute, was killed by the Yorkshire Ripper expanded his territory to include Manchester. The events of the murder resulted in the Yorkshire Ripper leaving a clue that could be (and was) directly traced to him. Sutcliffe would also return to the body nine days later to try and recover the incriminating evidence, and when he failed, would carry out the worst attack and mutilations on any of his victims.
Marilyn Moore Aged 25
Murdered 14th October 1977
Marilyn Moore was doing business on December 14th in the red-light district of Chapeltown, Leeds on Gipton Ave when she saw a car being driven in a slow and careful way which suggested the possibility of a client. As she walked along Spence Place the car passed by her. In anticipation that the car would turn around and come back, she crossed Spencer Place and turned right on to Leopold Street. At a minor junction with Frankland Place she saw the car parked at the kerb and a man standing beside the driver's door, and appeared to be waving to someone in a nearby house. He was aged about 30, with a stocky build, about 5' 6" tall, with dark wavy hair, and beard and a moustache like Jason King, the secret agent hero of a popular TV series.

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Re: The victims
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Yvonne Pearson, aged  21-year-old
Murdered-on January 21 1978, her body not being found until two months later.
On the night of January 21st, Yvonne Pearson , a prostitute left her two children in the care of a 16-year-old neighbour and went to the Flying Dutchman pub. She left there at around 9:30 to go "earn some money" as she told a friend before she departed. Yvonne was due in court in five days later on a charge of soliciting. It would not be her first conviction for the offence, and there was the prospect this time of going to prison.
Helen Rytka, aged 18-year-old’
Murdered Jan 31st 1978
Helen was murdered by Peter Sutcliffe only ten days after the murder of Yvonne Pearson. The Yorkshire Ripper had, once again, expanded his territory to now include the red-light district of Huddersfield.
Helen Rytka and her twin sister Rita were fairly new to the prostitution trade. They had only worked for a few weeks and had evolved a way of working designed to frustrate any efforts of men that might want to harm them. Though far from foolproof, the system involved that they would each accept clients at the roughly the same time, the client would have precisely twenty minutes, and they would rendezvous back at the same place, a block of public lavatories at the market end of Great Northern Street, Huddersfield.
Vera Millward, aged 40 forty-year-old prostitute,
Murdered 16th May 1978
On May 16th, Vera Millward, a prostitute, a frail, sickly woman, who had one lung, had had three major operations in 1976 and 1977, and had chronic stomach pains, left her home at around 10:00 pm, telling her Jamaican boyfriend that she was going out to buy cigarettes. Knowing what she really meant, he did not expect to see her for a few hours.

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Re: The victims
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Josephine Whitaker, aged 19-year-old
Murdered April 4 1979

Josephine was a building society clerk, was the first of the final six known Ripper victims, all of whom were perfectly respectable women who had no experience or knowledge of any kind of prostitution. The pervasive police presence in the known red-light areas of the Yorkshire Ripper's "territory", had caused Peter Sutcliffe to go further afield in search of women, who in his mind, he thought were prostitutes. These new tactics were to cause near-panic throughout West Yorkshire as people realised than any woman, and not just prostitutes, were at considerable risk every time they ventured out at night.

Barbara Leach, aged twenty-year-old
Murdered in the early hours on Sunday, September 2 1979

Barbara was a  university student, about to start her third and final year in social psychology, she was murdered just west of Bradford city centre. She had been at the Mannville Arms on Great Horton Street with her friends. The Mannville Arms closing time was 11:00 pm, and Barbara Leach and her friends helped the landlord, Roy Evans, with collecting the empties and tidying up. He rewarded them, as his personal guests, with a drink after time. When the group left the Mannville Arms at around 12:45 am, even though there was a light rain falling, Barbara Leach decided to get some night air and go for a walk. None of her friends had wanted to go along with her for the walk.

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Re: The victims
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Marguerite Walls aged 47
Murdered 20th August 1980

Marguerite was a civil servant who worked at the Department of Education and Science office in Pudsey. She had worked late on Wednesday, August 20 1980, working extra hours as she was going on a ten-day holiday the following day. She left her office between 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm to walk the half mile to her home in Farsley, a suburb of Leeds. Meanwhile, Peter Sutcliffe was driving through Farsley on his way to Chapeltown when he spotted Marguerite Walls walking towards him.

Theresa Sykes aged 16
Survived, attacked November 5th 1980
Theresa had just bought cigarettes from a grocery shop and was walking on a path alongside a grassland and was almost home, when Sutcliffe emerged from the shadows, caught up with her, and struck her on the head from behind. She turned as she fell and tried to grab the weapon, and later was to tell police it was metal. She also was able to tell police that the man who attacked her had black hair, a beard, and a moustache. The second blow aimed by Sutcliffe struck her high on the forehead leaving a half-moon-shaped scar.

Jacqueline Hill Aged 20
Murdered November 17th 1980
Jacqueline Hill, , a student in the third year of her English degree course, was returning home to her students' hall of residence in Headingley, Leeds. She had been at a probation officers' seminar in Leeds city centre and had caught a bus in Cookridge Street at 9:00 pm and got off at a stop along the main Leeds-Otley road across from the Arndale Shopping Centre at 9:23 pm. She crossed the road and turned up Alma Road to walk the approximately 100 yards to her residence.

I am aware that other attacks like that of Tracey Browne are linked to Peter Sutcliffe, all the information is on the link, I acknowledge they are victims and no less important that the others but it could go on for 500 replies.