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Scottish Serial Killers
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Robert Black: Scottish schoolgirl killer; convicted of four murders-: Jennifer Cardy, Susan Maxwell, Caroline Hogg and Sarah Harper.

William Burke and William Hare: notorious body snatchers in Edinburgh in the 19th century.

Archibald Hall: also known as the "Monster Butler"; killed five in the 1970s, three with accomplice Michael Kitto.

Peter Manuel: Scottish murderer of seven, suspected of killing 15; executed in 1958. Anne Kneilands: 17 on 2 January 1956. Marion Watt, Vivienne Watt and Margaret Brown: 45, 17 and 41. Marion, her daughter Vivienne, and her sister Margaret were shot dead in their home in Burnside, Glasgow on 17 September 1956. Sydney Dunn: 36. Manuel shot and killed his fifth victim, taxi driver Sydney Dunn, on 8 December 1957.Isabelle Cooke: 17. Cooke disappeared after leaving her Mount Vernon home to go to a dance at Uddingston Grammar School on 28 December 1957. Manuel stalked, raped and strangled her, and then buried her in a nearby field. Peter, Doris and Michael Smart: 45, 42 and 10. The Smarts were shot dead in their Uddingston home on 1 January 1958.

Edward William Pritchard: English doctor who poisoned his wife and her mother in 1865. Two years earlier their maid had died in a mysterious fire but never tried for it.

Peter Tobin: killer of three women.