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Welsh Serial Killers
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John Cooper: also known as "The Wildman"; and "The Bullseye Killer" (after appearing on the game show Bullseye).Pembrokeshire burglar responsible for the robbery and shotgun double-murders of a brother and sister in 1985 and a couple in 1989. On 22 December 1985, Cooper targeted a three-storey farmhouse at Scoveston Park, killing brother and sister Richard and Helen Thomas, later burning down the house.

In 1989 Peter and Gwenda Dixon were on holiday in Pembrokeshire and were due to take their last walk along the coastal path when they failed to return. Their bodies were later found along the coastal path.

Peter Moore: businessman who killed four men at random in Wales, they were-:  Henry Roberts, a 56-year-old gay man who lived in Anglesey; stabbed to death in September 1995. Edward Carthy, a 28-year-old man whom Moore met in a gay bar; stabbed to death in Clocaenog Forest in October 1995. Keith Randles, a 49-year-old traffic manager; stabbed to death in November 1995 on the A5 road in Anglesey. Anthony Davies, 40; stabbed to death in Pensarn Beach, Abergele in December 1995.