Author Topic: Holly Bringan (10) reported missing 2009. Believed to be with her mother.  (Read 5484 times)

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Holly Bringan ref 17-002910

Holly went missing from Irvine, North Ayrshire, on the 22 October 2009 when she was two years old, she is now about 10 years old.  She is believed to be with her accountant mother, Sarah Bringan(46) who has used her expert IT skills to create a new identity for herself and the child. Strathclyde police continue to seek the pair as the child is believed to be subject to a Court Order.

Sarah Bringan also uses the forename Salena and the surnames Obrien Dingwall and Barnes. Holly is described as having blue eyes brown hair and a fair complexion. Anyone with any information on Holly should contact the NPIA Missing Persons Bureau or Strathclyde Police. Contact Strathclyde Police on  0141 532 2000

Information about this child - Missing Kids UK.
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A malicious prosecution for a crime which never existed. An exposť of egregious malfeasance by public officials.
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