Author Topic: General discussion on supporting potential MOJ cases.  (Read 6539 times)

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Re: General discussion on supporting potential MOJ cases.
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Which we are all guilty of Daisy, I myself got took in by my daughters husband.  Just like to say, I admired you so much when you posted your letter about Bamber and it confirmed what I had been told about him.  I had been in touch with two people who worked at Full Sutton.  I never fully disclosed what they said only basics, I think your dammed if you do and dammed if you donít.  Some posters on the blue forum didnít treat your first hand knowledge of Bamber well, they donít like the truth Daisy, they would have done anything to discredit you and not to be taken serious.  Well done you and the work you do for others.

Thank you for your kind words. It is really appreciated. I never posted on Blue so was not aware of your connection with Full Sutton. Are u able to tell me what you posted? I was under the impression that Jeremy was well liked by the staff there. Certainly when I visited they used to chat to him and so did the other prisoners. I would be interested to hear your story.