Author Topic: How thorough were police checking out seemingly benign and odd events!  (Read 866 times)

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Many press articles and the various documentaries refer to a man attempting to transfer Jill's utilities (incl her landline, I believe) into his name!  Was this some harmless weirdo or someone attempting something more sinister?  Eg attempting to obtain her utility account numbers to pose as a meter reading person to gain access to the property or someone attempting to disable the electricity to disable the house alarm?

On the day of the murder a window cleaner claims to have seen someone loitering in the vicinity which was at odds with the description and efit provided by neighbours Richard Hughes and Geoffrey Upfill-Brown.  Did the police check with the occupant(s) at number 26 that he/she arranged for a window cleaner that day?  Did the window cleaner wash other windows in the street around that time on that day?  Was the window cleaner bona fide or was he acting as a lookout and/or feeding the police misleading info?
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Just my opinion of course but Jeremy Bamber is innocent and a couple from UK, unknown to T9, abducted Madeleine McCann - motive unknown.  Was J J murdered as a result of identifying as a goth?