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The search for Joana extends far beyond Figueira.
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Press report dated Friday 1 October 2004.

Police looking into the trash

The theory that the body of little Joana may have been placed in the trash is receiving increasing attention by the judicial police. Proof of this is the fact that, according to the Correio da Manhã, investigators have decided to not only inspect the landfill sites in the Western Algarve but also to carry out forensic examinations of the dumpsters in Figueira.

According to reliable sources, since last Sunday the existing containers on the streets of the village have been collected, and are currently at the premises of Portimão Town Council by order of the PJ. 

The technicians of the forensic science laboratory  are now trying to find out from these receptacles, traces of blood (or other) of the girl allegedly murdered by her mother and uncle on 12 September.

Interestingly, recently emerged testimony of one worker in charge of waste collection indicated that he had seen wet blood dripping from one of the village containers on the night that the murder might have occurred.

In addition to the examination of the containers, investigators are also inspecting the trash in the landfills of the Western Algarve. According to some sources, PJ technicians have  already collected samples at the site for subsequent laboratory analysis.

The task for researchers is not, however, anything easy, given that the trash deposited in the landfill is crushed, compressed and covered with earth.

To make even more work, it is almost impossible to know for sure where the garbage is from Figueira, since the landfill receives waste from eight municipalities in the Algarve - that is many tons daily (and too many days have passed since the crime was committed). 

The PJ is not limited, however, to trace the body of the child in the trash. The CM understands that investigators are working on several fronts, although discreetly and, whenever possible, away from the public eye. 

Yesterday, members of the PJ were in the Figueira area, although they have not carried out any searches. The inspectors sought to gather more information in particular with residents of the village, in order to reconstuct the steps taken by the mother and uncle of Joana in the days following her disappearance. The PJ brigade in charge of the case has also been acting in other areas of the Algarve.



The pilgrimage of onlookers to the Figueira area has slowed over the past few days, but should increase during the next weekend. The population of the village is said to be already tired and complain about the girl's memory.


The two suspects in the death of Joana (mum and uncle) have been questioned daily by PJ inspectors in charge of the case. All the clues given by them about the location of the body proved to be false.


The stepfather of Joana and husband of Leonor Cipriano is to travel to Odemira Prision in the near future to visit his wife. Antonio Leandro believes Leonor is innocent.

From left, Joana Cipriano, Leonor Cipriano, Leandro Silva's mother and Leandro Silva.  Seated is Leandro Silva's sister.
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A malicious prosecution for a crime which never existed. An exposé of egregious malfeasance by public officials.
Indeed, the truth never changes with the passage of time.