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Twin Towers and the London Charred
« on: June 15, 2017, 04:15:18 PM »
Anyone else notice that no one is talking about the potential of the  high rise in Kensington collapsing due to the massive inferno that engulfed virtually the whole building? Why? Because steel frame structures cannot be brought down by fire alone. The fires just never get hot enough to melt steel. Partial, localised collapses do occur but the buildings never totally collapse.

Of the uncounted 1000's of high rise fires recorded worldwide none have ever collapsed due to fire! Well .... except 3. The Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7 on 11 September 2001!

Many will argue that the Twin Towers were each hit by fuel laden passenger jets. True of course but the buildings were specifically designed to absorb such impacts and only the outer shell suffered structural damage; the load bearing centre columns were unaffected.

No plane hit the massive 47 floor WTC7 and it suffered no major damage from the fall of the Twins!

Suspicious or what?