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Nevill and June Bamber (Jeremy's parents)
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Ralph Nevill Bamber (known as Nevill) was aged 61 when he died.  Nevill was a farmer, local magistrate, and a former RAF pilot. He and his wife, June (also 61), married in 1949 and moved into White House Farm, a Georgian house in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex. Unable to have children of their own they adopted Sheila and Jeremy, who were not related to each other.

Nevill was described in court as 6' 4" tall and in good physical health, a point that became significant because Bamber's story is that Sheila, a slender girl of 26, was able to beat and subdue her father, something the prosecution contested.  The couple were wealthy and gave the children the best private education. June in particular  took her Christian beliefs to the point of zealotry with the children reportedly facing harsh discipline.

June suffered from depression and was treated in a psychiatric hospital in 1982, the court heard that her interest in religion had become obsessive.