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October 24, 2016

PJ police are investigating the disappearance earlier today of a two-year-old boy from outside his grandparents’ house in the village of Amieira, near Urqueira (Ourém) around 9 am this morning.

For now, the estranged father of the child - resident in France - is not a suspect.

Photographs of Martim Silva are being widely shared on television and via social media, while family members have publicised their mobile phone numbers in a desperate bid for any kind of news.

Information coming via various sources suggests "all possibilities" are being considered.

What is curious is that Martim's mother Sandrina was only awarded custody of her son on Friday. Martim's father is reported to have travelled to Portugal for the hearing. Family members are thus unsure whether he is still in Portugal, or whether he may have sent someone to pick his child up.

Sandrina has described her son as very sweet, the kind of child who would go happily with anyone who was kind to him.

Observador has said that Martim was wearing a blue fleece and grey sweatpants when he went missing.

As PJ police interview family members, agents with sniffer dogs have already been on the ground.


The search to find the child that disappeared today in Ourém were suspended, but the investigation will proceed "without interruption," said Judicial police source of Leiria to the agency Lusa. PJ de Leiria source added that, given the conditions of the land (with the fall of night), searches in the surrounding area where the boy of two years disappeared this morning were suspended. However, "the investigation continues around the clock". "All means are still involved in the investigation and we are doing everything to eliminate all paths. But, all scenarios are still open, "underlined the same source.
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