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The Hundred Questions
« on: March 29, 2017, 10:49:08 PM »
I know I have already posted this, but there are a lot of pages on the main thread but it sums up some of what I have been questioning for a long time:

New readers may get an idea what is in the content of the thread started by mrswah:


                                                      The Hundred Questions

(1): Why the need to use 8 Fire Brigade Appliances ?

(2): The piece of significant evidence handed into the police

(3): The forensic pictures showing how they had used broom handles to move Joanna Yeates that were missing from the trial.

(4): The Priest that talked to Joanna Yeates near her home on the 17th December 2010

(5):Who was the supposed sobbing girl, that had apparently given Dr Vincent Tabak’s name.

(6) CJ who had seen people at the small gate who could have answered many questions, but was not in court.

(7): Tanja Morson, Dr Vincent Tabak’s girlfriend who could have confirmed or denied any scenario put forward.

(8): The prosecutions full disclosure of the 1300 page document till the 7th Oct 2011

(9): A witness who lived behind saying that he heard someone shout “help me” on Saturday 18th December 2010 mid morning.

(10): How many days could a body lie on Longwood Lane without being discovered by, walkers, joggers etc.

(11): Any good Character witness’s for Dr Vincent Tabak.

(12): A psychiatrist report on Dr Vincent Tabak’s mental health whilst incarcerated..

(13): An explanation to the shard of console found at the crime scene. who did the console belong too?

(14): The CCTV image of Dr Vincent Tabak’s car on “Park Street”.. Some of the  media had inferred it was when he was trying to dump Joanna Yeates. But he was picking Tanja up on the 18th December 2010.

(15): What happened to his application for bail, I couldn’t understand why he was never on bail.

(16): Video putting Dr Vincent Tabak at the scene of the crime.

(17): Witness’s putting Dr Vincent Tabak at the scene of the crime.

(18): DNA evidence of Dr Vincent Tabak in Joanna Yeates flat

(19): DNA evidence of Joanna Yeates in Dr Vincent Tabak’s flat

(20): An explanation as to how Joanna Yeates earrings ended inside the bed cover.

(21): Photographs of the scene when the police first arrived on the 20th December 2010

(22): An expert who could demonstrate the difficulties in moving a dead weight.

(23):  The lack of body fluids at Dr Vincent Tabak’s flat.. She was in his flat for an hour according to the prosecution.

(24): The body fluids in Joanna Yeates flat to prove that was where she was killed.

(25): Joanna Yeates black handbag she is seen carrying.

(26): Solid DNA profile of Dr Vincent Tabak on Joanna Yeates, (Partial is inconclusive).

(27): An explanation to how Andrew Mott had to try to stop a body from thawing after she was found, having apparently been there since the 17th December 2010 and was frozen solid.

(28): Finger nail scrapings that might have revealed who attacked her.

(29): Any medical records as to why Joanna Yeates had taken time from work days before the 17th Dec. (could have explained why it didn’t take long to strangle her).

(30):A demonstration of how easy or hard it would be to lift a body inside a bicycle bag/ cover.

(31): A demonstration of how difficult it would then be to lift a dead weight into the boot of a car.

(32): The Defence team missing that it was impossible for Dr Vincent Tabak to do two of the searches the prosecution said he did.(IMO)

(34): How the defence did not pick up on the fact that the prosecution ask the jury  to add a word to their document.. changing the definition of a search.

(35): The Drive times it would have taken Dr Vincent Tabak to complete various journeys.

(36): A proper explanation as to why it was a sexually motivated assault when no signs of a sexual assault existed.

(37): A demonstration at Joanna Yeates flat of how her body was moved from room to room and between flats, no timing of this event took place, and if it was even possible to lift a body up as there were no drag marks.

(38): The CCTV from Clifton Suspension Bridge the police had used to speak to one witness/suspect, I believe early in their investigations.

(39): Bank records of Dr Vincent Tabak’s apparent purchase of callgirls.

(40): The american prostitute who claimed that Dr Vincent Tabak had tried to use chloroform in a sex game. The proof of purchase.

(41): Any female person whom Dr Vincent Tabak has made a pass at in the past.

(42): The Morson Family and their relationship with Dr Vincent Tabak.

(43): The finger prints missing from the TV Dr Vincent Tabak said he turned off.

(44): Any Finger prints of Dr Vincent Tabak anywhere in the flat.

(45): Mr Reardon verifying whether Bernard the cat was inside the house when he left for sheffield.

(46): How The couple from Flat one travelled to work every morning, did they walk or drive?

(47): Pictures of what was inside the forensic tent if Joanna Yeates wasn’t.

(48): Anything that puts Joanna Yeates in Dr Vincent Tabak’s flat

(49):  A Witness that saw Dr Vincent Tabak go into Joanna Yeates Flat.

(50):  CCTV footage of Dr Vincent Tabak going across Clifton suspension Bridge

(51): CCTV footage of him travelling on the A38 between Bedminster and Longwood Lane

(52): A GPS signal putting Dr Vincent Tabak on Longwood Lane.

(53): Finger prints on the oven Dr Vincent Tabak  turned off.

(54): The Porn searches I believe should have been redacted in the film the IT expert had shown to the court.

(55): The searches that should make sense but don’t.

(56): The fact that he was in his own flat till 9:29pm on Friday 17th December 2010 by his own defences admission.

(57): Where were the translations of any of  the Dutch language, from texts or internet searches Dr Vincent Tabak would have made.

(58): His actual laptop in court.

(59): The phone call from Holland played in court when he was supposed to be implicating CJ.

(60): The videoed interviews of Dr Vincent Tabak whilst he was in custody

(61): The Tatteringer Reims Champagne cork at the crime scene.

(62): Good Character statements.

(63): The searches he couldn’t do because he wasn’t at home.

(64): A Full DNA profile

(65): The Timestamped Video from the Asda in Bedminster.. (time blurred out)

(66): The 1300 page document I believe should have originally been bigger if it contained the porn searches within.

(67): The Medical reports on Dr Vincent Tabak

(68): The Kitchen window.. measured to see If Joanna Yeates could see out clearly and Dr Vincent Tabak being able to see in as they were basement flats of irregular height.

(69): How the forensic expert turned everything around in 48 hours including the suspects clothing.

(70): The other DNA profile they didn’t test

(71): The crime scene photo’s that differ, when it’s a time capsule.

(72): The Clock with a different time.

(73): The shoes on the shoe stand change position.

(74): All the kitchen items being moved from the flat.

(75): The Coat stand that Dr Vincent Tabak was supposed to have touched clearly seen in the crime scene photo’s when I would have thought it would be in evidence.

(76): A Cat tray for a cat that goes outside.

(77): Mr Reardon being allowed to take all his possessions from a crime scene.

(78):The Pizza and note sent to the pub.

(79): The sock a member of the public handed in.

(80): why so much information has disappeared from the internet.

(81): Joanna Yeates being found in a flower print T-shirt that was described in one newspaper when she was in a plain T-shirt in the Ram pub.

(82): Court drawings showing her wearing blue Jeans, when she was last seen wearing grey/black jeans on the tesco video.

(83): The defences own distain of their client.

(84): Dr Vincent Tabak being moved between 3 prisons in 48 hours.

(85): Not seeing anyone he knew for 23 days plus. Cj had explained 3 days was difficult being isolated.(23 days must have been unbearable). (IMO)

(86): Not having his own glasses, so he could actually see.

(87): The salvation army MEMBER who acted as a chaplain.( I believe he was an Ardent member)

(88): His family making an appearance on the witness stand.

(89): The lack of snow on the ground on the 17th December 2010 as Joanna Yeates walks past waitrose. I have read on many forum’s that it didn’t snow until the 18th December 2010.

(90): How much of the grass verge on Longwood Lane was defrosted by the grit that had been put on the road,with the weather being so bad that weekend.

(91): Why his plea trial was at The Old Bailey via video link and not at Bristol like the rest of  Dr Vincent Tabak’s court appearances.

(92): The detention in Holland which was a 6 hour interview, which they dealt with him as a suspect. ( Was this a legal interview????)(IMO)

(93): CJ being on bail until March, because they thought that he and Dr Vincent Tabak had colluded.

(94):  How much vegetation was on Longwood Lane in that small area to sufficiently hid a body and how long this would take, so not to draw attention to the shape on the small verge.

(95): How statistically strangers do not normally move bodies from crime scenes, they normally walk them to the location.

(96): Why turning left out of his front door would have been the most logical route to the main street.

(97): Was he ever asked which route he took to collect his car from Canygne Road to park it outside his flat?

(98): Why he would take the pizza?/ doesn’t make any sense to me personally.

(99): Why in early police conferences, they stated that there was no significant injuries and that Joanna Yeates was fully clothed.

(100): The intercom that was in Joanna Yeates flat, where some images show it broken outside the flat, but video’s show it with the panel in tack.



Thought I'd add questions to the list as I thought of them when posting on the topics

(101) Where's the washing up in the sink that Joanna Yeates mother states when she arrives to see an untidy flat

(102) Where are the photographs of the untidy flat??

(103) Was Manslaughter an option for the Jury to deliberate on in the Jury room

(104) Did the Jury only have Guilty of Murder Not Guilty of Murder as options when deliberating


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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2017, 01:11:15 PM »
Some more questions for you:

(105) Why did neither the Defence Counsel nor the Judge question Detective Constable Thomas to get her to tell the Court what issues occupied the main part of her 6 hour interview with Vincent Tabak at Schiphol? Her testimony described issues that could at most have occupied 15 minutes and would not have necessitated two detectives flying to Holland.

(106) Why didn't the Prosecution apply to include Vincent Tabak's possession of illegal images of child abuse among the evidence of bad character to be testified before the jury at his murder trial?

(107) Why has neither Vincent Tabak's family nor his Defence Counsel ever drawn attention to the absence of any inappropriate behaviour on his part towards any of his seven young nieces and nephews, with whom he was evidently on normal terms, especially the eldest?

(108) Was the reason for sending Joanna Yeates's digestive system to Scotland for analysis to prevent the independent Defence pathologist from scrutinising it?

(109) Why did the Scottish gastroarchaeologist avoid telling the jury what she actually found in Joanna's digestive system?

(110) Why did neither pathologist testify under oath to Joanna's blood and urine alcohol percentages?

(111) Why did the court hear no testimony of urine in her clothes, which would have assisted identifying the time of death in relation to her intake of alcohol and the timing of the deposition of her body on frozen ground?
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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2017, 09:29:25 AM »
(112): Why Rush to Arrest

(113): What could a review of the case reveal

(114): Why Did the CPS Plan Dr Vincent Tabak's Arrest in January

(115): How could the CPS  already be looking at Dr Vincent Tabak In late Dec 2010

(116): What really sent the Police to Holland....  check (115)

(117): Why are there no descriptions of what Joanna Yeates was wearing on the missing posters

(118): No Jewellery description on Missing Posters

(119): Police say when she Found that she's wearing her watch she was last seen wearing, but it's never mentioned
           on any missing posters

(120): What was the location she was found in

(121): PC Martin Faith .... gave testimony as a Forensics Office at the Second Crime scene.. he's a NHW bobby!
(122): Scott Fulton, Head of E-services for Avon and Somerset Police, should have given testimony

(123): Forensic Officer Not wearing Foot Cover at Flat 1 as they enter and leave... why??

(124): Dr Vincent Tabak's statement saying he helped move the car off the drive, why did the Police say he had said
           he tried to implicate CJ ... How??

(125): How would witness's on Longwood Lane before the trial be able to say the killer must have tried to put the
          body over the wall.. before we knew any circumstances??

(126):  Why would Dr Vincent Tabak search for Melaine Hall, when he would have been 18 at the time and living in

(127):  Why did no Police Officers recieve Commendations for the Joanna Yeates Case.. Andrew Mott did for the
            Melaine Road Case.. he and colleagues, recognised for their relentless pursuit of justice for Melanie’s family.

(128):  Why is the crime scene so clean and tidy bar dusting powder?

(129):  Why Tesco's CCTV footage has the word "PLAY" on it ??

(130):  Why the wording on the Tesco CCTV footage isn't smaller... Time and Date Stamp

(131):  Why the wording on the Tesco's CCTV isn't on one line like commercial CCTV

(132):  Why is the CCTV recorded at low frame rate 0:5P

(133):  Why No Photographs of inside Dr Vincent Tabak's flat when Joanna Yeates was supposed to have been there

(134):  Why didn't the dog walkers appear in court, the could have confirmed photographs the prosecution had as to
            how Joanna Yeates was found.

(135):  Why so many witness statements read out in court and No appearances??

(136):  Why the image of Dr Vincent Tabak released to the media after arrest looks photo shopped his eyebrows are
            exactly the same shape and size..

(137):  Why No one questioned his plea

(138):  What second piece of evidence did the police have to arrest Dr Vincent Tabak in the first place,
            DNA on it's own isn't enough

(139):   Why weren't Joanna Yeates Colleagues DNA swobbed ??

(140):   Why didn't they swob everyone who attended the Halloween party at Flat 1 to eliminate them from their

(141):    Who did the police take DNA swobs from to eliminate??

(142):    How can they say a partial DNA was Dr Vincent Tabak's when they hadn't eliminated anyone else??

(143):    In 4 Days how could they eliminate so many potential people who came into contact with Joanna Yeates?

(144):    How long does it take to do a DNA test and get results??

(145):    How in 4 days did they eliminate everyone who had contact with the flats finger prints

(146):   Did they eliminate the person who came to Flat 1 in October to get the FREE SKi's Greg was giving away

(147):   Did they eliminate the person who came for the second lot of Free Ski give away

(148):   How can a ski sock be size 5.. they don't come in that size?

(149):   Why was the Pizza package and note sent to the pub brought to trial...

(150):   Who's handwriting on the note did the Police have a sample of?? Can't be Dr Vincent Tabak or it would have
             been used at trial...

(151):   If as they say in the Crimewatch Program it took weeks to get a DNA profile, how did they manage to
            eliminate people in zero hours? DCI Phil Jones says they got the results on the 20th January 2011, the
            same day they arrested Dr Vincent Tabak.. (Judge Rinder Programe for DCI Phil Jones)

(152):   Why so many Untruths in this case??



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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2017, 10:22:51 AM »
(154): Why would Joanna Yeates let a perfect stranger into her home when she was alone?

(155):  Why has everyone who has a slight connection to this case had the relevant Years deleted from their
            facebook accounts...

(156):  Why do people struggle to find information on this case

(157):   How many people worked in Forensic teams to keep the 5 locations seperate... Flat1.. Flat2.. CJ's Flat.. The
             Entrance that everyone used to collect their mail... And Longwood Lane..

(158):   Why didn't the defence explain how blood could transfer from the hallway to any location

(159):    How did DCI Phil Jones get DNA results on 20th January 2011 and managed to arrest Dr Vincent Tabak
             in the early hours of 20th January 2011 without any other evidence

(160):   What happened to the witness statements of the people living at 44 Canygne Road.. they should have all
             been read at trial ..Including CJ's 2nd Witness statement.

(161):  Why didn't the defence call Kingdom to trial to give evidence, he lived behind Joanna Yeates and heard
           screams Mid Morning on the 18th December 2010 for her flats location.

(162):  What qualification had Andrew Mott pasted to be a Forensics Officer

(163): What qualifications did PC Martin Faithfull pass to be a Forensics Officer

(164):  Are all the people who collected forensic material trained in this field??

(165): Why are the Police who are searching on Longwood Lane with Broom Handles not wearing protective clothing?

(166): Where's the Police Photographer following these random Police to evidence what they find??

(167): Why are they photo's of said officers holding forensic bags with their bare hands??

(168):  Why was there still litter on the verge and surrounding area still left after the Police had finished on
            Longwood Lane.

(169): Why was Joanna Yeates Flat stripped completeley bare.. Yet Becky Watts home wasn't??

(170): Where is the Brown leather object you can see in the halloween photo, not in the flat??

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #4 on: April 20, 2017, 10:48:13 AM »
(171): When did the Police apply to the Dutch Police to Interview Dr Vincent Tabak as a witness

(172): The guidance from the CPS in relation to Dr Vincent Tabak was in December 2010... why wasn't Dr Vincent
           Tabak cautioned when the interviewed him in Holland. The CPS saw him as a Suspect!

(173):  Where the correct forms used when applying to the Dutch authorities to interview this Dutch National?

(174):  Which other Police Office interviewed Dr Vincent Tabak in Holland.. Karen Thomas is the only one to give

(175):  Why did Cook stop being Dr Vincent Tabak's lawyer?

(176):  Why was the plea held at The Old Bailey?

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #5 on: April 20, 2017, 11:14:14 AM »
(177): Why did Dr Vincent Tabak make a plea, when negotiations would have shown the Defence that the CPS was
           always going for a Murder charge..

(178):  Why help the Prosecution with a Plea?

(179):   Why did Dr Vincent Tabak need to take the witness stand.. The onus would then be on the prosecution to
             prove murder..

(180):  Why did the defence advise Dr Vincent Tabak to make a plea in May when they had not long taken the case
           over and wouldn't have had all the timelines and evidence in front of them to determine guilt.

(181):  Why are their video of the murders of Becky Watts Police Interviews online, yet there are NO interviews with
           the police of Dr Vincent Tabak..

(183):  Why can mrswah not recieve a response as to the whereabouts of Dr Vincent Tabak so she can write to

(184):  Why has 5 months past and mrswah is still waiting to hear from the Prison Location Service...

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #6 on: April 20, 2017, 11:43:03 AM »
(185): Why did the Police dismiss any connection to Glenis Caruthers so quickly, when it was only mentioned in the
           media on the 1st January 2011

(186): How could they dismiss the Glenis Caruther connection without verifying the whereabouts of everyone they
          interviewed in 1974

(187): Why even mention this case in the media on the 1st January 2011, bringing hope to Glenis Caruthers family,
          Yet in December 2010, The CPS was looking and interviewing Dr Vincent Tabak

(188):  Dr Vincent Tabak wasn't born in 1974... So why mention Glenis Caruthers

(189):  Why didn't the Prostitutes do Tv interviews??

(190):   Who was the Government recognised qualified Translator of Dr Vincent Tabaks computer for his searches

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #7 on: April 20, 2017, 11:55:04 AM »
(191): What evidence made the Police believe that the Glenis Caruthers Case and The Joanna Yeates Case could be

(192):  Who did they suspect to release information about the possible link between Glenis Caruthers and Joanna

(193):  Did the Police have proof that CJ attend the party that Glenis Caruthers went too.. if not ..why mention the
           cold case..

(194):  Why didn't Glenis Caruthers feature in the searches of Dr Vincent Tabak if he was following the case??

(195):   Was the Glenis Caruthers Angle a Red Herring unnecessarily distressing another unfortunate family??

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #8 on: April 20, 2017, 12:05:54 PM »
(196): Why reveal so early on that they were looking for a connection between Joanna Yeates and Glenis Caruthers,
(197): Wouldn't the Police ordinarily deny that they were reviewing a cold case in relation to Joanna Yeates case as
           to not make a possible suspect aware, giving them a chance to create an alibi..

(198):  Did Joanna Yeates have any connection to Glenis Caruthers other than looks and modus operandi

(199):   What was in all of the Carrier bags Joanna Yeates was carrying into Bargain Booze

(200):   What are Building Design Partnership Business hours

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #9 on: April 20, 2017, 12:30:25 PM »
(201): Why did the amount of child porn images change from 30 to 145... They had been 30 images for years

(202): Why take years to prosecute Dr Vincent Tabak on child porn charges

(203): Where the children in the said child porn images ever identified??

(204): Did the Police Identify whether these children were British or Dutch

(205): Did the Police fly out to Holland again to investigate Dr Vincent Tabak possible Child Sex perversion

(206): Where these children put in protective custody??

(207): Where these images sent in email to Dr Vincent tabak

(208): Where these images DOWNLOADED by Dr Vincent Tabak... It has never been established

(209): What sites did Dr Vincent Tabak visit to DOWNLOAD these images..

(210): Who did Dr Vincent Tabak get these images from

(211): Was anyone else arrested in connection with providing Dr Vincent Tabak these child porn images

(212): Was any website identified as the supplier of these images of child porn..

(213): Why put Dr Vincent Tabak on the Sex Offenders Register for 10 Years when it will have expired by the time
          he leaves prison..

(214): What other provisions were made regarding this conviction when Dr Vincent Tabak leaves prison

(215):  Why did the prosecution accept a guilty plea on this charge and not go to trial, exposing his apparent

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #10 on: April 20, 2017, 01:03:58 PM »
(216): Beside Dr Vincent Tabak's Black coat, what other clothing did Lyndsey Lennen Test of Dr Vincent Tabak's

(217): Where they still testing all of CJ's belongings at the same time seeing as he was on Bail till March 2011

(218): How did Lyndsey Lennen Know what Dr Vincent Tabak wore that evening

(219): Why at trial doesn't Dr Vincent Tabak get asked about the Clothing he wore when he apparently attacked
          Joanna Yeates

(220): How many items of Dr Vincent Tabak's wardrobe did Lyndsey Lennen test...

(221): Did they do a microscopic test of all of Dr Vincent Tabak's clothing

(222): Did they test Dr Vincent Tabak's shoes???

(223):  What footwear Did Dr Vincent Tabak wear that evening

(224): How many pairs of shoes did they test???

(225): Where there any foot prints in the snow where Joanna Yeates was found??

(226): If footprints in the snow... did any match the tread pattern on Dr Vincent Tabak's footware

(227):  Did they test Dr Vincent Tabak's gloves???

(228):  With the blood on Joanna Yeates face etc.... Why wasn't any found on Dr Vincent Tabak's clothing or coat?

(229):  If they could find any evidence on Dr Vincent Tabaks clothing, why didn't they ask if he disposed of them..

(230): Wouldn't it be more prudent to look for the killers belongings in Bins than a Pizza??

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #11 on: April 20, 2017, 01:18:36 PM »
(231): Did they test CJ's entire wardrobe??

(232):  Did they test Joanna Yeates wardrobe of clothes after Greg tidied up and found an earring under a pile of
            clothes on the floor....

(233): How Long would all this testing take???

(234):  Was Joanna Yeates Rucksack Tested ??

(235):  Why is the crime scene so tidy after a violent struggle...

(236): Who washed up the dishes in Joanna Yeates sink her mother saw when she came to Bristol after Joanna
           Yeates was reported missing??

(237):  Was there any water in the kitchen sink??

(238): were sample taken from the water ...

(239): If Dr Vincent Tabak Knew the cat was on his own all weekend did he feed him??

(240):  Why is the cat bowl still there, it could have evidence upon it..??

(241):   Why is the bathroom sink void of finger print dust ??

(242): Where did Dr Vincent Tabak Clean himself up???

(243): Did they check Dr Vincent Tabak's sink and bathroom for evidence of Joanna Yeates??

(244): Where are the Images of finger print powder dusting inside Dr Vincent Tabak's Flat

(245): Where mud samples taken from Dr Vincent Tabak's shoes to determine if he'd been on Longwood Lane?

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #12 on: April 20, 2017, 01:27:34 PM »
(246): If the flowered Patterned Tshirt Joanna Yeates was found in ever Identified  as belonging to her??

(247): Was Tanja ever asked if any of her clothes were missing???

(248): Where the blue Jeans Joanna Yeates were found in belonging to her? were they ever identified by Greg?

(249): Could the blue Jeans belong to Tanja Morson???

(250): If the clothing wasn't Joanna's did they ever do a DNA test on Tanja to eliminate the other Profile they found?

(251): Where any females ever DNA tested??

(252): Was any female DNA found on Joanna Yeates body/clothing

(253): The shower and Bath are full of Dusting Powder... did Joanna Yeates show signs of being bathed???

(254): How much did the road Grit inhibit the DNA samples???

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #13 on: April 20, 2017, 01:40:26 PM »
(256): As body fluids are never mentioned,was Joanna Yeates Bathed and redressed??

(257): Did Dr Vincent Tabak's bathroom get the same amount of Dusting Powder dusted all over??

(258): Where are the Photographs of Dr Vincent Tabak's bathrroom....

(259):  Where any of the other tenants swobbed for DNA??

(260): Was there any transfer of other tenants DNA found in Flat 1 as they shared the same communal post area?

(261): What hair fibres did they find and Identify??

(262):  Did Dr Vincent Tabak and Joanna Yeates have mutual friends on Facebook???

(263):  Did Tanja Morson and Joanna Yeates Have mutual friends on facebook ??

(264): Did Greg Reardon have Mutual friends on facebook with the occupants of Flat 2

(265): Did anyone in Flat 1 or Flat 2 have mutual friends on facebook with any other occupier of the building;

(267): Was there anything to link the two couples apart from living next door to each other??

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Re: The Hundred Questions
« Reply #14 on: April 20, 2017, 02:16:59 PM »
(278): Did the defence give a Base Metal Service as Dr Vincent Tabak  had legal aid ?

(279): Why did the DCI Phil Jones Take over the Investigation on 27th December 2010

(280):  What was wrong with the investigation up until this point??

(281): Change of PoliceMan in charge.. Change of Defence Solicitor... lot of changes going on here (IMO)

(282):  Did any of the Original Police Investigators appear at trial???

(283):  What did the Defence advise the Tabak family to do???

(284): Had any of the Tabak family ever visited Flat 2?