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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #465 on: July 31, 2017, 11:22:18 AM »
Right to respect for private and family life

(1): Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

(2): There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

Wasn't Dr Vincent Tabak's privacy invaded???

The Polices constant comings and goings at 44,Canygne Road, made it impossible for Dr Vincent Tabak to remain at home and he went and stayed at a friends house...

It is not common Police Policy as far as I know... To cause such great disruption to other neighbours of any property where a Crime may have taken Place...

There was nothing to suggest that Joanna Yeates had indeed been Murdered in her own home at this time... There was nothing to prove this conclusively one way or the other.. And I believe the same applies today... The Police had no evidence to prove that Joanna Yeates was killed in her home ...

I want to look at this in terms of law...And of course my understanding of Law...

The rules governing discovery

I believe that the information obtained on Dr Vincent Tabak's computer in relation to his supposed 'Internet Searches" and other electronic communication, is seen within "The rules governing discovery"...

Firstly I must point out.. That these rules really apply to Civil procedures... But I believe that they have commandeered the law from "Civil Procedure" and used it in A Criminal Procedure"...

Discussions between the parties before the first Case Management Conference in relation to the use of technology and disclosure

8  The parties and their legal representatives must, before the first case management conference, discuss the use of technology in the management of Electronic Documents and the conduct of proceedings, in particular for the purpose of

(1): creating lists of documents to be disclosed;

(2): giving disclosure by providing documents and information regarding documents in electronic format; and

(3): presenting documents and other material to the court at the trial.

9  The parties and their legal representatives must also, before the first case management conference, discuss the disclosure of Electronic Documents. In some cases (for example heavy and complex cases) it may be appropriate to begin discussions before proceedings are commenced. The discussions should include (where appropriate) the following matters

(1): the categories of Electronic Documents within the parties' control, the computer systems, electronic devices and media on which any relevant documents may be held, storage systems and document retention policies;

(2): the scope of the reasonable search for Electronic Documents required by rule 31.7;

(3): the tools and techniques (if any) which should be considered to reduce the burden and cost of disclosure of Electronic Documents, including

(a): limiting disclosure of documents or certain categories of documents to particular date ranges, to particular custodians of documents, or to particular types of documents;

(b): the use of agreed Keyword Searches;

(c): the use of agreed software tools;

(d): the methods to be used to identify duplicate documents;

(e): the use of Data Sampling;

(f): the methods to be used to identify privileged documents and other non-disclosable documents, to redact documents (where redaction is appropriate), and for dealing with privileged or other documents which have been inadvertently disclosed; and

(g): the use of a staged approach to the disclosure of Electronic Documents;

(4): the preservation of Electronic Documents, with a view to preventing loss of such documents before the trial;

(5): the exchange of data relating to Electronic Documents in an agreed electronic format using agreed fields;

(6): the formats in which Electronic Documents are to be provided on inspection and the methods to be used;

(7): the basis of charging for or sharing the cost of the provision of Electronic Documents, and whether any arrangements for charging or sharing of costs are final or are subject to re-allocation in accordance with any order for costs subsequently made; and

(8): whether it would be appropriate to use the services of a neutral electronic repository for storage of Electronic Documents.

So lets look at that.....
The parties and their legal representatives must also, before the first case management conference, discuss the disclosure of Electronic Documents. In some cases (for example heavy and complex cases) it may be appropriate to begin discussions before proceedings are commenced. The discussions should include (where appropriate) the following matters

Well what is classed as 'A Document" firstly??? 
Personally I would have thought it was in relation to a transaction... But lets apply this to "The Searches"...

Firstly... I believe that "The Prosecution", should have informed and made available to "The Defence" at The Case Management Hearing.. The disclosure of these "Documents" (Searches) This Case Management hearing that was Heard at The Old Bailey in May 2011...

It should not have been a complete  surprise at Trial in October 2011.. That "The Prosecution" had a 1300 page Document, containing these "Searches".. If they were going to be introduced into Evidence...(IMO)..

Lets look at the use of "Data sampling".... This I believe is Lyndsey Farmeys Field of expertise....

If we looked at Dr Vincent Tabak's computer searches as a whole... we would see that he was just like any other citizen... He would have possibly 'Searched for "The latest free Offer"... he could have searched for... "How many coffee granules are there in a teaspoon of "Ground Coffee".. He could have searched for...
Do Elephants really hide in Custard... He could have searched for... "Is Beyoncy really a Legal Expert???

The point I am making is... How many "Searches were created on not only Dr Vincent Tabak's "Home" Computer... but on Dr Vincent Tabak's "Work" computer.... To put the "Searches of this 'Placid Dutchman" into Context???

The Prosecution were allowed to present "These Electronic Document" without there being "Any Disclosure To 'The Defence".. But also without 'The Context of Dr Vincent Tabak's "FULL Search History" being brought to the table...

If we think about how we search ourselves.. We may do "Hundreds of Searches a day when aimlessly Surfing The net.... If as "The Prosecution and The Defence" have told us... Dr Vincent Tabak was "Bored"... Then he in all reality could have made "Hundreds and Hundreds of Searches on his computer.... Adding Tanja Morson's searches to the total as well.... Plenty searches could have been performed

Whilst i Have been posting on this forum, many a time I have 50 plus web pages open whilst searching on another page and going back and forth.... My Searches are purely related to this case by and large... But i do look at other things at the same time as I am doing this....

My point being..... If Dr Vincent Tabak had a "HISTORY" of searches on his computer and "NOT" all of them related in anyway to Joanna Yeates ... Then how can these "SAID SEARCHES".. be used as EVIDENCE and PROOF of GUILT!!!!... IF DR VINCENT TABAK PERFORMED 300 SEARCHES A DAY AND 2 SEARCHES OUT OF THOSE 300 SEARCHES COULD BE LINKED OR ASSOCIATED TO JOANNA YEATES... THEN HOW DOES THAT PROVE THAT HE WAS CONSTANTLY SEARCHING THE INTERNET TO COVER HIS TRACKS????? It doesn't..(IMO)
Lyndsey Farmery Is an "Intelligence Analyst"... Her Role within the "Police" is to Collect Data.. She 'Analyses Data"...

The only "Data" That our "Power Point Pointing Performer".. Analysed Was any 'DATA" She deemed To be relevant to The Joanna Yeates Murder Case....

She just collected 'The data That she decided was relevant to this case ..... And ignored any other Data that may or maynot have shown that Dr Vincent tabak was just like any other citizen at the time... Checking out what was going on about his neighbour... Whilst Internet shopping for Presents or How many Elephants you can get in a bowl of custard for that matter...

How did Dr Vincent Tabak's Internet History prove that he was obsessed with The Joanna Yeates 'Missing Persons Inquiry"/ "Murder case"...  If all of the 'Other Internet Searches" were not included in the evidence??
Watering down The relevance of Dr Vincent Tabak's Internet Search History"... (IMO)

I liken it to describing someone as a Gambling Addict.....

If one person goes to a "Bookies" every single week to put on say... "The Irish Lottery...And maybe a few Horse bets ... And this person works in a Factory of, lets say 500 staff....

Each staff member has about 5 tickets each for the Irish Lottery/ Horse Betting... making a total of 2500 bets "A Week"...

Because this person is happy to pop in the Bookies for the staff, does it every week...
They decide to have a loyalty card.. which would give "Them".. Free Bets and Bonuses ... All of those tickets would then be related to that person's loyalty card and that "ONE PERSON...... Meaning 2500 bets are attributed to the person placing the bets....

Therefore if someone said... OMG... That Person puts 2500 bets on a week... They "MUST" have a GAMBLING problem... Without the other evidence to discount this claim.... 'Everyone would agree that "The Person" did INDEED have a GAMBLING Problem"..

So how can you say that Dr Vincent Tabak had an "Obsession with the Joanna Yeates Case.... and was Trying to Cover his tracks by keeping "One Step Ahead of The Investigation".. as Ann Reddrop stated... If not all of the Information is brought forward, to "prove " or disprove".... That this was indeed the case ?

Meaning (IMO)... The Prosecution withheld Evidence And by just thinking about The Internet searches, not including Every Internet Search That was Done on either Dr Vincent Tabak's "Home" or "Work" computer... The Case against him was "Prejudical" and NOT OPEN AND FAIR... (IMO)..

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #466 on: July 31, 2017, 12:03:01 PM »
I will just add.... That the person who places "The Bets"... only does a 20p a week "Lucky Dip" on the 'Irish Lottery"

Yet Joe Bloggs who's bets are within those 2500 bets a week... Spends 2000 per week on his betting habits...

How do you distinguish between the bets???

 This is why I deem "Internet Searches" to NOT be Relevant to Court Cases.... when someone cherry picks their way through Someones' Internet History... Without evidence to show Who exactly did which search and what other searches were happening between those dates... Which in this Case is between... 17th December 2010 and 19th January 2011  (Making thousands of searches possible...)

How can they "ALL" be attributed to Dr Vincent Tabak... And How can they show relevancy ????

As with Dr Vincent Tabak using various Computers at "Work".. Other People had access to them..  also who else apart from HIMSELF.. ever accessed his Home Computer???  We Don't Know.. ( He may have taken it to work with him!!)

So did.. Dr Vincent Tabak actually make the searches or was it somebody else....

And if it cannot be "Proven" who used which "Computer..." And at What Time"...  without all of the of the searches that where made between The Dates I have listed... How could anyone prove whether ..

Dr Vincent Tabak was the 20p Gambler.... Or was he the 2000 a week Gambler .... Can anyone really make a distinction??? Because I can't !!!!

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #467 on: August 01, 2017, 08:15:05 PM »
Ann Reddrop.... The very same Ann Reddrop who stood in front of the TV cameras and expressed to the world, what a Cunning, Manipulative, deceitful man, Dr Vincent Tabak was... And how he had lied and did everything he could to get one step ahead of the Investigation.....

The very same Ann Reddrop who was The Head of The complex Crime Unit... A Unit that deals with "Complex Crime"....

Now that we remember who she is, I want to remember that other little statement that she made ... The one that goes...

Late in December the Police ask for assistance and guidance from The Crown Prosecution Service.. That assistance has come from "The South West Case Work Unit" based here in Bristol... I reviewed the Evidence and Advised that Vincent Tabak should be charged with this murder and began preparing this case for trial... In May this year Tabak admitted Jo's Manslaughter....but that was only part of it..

Ann who in late December 2010 decide that this Placid Dutchman was wholly responsible for the death of Joanna Yeates....

Now... I have always tried to guess what she meant as late December... When we knew that they sent a team of Detectives to Holland on the 31st December 2010....

That in itself is enough to raise an eyebrow or two..... But I think I can go one better.... And I didn't really think it was possible to be honest... But ....Oh yes it is ...!!!

The image and video that I have attached says it all...... It says that they did indeed set Dr Vincent Tabak up in my opinion...And if you are not going with my opinion on that then, the only other possible option you have left... Is That Joanna yeates , lived in the Entire Ground floor and Dr Vincent Tabak lived in a Flat in the main house...

I have attached a video to this post... A wonderful little News Clip that throws doubt on Dr Vincent Tabak's conviction ..(IMO)...

And what gives this information away so clearly is the weather.....  This video clip (IMO)... show how almost immediatley they were setting Dr Vincent Tabak up to take the fall... (Or did you have someone else in mind at this time Ann)!!!!!

Because when in December 2010 it snowed, we have a lovely video clip starting at the back of Canygne Road, looking directly at Dr Vincent Tabak's Flat, standing on what must be the garden .... then walking down to the side of Joanna Yeates Flat where you can clearly see snow everywhere....

Not only that... It also goes to prove that Dr Vincent Tabak did not buy Rock Salt to clear the path as the snow is still there...

How can they be filming Dr Vincent Tabak  flat in the "FROZEN" winter, when as you have all said you didn't suspect Dr Vincent Tabak till the lovely Karen Thomas popped over for a cuppa and a chat... because if you have suspected Dr Vincent Tabak... I am sure he would have been cautioned before his interview in Holland.... And we wouldn't have video evidence of DC Karen Thomas and DCI Phil Jones telling the world how Dr Vincent Tabak's over interest in Forensics caused you all to suspect him....

You see you can't have it both ways...

The News Clip is obviously taken in December 2010:

oanna Yeates murder trial: defendant Vincent Tabak gives evidence; December 2010 Bristol: Clifton: Canynge Road: SNOW ON GROUND GV Exterior of flat where Joanne Yeates lived Path beside flat PAN to front door

Another video showing The "FROZEN path outside Joanna Yeates Flat...!!

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #468 on: August 01, 2017, 08:49:20 PM »
Ann.... were nearly friends... i feel like I almost know you... You are in my thoughts on a regular basis.. And we're not even pen pals.... But I do love the Islands Ann... Good Choice...

Were was I... Oh Yes... finding evidence to prove that you all had already decided that Dr Vincent Tabak was guilty before he was charged.....

Lets go back to privacy... And.... not upsetting residents in the area that you are investigating....

You see Ann... The other little problem I have apart from the filming outside Dr Vincent tabaks Flat at the back of the building in December 2010.. Is..........

How did you manage to start putting up The scaffolding and Green tarpaulin around Dr Vincent tabak's Flat on the 20th January 2011... when as you know ANN... you had only just arrested Dr Vincent Tabak... and as far as the world was concerned you had all made the same mistake as you had done with CJ.....

How could you be so sure NO LAWYER would demand the release of this Placid Dutchman IMMEDIATLEY through lack of evidence....  How were you all so confident that he would be charged with "MURDER" as early as the 20th January 2011...

You couldn't possibly have known this, could you ANN... Yet there we have it... A load of busy little scaffolders.. working away to hide the view into Dr Vincent Tabaks Flat.... Which is extremely odd anyway... As you didn't screen anyother part of the building especially when you arrested CJ.... !!!

Clip #: 655366558SD
Collection: ITN
Date created: 20 January, 2011
Licence type: Rights-ready
Release info: Not released. More information
Clip length: 00:00:16:11
Location: United Kingdom

Again Ann.... Not released.... Oh I wonder why????

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #469 on: August 01, 2017, 08:56:52 PM »
Now this little clip is odd....

Somebody explain the Random Couple in The News Clip ... that are shown on a tour of Joanna Yeates Flat....

Beach Life...???.  And what's with the close up of a "Black and White Cat????

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #470 on: August 01, 2017, 09:06:21 PM »
Now this next post is for mrswah and leonora....

The Fire Crew.... Well not totally them.... We have in this next video... The arrival in The Black Car of 4 Rope access guys... 4 guys who are heavily geared up to tackle someone far more serious than removing a body from A Grass Verge...

What are these guys retrieving??? Must be something of significance if it takes 4 of them....(IMO)....!!!

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #471 on: August 01, 2017, 09:20:34 PM »
Here we had Chief Superintendent  Jon Stratford telling us as early as the 7th January 2011... That its unlikely that there is a continuing threat!!

Quote from Chief Superintendent  Jon Stratford
In our experience and using our professional judgement, it's very unlikely, that there is a continuing threat to public in this area. And certainly the Investigation Team are finding nothing that would suggest that at this time

So... How can he be so sure ?????  What does he know ??????? I thought Dr Vincent Tabak was a Serial Killer in the making according to some.... He is freely wandering the streets of Bristol on the 7th January 2011...

So who did you think killed Joanna Yeates ???? Because it obviously was not Dr Vincent Tabak!!!

Was the person you suspected out of the country at This Time???!!!!

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #472 on: August 01, 2017, 09:47:22 PM »
The Missing Sock.....

The First Image I have attached is of the old man handing the sock in from the video clip... The other two images are from the internet...

The first image the guys hair looks longer.... Or is that just me????

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #473 on: August 01, 2017, 10:21:55 PM »
I'll apologise now for the many images... but I believe that they are needed...I'm sure you will understand why when you view them...

These images come from them removing the Intercom Plate from the Front of Joanna Yeates Flat... Not only that we have the men who are removing the door making ... many many Forensic Errors!!!

(A): We have a man.. ripping the tape with his teeth that he is going to use for the Front door of Joanna yeates...

(B): We have a woman appear that I have never seen before...

(C): This same woman with Forensic Gloves on scratching her nose

(D):The Guy wrapping the door up not only walks all over the plastic covering.. But also wipes his nose with his gloves on....

So... Cross contamination everywhere... Forensic's clearly Compromised.... There whole Forensic chain put into question.... Any Good Defence Lawyer would have ripped the Prosecution apart....

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #474 on: August 01, 2017, 10:43:06 PM »
More evidence of the lack of Forensic Control in this case...

(A): different guy Wiping his nose on to his plastic gloves

(B): The lady who is new to me ... Entering Joanna Yeates flat without a Forensic Suit... And unlocking the Front door without gloves

(C):Man with his Gloved Hand in his pocket....... No Cross Contamination there Ann!!

(D): Why are they using D.R.A Maintenance to remove this door???? The Same Maintenance crew who are going in and out of Joanna Yeates Flat!!!

(E): The Old Guy Scratching his head with his thumb whilst wearing gloves

There is no way on God's Earth that Joanna Yeates was killed in that Flat the way in which The Cross Contamination.... Random odd Job men are working that Crime!!!! (IMO)....

Joanna Yeates probably didn't even make it home....(IMO)!!!!!! All this staging.... And for what.... Is this when the planned arrest took shape  ????

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #475 on: August 02, 2017, 10:45:04 AM »
The Fire Trucks... And DI Joe Goff.....

Now I hadn't realised that DI Joe Goff was actually on Longwood Lane, he amongst so many Police on the day of the discovery of an unidentified body on 'Longwood Lane " on the 25th December 2010...

Until they had a post mortem they apparently didn't know the cause of death... Yet every senior looking Police Officer from Avon and Somerset, have gathered on Longwood lane to sort out their strategy..

DI Joe Goff is carrying something in his hand... It appears to be a kind of bag with a book inside... He has his own book in his hand also..  so what is he carrying?? (could it be the significant piece of evidence? Is it a rucksack?)

Look at the third and last image.... what is he carrying???

And as leonora and mrswah have always said.... Why so many Fire Trucks ????

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #476 on: August 02, 2017, 11:10:52 AM »
Now... The Police have always insisted that Joanna yeates was on A grass Verge and there are some of us who simply do not believe this is true!!

The appearance of so many fire engine at the scene on Longwood Lane would suggest other wise....

The type of Stretcher that was used to recovery Joanna Yeates is all important... This stretcher will help prove that she was in a far more inaccessible area than a Grass Verge..

I have an image of said stretcher... It is of the type used by the fire service to rescue people from hard to access places ..... Now there is no doubt that Joanna Yeates was recovered from over the wall ...(IMO)...

In the second image I am not sure what is in the Firemen's hand??? Anyone identify this piece of equipment ???

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #477 on: August 02, 2017, 11:50:16 AM »
The Police activity on The 24th December 2010 at Canygne Road, shows that they are investigating this "Missing persons Inquiry as a 'Murder inquiry"...(IMO)...

I am trying to identify the Senior Police Officer leaving 44 Canygne Road with the Forensic woman we know and another DSI woman and then getting into the on site Police unit..
He looks like The Guy who carries out the Forensics on other images we have ...

And why are they going into 43, Canygne Road ?? surely they have had days to search there ???

A couple talking to Police outside Joanna Yeates Flat..... Also a picture of a different CSI woman... I wonder who she is ???

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #478 on: August 02, 2017, 11:57:25 AM »
I find this next report puzzling....

It's when the search and rescue go out looking for Joanna Yeates... I think it's the 24th December 2010..

The Interesting part of this is that the area is sealed off with "Crime Scene Tape"... And we have a couple there walking there dog...

Noted is the ambulances that are in place.... Had they found her there ?????

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #479 on: August 02, 2017, 12:25:19 PM »
I would just like to add to this post...

That by the 29th December 2010... The snow had gone.... This is when CJ was talking to News reports outside Canygne Road...

So the fact that they had already been taking images of Dr Vincent Tabak's Flat before this date is rather suspect....(IMO)...

Seeing as Dr Vincent Tabak was away for most of the Christmas period.... And CJ wasn't arrested nor had Dr Vincent Tabak called the Police from Holland!!!

Joanna Yeates murder:
29.12.2010 Christopher Jefferies speaking to press SOT - It is a serious distortion of what I said to the police and I have no further comment to make because that is almost certain itself to be distorted 30.12.2010 Car (belonging to Christopher Jefferies) being lifted on to back of police truck Police truck carrying Jefferies' car driving away Forensic officer carrying evidence bags out of Jefferies' flat

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